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Rock Island Arsenal 1911 question

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Birdhunter1, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Birdhunter1

    Birdhunter1 Well-Known Member

    Are they decent pistols, I know they probably aren'y Springfield or Kimber quality but are they decent enough to actually spend a few bucks on? I found one in a local shop at what I think is a good price and I have heard of RIA but don't know anything about them other than they are made in the Phillipines.
  2. KyJim

    KyJim Well-Known Member

    They are a solid, entry level 1911 and have a good following. Excellent customer service.
  3. f4t9r

    f4t9r Well-Known Member

    Go buy it and you will be very happy with it.
  4. Retro

    Retro Well-Known Member

    RIA are excellent 1911s... Not match grade of course, but reliable, durable and well-built.
  5. Jason_G

    Jason_G Well-Known Member

    I would buy a RIA before I bought a few other brands of 1911s...

  6. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    i have shot a few of them and i was impressed at the bang for the buck that you get. they like 230gr fmj. I prefer the tactical model to all th others.
  7. swgunner

    swgunner Well-Known Member

    I have heard but cannot verify that Rock Island bought the machining and fabrication tools from colt. A great entry level 1911, it spends as much time at the range as my kimber, and as far as shooting I have more fun shooting the rock island because I dont feel so pressured to have 1/4 inch groups.
  8. FlyinBryan

    FlyinBryan Well-Known Member

    helz mcfugly and i go shoot, and he had one here while back.

    it was ok, if not a little rough.

    if i remember correctly, it would malfunction every so often.

    it could have been that it needed to be broken in a little.

    he probably would still have it but he came into a cherry little stainless colt commander.

    if i owned one i could see myself keeping it and maybe turning it into a project to see just how good i could get it running.

    its certainly not on the level of colt/sa/kimber, but it could be nice little piece.
  9. Snowdog

    Snowdog Well-Known Member

    A search of this site will yield you dozens of post extolling the quality/value of RIA 1911s. I authored a few of them.
    I purchased my RIA from SOG for $279 before the series of price hikes, justified when the public recognized the incredible value.
    Mine hasn't any issues with 200gr Magnus SWC over bullseye, something my Kimber occasionally objects to.

    I sure as heck wouldn't pay $600 for one, but for what I paid, I'm thrilled with mine. My only original complaint which was ever so minor were the smooth grip panels it came with. $30 cocobolo Herrett grips with double-diamond checkering from CDNN squared that away. I honestly have no complaints with mine and probably tote it to the range more often than the Kimber.
  10. rondog

    rondog Well-Known Member

    Amen. Search is your friend. I have three RIA's, and ain't giving ANY of 'em up. They're not as nice as my Colts, but not far off either. Nice shootin' guns, better than me. The grips really are the worst part, but I think they believe that most folks will change the grips anyway.
  11. nero45acp

    nero45acp Well-Known Member

    My history with 1911s (using quality ball ammo and mags):

    Colt pre 70 Series GM: occasional FTF/FTE
    Colt 70 Series GM: occasional FTF/FTE
    Colt WW2 Repro: rare FTF/FTE
    Kimber Stainless Target II 9mm: jamamatic
    Dan Wesson Pointman Major: occasional FTF/FTE
    SA Mil-Spec parkerized: jamamatic
    SA Mil-Spec stainless: occasional FTF/FTE
    Argentine 1927 Sistema: rare FTF/FTE
    RIA Basic 1911: 100% RELIABLE

    The RIA is by far the least expensive 1911 I've owned, and the best value.

  12. FoMoGo

    FoMoGo Well-Known Member

    We own 3 Armscor/RIA 1911s.
    AMAZING pistols.
    And note, I didnt say... "for the price".
    The reliability is far above any other 1911s I have shot, had friends own, or have seen at the range.
    I am taking the kids to the range tomorrow with a pile of ammo and see if THEY can make them FTF or FTE.... because I damn sure cant.

  13. Deanimator

    Deanimator Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking about a nickeled .38 Super in the coming year. Does anybody know if they (or somebody else, for a reasonable price) sell a nickeled, arched mainspring housing? I prefer arched, and they all appear to have flat housings.

  14. Eric F

    Eric F Well-Known Member

    I must submit that RIA makes several levels of 1911 not all of them are the basic GI model. They make the STI Spartan and IIRC recently released a match grade gun. They have had the tactical out for some time also.
  15. FoMoGo

    FoMoGo Well-Known Member

    I have a RIA 1911 Match ;)
    The match and spartan are the same pistol, the spartan just has STIs fire control parts.
    Here is my family portrait.

    Last edited: Dec 28, 2008

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