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Rock River Arms LAR-8 .308

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Bailey Guns, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Bailey Guns

    Bailey Guns New Member

    I just received the first of several RRA .308 rifles I've had on order for about 2 years.

    Very nicely done. Fit and finish is good, packed well in their obnoxious 2-piece case. This one is a 16" flat-top. NICE trigger. All controls operate smoothly and positively. Mags (FAL style) go in and come out without effort. Pretty nicely done.

    I would like to have fondled it more but it sold about 20 minutes after it arrived. Darn customers!

    ETA: I forgot to mention that it has an ambi mag release and ambi bolt stop. Those items along with the brass deflector will make this a nice choice for a lefty shooter, I would think.
  2. arthurcw

    arthurcw New Member

    Was seriously considering one. But they don't appear to offer chrome Lined barrels. ...at least according to the website.
  3. Bendutro

    Bendutro New Member

    I really do not see the point to chrome lined barrels unless you're dumping mag after mag through the rifle. Silly to base a decision on a questionable 'feature' IMHO.
  4. dmftoy1

    dmftoy1 New Member

    Damn, I was hoping for a range report. I'm really curious how the first couple of hundred rounds work through it given all the time it took for them to bring it to market!
  5. arthurcw

    arthurcw New Member

    You say, 'Questionable.' I say, 'It's what I require.' Silly for you, not for me. Wonderful thing about this here democracy we have. ...for now.

    Enjoy it while you can

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