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Rock River Pdog Killin'

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by theNoid, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. theNoid

    theNoid Well-Known Member

    We LOVE killin' the dogs out here in Rock River, WY. In fact there were four of us out doing it yesterday for a total of about 8 hours. It was a beautiful day indeed.

    As for the arsenal, I was using my Browning BL22 and S&W 617, my wife was shooting my son's Mossberg 702, my bud was shooting an older single shot 22lr in which I do not remember the make or model, and his better-half was shooting her Ruger MKII.

    We went through about 500 rnds and killed well over 200 gophers and prairie dogs combined. Not too bad considering the wimmin folk were greenies when it comes to shooting their particular weapons for the day and even moreso when you factor in they have never shot at anything other then paper targets in the past (my wife's last shot fired was over 15 yrs ago).

    My shot of the day was a nice fattie dog in which I popped with my 617 at 123 of my paces, which factors into just a bit over 125yds. I took 1 shot to check windage and one to roll his little cannibalistic, hole-digging, disease carrying butt over. Strangely enough, I seem to shoot better out that far with my S&W than I do with my Browning. Not sure why but I do need to work on that wouldn't ya say? Not real comfy with the buckhorn rear sight on the Browning as of yet is one issue I am sure.

    My father has told me to take his Savage 99c 243 next time. I have shot this rifle several times and love it more each time. I am thinking those long-range dogs just won't have a chance once I start taking that baby out there with me.

    Ok, enough of my blabbering here...need to get some sleep so I can get up and out early in the A.M. and SMOKE SOME MORE DOGS!!!!

  2. Heavy Metal Hero

    Heavy Metal Hero Well-Known Member

    Bring some pics next time.
  3. theNoid

    theNoid Well-Known Member

    ...of dead doggies?
  4. Heavy Metal Hero

    Heavy Metal Hero Well-Known Member

    I like to call 'em trophies. :D
  5. eliphalet

    eliphalet Well-Known Member

    Do you have populations like this every year? Reason I ask was two years ago we had what seemed like about five or ten times the normal amount of them little cannibalistic critters. Get a 223, 50 grains or so at 3000 FPS really puts it to em. Wife hasa MKIII hunter she uses on em great fun huh?
  6. theNoid

    theNoid Well-Known Member

    We pretty much always have WAY TOO MANY of the little buggers out here. Some years more than others, but always too many. As for taking pics for trophies, I will take a few of the better shot dogs today. Coming up in June we will behaving a Prairie Dog shootout in Medicine Bow where we take trheir tails for trophies and critter count for awards.

    Welps, I'm out the door to do some plinkin'...

  7. Iggy

    Iggy Well-Known Member

    Noid, I told you that S&W should work pretty well on dogs.. Like I said, the barrel is half way there when the bullet leaves!!!:D

    I got about a dozen Friday with my 1911 10mm.

    No trophy pictures there!!!:uhoh:
  8. fiVe

    fiVe Well-Known Member

    Dog Be Gone

    This might've been posted before. (Language alert in Vol 1 video opening.)
  9. theNoid

    theNoid Well-Known Member

    Hey Chip, Paul said that was you that past Al and myself on Friday. I didn't know it was you and most likely vice-versa. But anyhow, now you know that I am a tall ugly bald Jeep driver, maybe we can hook up and shake hands next time.

    That Friday we spent about 6 hours out there on Marshall and lord oh mighty did we have some fun.

  10. Iggy

    Iggy Well-Known Member

    Din't know that was you, and I wouldn't have dared stop on that road anyway!!

    Mebbe next time.
  11. bb21

    bb21 Well-Known Member


    Hey I was wondering if you have too many dogs I would be willing to help you out, or if you know where some land is to hunt prairie dogs some info would be great. I live in Colorado and my dad in Utah and we usually hunt prairie dogs in Wyoming. We are not real familiar with the eastern part of the state, mostly the western part. We're always looking for a good spot.
    I'd love to see some pictures too, sounds like you had some fun.
  12. theNoid

    theNoid Well-Known Member

    Blake, you and your pops are more than welcome to come on up and do some shootin' with us. So is anyone else on here for that matter. Just fire me an e-mail via eagle.acoustics@yahoo.com and we can go from there.

  13. Checkman

    Checkman member

    Where I live folks shoot dogs as well - Pit Bulls, Rotweillers, mutts etc.
  14. theNoid

    theNoid Well-Known Member

    :what: That's just wrong bro'. :scrutiny:
  15. theNoid

    theNoid Well-Known Member

    Fourth Annual
    There Goes the Neighborhood
    Prairie Dog Hunt

    (lead for bread)

    WHERE: Medicine Bow Wyoming
    MEETING PLACE: The Virginian Hotel, North 40 room.
    PRE-HUNT MEETING: June 8th, 2007 7:00 p.m. At the North 40 room.
    ENTRY FEE: $10.00 and minimum of 4 canned goods per shooter

    -Hunt Saturday June 9th from daylight till 3:00 p.m.
    Chili supper donations and canned goods go to “Hunters for the Hungry“

    -No license needed (THESE ARE RODENTS!)

    We highly recommend staying at the Virginian Hotel (307)379-2377


    e-mail Chuck at eagle.acoustics@yahoo.com for contact info.

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