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Rifle into a Pistol & Pistol into a Rifle

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by The-Reaver, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. The-Reaver

    The-Reaver Well-Known Member

    So, as I posted in another thread. I'm looking into getting my first SBR but I went to the LGS earlier and the guy ( sells suppressors & other stuffs ) said something about not being allowed to SBR a Draco because " Once its registered as a pistol and cannot be turned into a rifle but if its a rifle it can be turned into a pistol "

    If that's true how come everyone is building SBR'd Draco's
    also he said that a " class 7 " ??? has to be the one to do the transfer and work on it and doing it your self even after receiving the paper work would get you a minimum of 10 years.
    ??? :fire::banghead: WTH is going on Someone elaborate and help please !!????:banghead::banghead:
  2. Carl N. Brown

    Carl N. Brown Well-Known Member

    The NFA rules can be confusing, but as far as I have been able to find out, if you have an approved Form 1 to make an SBR by either putting a shoulder stock on a pistol with a barrel less than 16" or shortening a rifle barrel to less than 16", the approved Form 1 is all you need for a personal gun and you don't need a Class 7 (essentially manufacturer's license) unless you are going to make a lot of SBRs commercially.

    I am confident that a rifle can be converted to a Title II SBR (under 26" overall, or under 16" barrel) but it cannot be converted to a Title I pistol.
  3. TexasRifleman

    TexasRifleman Moderator Emeritus

    No, he is confusing several things there and got a lot of them wrong.

    Let's try to do them in order.

    You can make an SBR from anything you want, pistol or rifle. You DO have to have an NFA tax stamp in hand on your approved Form 1 to do it. You won't be buying it from a gun store, you will be making it on your own. No dealers are required to do any of this, you do it all yourself. This is the most common way to do SBRs.

    If you want to BUY an SBR, you will buy it from an approved manufacturer of NFA firearms through a dealer, but it won't be from a Type 7 FFL. Type 7 manufacturers cannot make NFA firearms.

    In the NFA world there are Class 2 SOT (Special Occupational Tax) holders who are manufacturers of NFA firearms, and there are Class 3 SOTs, who are dealers of NFA firearms. They may also have other FFL types, but those don't apply to NFA items generally. (except Type 9's and 10's who can deal in destructive devices, but we'll skip all that for now lol) So if you want to buy a pre made SBR you will deal with a Type 3 SOT (sometimes mistakenly called a Class 3).

    Now, to the other thing about turning pistols into rifles and back again.

    For a while ATF interpreted the law to mean that if you converted a pistol to a rifle you could not go back again without an SBR tax stamp, but they have reversed that interpretation as of late.

    You still cannot make a pistol out of what started originally as a rifle, that requires a tax stamp. But, you can turn a pistol into a rifle for a while then go back to pistol.

    Clear as mud huh?

    So, to make an SBR out of a Draco YOU will become the manufacturer. You will buy a standard Draco rifle. You will then fill out a Form 1 and send $200 for the tax stamp to ATF. When they approve it and send it back with the tax stamp attached you can then buy the parts to do the conversion and start the work.
  4. Dustin0

    Dustin0 Well-Known Member

    Wow TexasRilfeman nailed that one.
  5. The-Reaver

    The-Reaver Well-Known Member

    Yeah, thanks man. I thought that guy was way off base. From my own research and understanding at least. Thanks Rifleman.
  6. bkjeffrey

    bkjeffrey Well-Known Member

    Also, you can buy one of those stock systems for Glock pistols "over the counter" per se. To install that kit on your handgun you must first submit an application to manufacture (Form 1) an SBR. When your stamp arrives and engraving is done you can install said stock on your Glock handgun effectively building an SBR. Remove the kit to revert back into pistol mode. The only downfall is that now your Glock pistol is forever classified as an SBR regardless of its current configuration......

    Theres an example of legal pistol-rifle-pistol conversions.
  7. MasterSergeantA

    MasterSergeantA Well-Known Member

    Not quite.

    You CAN turn the Glock in the example back into a Title I pistol. You simply remove the stock (and get rid of it) and send the ATF NFA branch a letter advising them of the PERMANENT reconfiguration. Your name, city and state are still engraved on it, but it is no longer a rifle...short or otherwise.

    Now if you don't want to revert it to a pistol but only to "pistol mode", you don't do anything and it does remain a SBR.

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