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Right Handed, Left Eye Dominate Question

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by dkyser, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. dkyser

    dkyser Member

    I know its been talked about on here before but I have somewhat of a unique case. My right eye is 20/200 so basically useless for shooting. No way can I see anything down range through that eye.

    I have no issues shooting a bow left handed, I learned to draw with my LH, shooting a pistol is not an issue, my left eye is SO dominate I can hold with either hand and shoot.

    Now I want a nice bolt rifle, and will shoot mostly from a bench or bipod with this gun. I have read both, get a Left gun (is available in Savage 10 FLCP-K) and shoot left, and use your dominant hand to run the bolt, keeping shooting hand on trigger guard. (not trigger)

    Right now here is what the pros and cons are getting a LH bolt.

    Bolt and Trigger on opposite side of the face in case of blow up
    Much easier to get second shot if hand holding.
    Faster cycling when you train your LH (like I did with a bow)
    Friends wont want to borrow. :D

    Harder to buy guns
    Harder to sell guns
    May never be as quick as you are with the dominant hand

    I do not want to mix and match LH and RH models so if I go LH will buy future guns that way too.

    Looking for advice, and experience, remember shooting using my Right Eye is not an option.
  2. thunder173

    thunder173 Well-Known Member

    I am right handed, left eye dominant. I have been shooting long guns of all types of actions for at lest 50 years. I do not own a left handed gun,..and have never even changed safties over to make them "left handed safety".....

    I run a bolt with my right hand,...and do so quite well.

    Which side you shoot from,..and what kind of gun,..needs to be your personal preference,..and guided by what YOU shoot best.
  3. AKElroy

    AKElroy Well-Known Member

    I am very LED just as you describe, and All my bolt guns with the exception of a model 70 that was passed down to me are lefties. They are all I will buy going forward. My LED has made me quite ambidextrous, so I shoot these just as a southpaw would, trigger & all. It feels very natural to me.

    If left hand bolts prove too costly, levers and singles may fit your bill.
  4. dkyser

    dkyser Member

    My deer rifle is a Remington 7600 that is so natural for me to shoot.
    I can shoot it Left Handed, pump it with my right hand and get a second shell in the chamber quick. You noticed I did not say a second shot, just a round chambered. :neener:
  5. earlthegoat2

    earlthegoat2 Well-Known Member

    OK, me too. Right handed left eye dominant.

    I shoot handguns right handed and use my left eye.

    I shoot long guns left handed and of course use my left eye as well.

    Left handed guns are made for a reason but it is my preference not to buy them. I dont seem to hang onto rifles too long anyway and it is easier to sell the righties. That is the jist of why I dont use lefty bolts. I find I can shoot the right handed gun NEARLY as fast. I use my left hand to do it though and I turn the rifle with my forward hand so I can get better purchase on the bolt. Kind of awkward to be sure but since Im not using my bolt guns for defense I dont think it matters too much.
  6. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    I have a major stigmatizeum. I to am left eye and right hand but all my rifles are scoped except one 22 rifle that has a adjustable peep that lets me see the front site fine and shoot it. No reguler open rifle sites.So it makes no real differece to me. Ajust the dopler on the scope to my bad eye and all is good. hand guns now are right hand left eye ,just lean head a bit to the right and handgun pushed a bit to the left. Shot gun is also fine . I can see the target with both eyes open and for me shooting right handed does help me track with the left, good eye. Bows are left hand.
  7. lefteye

    lefteye Well-Known Member

    Left eye dominant and right handed. I prefer left handed bolt-action rifles and compound bows. When I bought my first bow over 20 years ago I immediately pick up a LH bow - it felt very natural. I definitely recommend LH bolt rifles, but I wish more were available.
  8. rodregier

    rodregier Well-Known Member

    Given the much greater acuity in your left eye I would suggest LH rifles, shooting them as LH "dominant".

    The AR15 pattern rifles with the integral brass deflector lend themselves to LH usage too. You can upgrade the selector to be ambi or operate it with your LH index finger.


    I'm cross dominant (RH dominant, Left eye dominant). The acuity of my right eye is less than my left, but not enough to present serious sighting issues for optical sight usage. (So I use RH rifles).

    I sight pistols with my left eye, held right-handed.
  9. Frozen North

    Frozen North Well-Known Member

    I am also right handed and left eye dominant. My right eye is pretty useless, I have no numbers on it, but it is pretty useless. I cant make myself shoot lefty at all. I find that good quality optics allow me to shoot a rifle right handed as well as anyone else.

    I shoot handgun with my left eye, but I shoot with both eyes open.

    I suppose I better check into glasses one of these years.... or maybe not ;)

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