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Ridiculous article and an online poll to vote on

Discussion in 'Legal' started by camacho, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. camacho

    camacho Well-Known Member

    Please vote on the poll on the link below.

  2. ravnew

    ravnew Well-Known Member

    Voted, we're ahead. When will people get the message? But seeing how we're ahead in ever poll I've seen, perhaps, just perhaps, people are starting to get as sick and tired as I am over all this anti-gun BS!

    Do you think there should be a law banning guns from health facilities?

    Yes (37 responses)

    No (48 responses)

    I don't know. (3 responses)

    88 total responses
  3. tmajors

    tmajors Well-Known Member

    Anyone wanna stick this over at FR for a freeping? :cool:
  4. ptmmatssc

    ptmmatssc Well-Known Member

    So someone snuck a gun into the hospital and mow they want to make it against the law ? Does that even make sense? How the heck would a law prevent that from happening again ? Some people just don't have a clue.

    Again , how does this effect someone 'sneaking' a gun in . Just stupid
  5. Matt King

    Matt King Well-Known Member

    So the Hospital's no-gun policy failed and now they are advocating that it extend to all hospitals? What lunacy.
  6. Rudy Kohn

    Rudy Kohn Well-Known Member


    Major Premise: "Hospitals and nurses pushing the bill [to ban guns in hospitals] stopped trying in 2005."

    Minor Premise: " '...there hasn't been legislative interest.' "

    Conclusion: (paraphrased) We need to push the legislature to ban guns in hospitals ourselves!

    :scrutiny: :rolleyes:

    (Yes, I know this isn't really a syllogism; I'm just trying to be witty.
    ...Yes, emphasis on trying. Very funny.)

    I guess some people get the picture and some just want to keep jiggling the lens until they see what they want. I'll omit the various arguments for allowing CCWs; you all know them.
  7. eric_t12

    eric_t12 Well-Known Member

    no, didnt u guys knowlaws are like magnets, automatically keeping guns out of buildings. their force alone will keep people from carrying guns in, its like *THE* force... durr...

  8. Elza

    Elza Well-Known Member

    Just how strongly do they have to insist before the criminals start listening? And these idiots are responsible for our health and well being???!!!
  9. migoi

    migoi Well-Known Member

    It's about money...

    sufficient laws already exist to allow hospitals to bar someone from coming into their property armed. The reason they want this bill pushed through is then they would have a reason to purchase the equipment they want to at public expense.

    Without the law they would have to purchase the equipment from their profits. If the law is passed their next step would be to lobby for tax incentives or for public funds to purchase this new "mandatory" equipment. Their lobbyists would be lining up with "not fair to our clients to have to bear the cost for implementing this new law."

  10. Tim James

    Tim James Well-Known Member

    Why is some stupid bureaucrat making this firm declaration on the extremely subtle issue of gun rights vs. property rights? Thanks for your opinion on the matter, but we'll take care of this from here, okay?

    I know, because when I encounter confrontation, I start SHOOTING EVERYTHING IN MY WAY!

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