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Request to HIRE TWO Toolmakers at SA

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by eclancy, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. eclancy

    eclancy New Member

    Today when money is used in the Gov't for just about anything and no one even asks I thought that this file might make you people think!! I almost fell over when I read this Take care not to do the same.




    Season Greetings to you and yours
    Thanks again for taking the time and effort to read this data. I hope you learn some data on the M1 Garand.
    ps could use some hits
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  2. Spiggy

    Spiggy New Member

    I take it the job is no longer available? :p
  3. Zeke/PA

    Zeke/PA Active Member

    Interesting prospect.
    Too bad I'm 75 years too late.
    Zeke (Journeyman Toolmaker retired)
  4. Clipper

    Clipper New Member

    I'll call tomorrow...
  5. bl4ckd0g

    bl4ckd0g New Member

    Can they start me on as an apprentice?
  6. rodregier

    rodregier New Member

  7. gunnie

    gunnie New Member

    govt + $ = waste

    as a three tour veteran of the military industrial complex, i'm forced to point out that our federal government spends your money just like it was YOUR money. also that the right hand knoweth not what the left hand does.

    here is an obviously urgent need to mfgr 80 rifles that have been requested for testing. to those of this time period endowed with more attention span than an embryo, it is by now obvious that uncle adolph has his own agenda for europe's near future. john browning is currently laboring over his 9mm high power model in preparation for the up coming conflict. much like his BAR model, pre WWI.

    same project has been ongoing "for over thirty years", and has cost "upwards of one million dollars". to translate this into currently usable numbers, one has to realize that gold ran approximately 20 dollars an ounce in the time period this was written. with same going about $800 an ounce now....

    20 X 40 = 800

    this is now a thirty year old project, that has cost approx 40 million $, {current equivalent in american inflationary notes}. same has produced a rifle that the army has deemed worthy of a testing run of 80 units.


    pls note that the hire request is dated "8/9/32". also note, by reading between the lines, that the test rifles are due "May 1, 1933".

    and that..."we will not be able to get these rifles completed by May 1, 1933"....."Springfield Armory was given a ~~RUSH~~ [my emphasis] order to make the 80 rifles.....several months ago and the intervening time has been unavoidable [read: unavoidably] consumed in obtaining the raw materials from the manufacturer and in preparing the detail plans for going ahead with the construction of the rifles."

    an interpretation of above paragraph:

    1 on or before MAY 1932, the production rush order was given.

    2 by august, they have redrawn the blue blue prints the original machinists HAD to have already used to mfg the prototype rifle, and ordered the required metals**.

    3 same was accomplished in ONLY "several months", {>,= 2 months}.

    4 circa 8/9/32, someone has just realized that they may also need machinists accomplish this task, now that the raw materials have arrived. no doubt the order to commence was given, and it became evident that same can no longer be charged to the R&D cost center the proto was made by. also, reading between the lines again, we paid tool and die maker wages to have the wooden stocks built on machinery capable of mfg within .001" tolerances. because no lower Wage Grade manpower jobs were included in the emergency hire request. to those unfamiliar with the sillyvillian service protocols, i must add that the machinists who were involved with the proto fabrication were most likely not the ones who made the test rifle run. that would have been too logical.

    i could go on and on and on and on about many a more recent and/or relatively more recent examples of travesty in the government mfg/repair/procurement system. but i won't. some may be information that could be construed as classified to punish the loud mouth.

    and i don't really need this job, i could starve......

    * TWO-BLOCKED- a crane operator's term that describes the situation created when the snatch block touches the pay out block at the end of the crane boom. any further movement will result in dramatic hoist cable failure, and likely collateral damage to crane sheaves, bearings, boom and the unfortunate rigger below same whilst it is obeying gravity's mandatory laws.

    **an interesting side note, they spec'd the original reciever steel too weak, which later required special heat treating of the original mfg run...see:


    Last edited: Dec 23, 2007
  8. gc70

    gc70 Active Member

    JMB died on 11/26/1926, nearly 6 years before Hatcher's letter.
  9. Clipper

    Clipper New Member

    I believe that two-block is also a naval term that means a signal flag is hoisted, before the flag cover is pulled away for the 'execute'.
  10. gunnie

    gunnie New Member

    gc70 ,

    my bad, i assumed above from the P35 designation. a search turns up design was finalized after JB The Great died by one Dieudonne Joseph Saive.

    as i recognized his name, it is interesting to note he also was involved with the FN 49, and the FAL, which was designated the T48 for the army's 7.62 adoption tests.

    would guess this was one talented engineer!

  11. gunnie

    gunnie New Member


    wasn't aware of the high sea use of this term. suppose your naval definition could be applied to my supposition of john browning's activities as of 1932???



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