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Replacement Stock for an Ithaca 37 and a few ?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by No Quarter, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. No Quarter

    No Quarter Well-Known Member

    I just traded for an Ithaca Model 37. First of all, the receiver has a hunting scene roll marked on it. It has an 18" or so barrel and 5 shot capacity. the gun is blued not parkerized. The action is smooth as glass and overall the gun is in great shape. Normal wear to the finish from the action bar. The guy I got it off of replaced the original stock with a Pachmayr pistol grip and forend. I would very much like to put a full stock back on this gun since I am not a fan of PG shotguns.

    Do any of you guys know of a good source of inexepensive full butt stocks for this gun? Do any of you guys have any more info on what variation model 37 I have? the gun will "slam fire" by holdig the trigger and cycling the action. At least my function test tells me it will!

    I am not real familiar with Ithaca. I do know that the gun has a really nice action to it. I'll be using this gun as a home defense weapon after I put it through its paces.

    Thanks for the help!

  2. TWBryan

    TWBryan Well-Known Member

  3. Bear Gulch

    Bear Gulch Well-Known Member

    The cool thing about the 37 is that it is ambidextrious. Check for parts at numrich's, brownells, or even ithacagun.
  4. No Quarter

    No Quarter Well-Known Member

    Thank you much! I'll got through the suggested links...

  5. romulus

    romulus Well-Known Member

    try hoosier
    otherwise there's always Numrich
  6. No Quarter

    No Quarter Well-Known Member

    I did find out that it is a fetherweight model. It sure is a slim and light little gun for a 12. Seems to be built to last forever!

    I am currently looking through the links to get the replacement stock. thanks again for the help gentlemen.

  7. TWBryan

    TWBryan Well-Known Member

  8. KarbineKrazy

    KarbineKrazy Well-Known Member

    ext. mag tube for ithaca.

    I want to make my Ithaca into the old riot 8 shot style. The appropriate barrel can be had from Numberich, but I can't find a longer mag tube.

    any suggestions?
  9. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams Moderator Emeritus

    Mag tube must be built in because of the attachment method for the barrel
    Try Boyd's Bros for replacment stocks

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