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Rookie Undecided

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Freddie, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Freddie

    Freddie Active Member

    I have been reading and also listening to what all of you have told me and I am now undecided between the RCBS Rock Chucker Master Supreme Kit and the Lyman Crusher II Expert Kit for my first press..
    I want to get one of these two...

    Any advice and help will be greatly appreciated..
  2. Bullet

    Bullet Well-Known Member


    But I say this because this is what I have and it works great. Don’t know about Lyman.
  3. dakotasin

    dakotasin Well-Known Member

    all i can really offer you is that i am very satisfied w/ my rock chucker. if i had the whole purchase to do all over again, i would go rockchucker.

    good luck.
  4. Freddie

    Freddie Active Member

    Rookie again on dies

    Are Lee Carbide dies ok to use or do I need more expensive ones?
  5. AFhack

    AFhack Well-Known Member

    They work great for me, but I only reload 45 ACP. Not sure if there's a difference with other sets.
  6. bfox

    bfox Well-Known Member

    Hi Freddie

    Before you decide you ought to look at the
    Lee Classic Cast at Midwayusa .
    Its about half the price and getting
    great reviews .

  7. pbhome71

    pbhome71 Well-Known Member


    Regarding Lee carbide, it works great. I have one for 38/357, and one for 45ACP. I also have RCBS for 9mm.

    The different is that:
    a) Lee is cheaper
    b) Lee uses o-ring v.s. RCBS's brass set screw to lock the die setting. IMHO, they are just different.
    c) Lee has a deluxe 4 dies set V.S. RCBS 3 dies set. The extra Lee die is Factory crimp die (FCD). There are many opinions about this. I like it for my 357. Many don't.

    Regarding the press, are you getting the whole kit, or just the press? The nice thing is the hand primer. I have one for about 6 years. It works great.

    I have no experience with Uniflow. But noticed that many folks has them. The RCBS reloading manual #13 is nice. I always read it.

    Good Luck,

  8. Winger Ed.

    Winger Ed. Well-Known Member

    They're both good. Them and the Hornady or Dillon are too. RCBS seems to be more popular, and more people have them. But I often think its only because RCBS is more agressive at selling their products, and more dealers/distributors carry them, which makes them easier to find/buy.

    As far as quality, I doubt there's any difference.

    Now, I do really like my old Hornady 007 because the opening is offset to one side a little. Being left handed, its easier and faster to get cases in & out of it. A Rock Chucker fell into my lap a few years ago, and I use it; but I sure prefer the old 007.

    Nothing wrong with Lee carbide dies either.
    In fact, they forced the industry offer and sell them at something lower than the price of a new Cessna when they brought them out in the 80's. I've had 'issues' with their bottleneck rifle dies, but I use the heck out of their carbide dies for .357 & .45ACP.

    I don't know how many spent LP primers are in a gallon, but I collected a full gallon of them under my Pro-Jector from loading .45ACPs over a few years. They all passed through the bottom of a Lee carbide sizer. And its still on the job too!
  9. P-32

    P-32 Well-Known Member

    Lee dies vs the others

    Let me tell you about the Lee dies I bought for 38/357 mag back in the late 80's. I bought these right after I got my Smith 686. I only loaded '06 before. The dies were carbide and it felt like I was running rocks through the sizing die rather than brass. Didn't know better. Then I got a 1911 and borrowed a buddies RCBS carbides. Holy smoke, these were smooth as silk. I bought RCBS carbides in 38/357 and have continued to do so as I've added different pistols/calibers to my brace. I have never looked back.

    I read time and time again about needing to use the Lee FCD to get pistol rounds to feed. This simply has not been any thing I've needed to do. I believe the Lee dies are popular with those who reload on a progressive as they are way cheaper than the Dillon carbides.

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