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Rossi Matched Pair Pistol

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by PoserHoser, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. PoserHoser

    PoserHoser Well-Known Member

    Hi I was curious about this gun. has anyone fire one or handled one? its chambered in .45/.410 and includes .22 barrel. also interested in how the .410 would pattern all opinions and advice appreciated
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  2. Apple a Day

    Apple a Day Well-Known Member

    First time I've heard of it but I have the longer version and it's a ton of fun to shoot. If they made a double barreled pistol it would be a beautiful thing!
  3. gdesloge

    gdesloge Well-Known Member

  4. PoserHoser

    PoserHoser Well-Known Member

    i agree i wish some one would make a double barrel
  5. gdesloge

    gdesloge Well-Known Member

  6. Apple a Day

    Apple a Day Well-Known Member

    I was just thinking... won't the rifled barrel screw up a rifled .410 slug's accuracy? Anybody got a Judge long gun and tried it?
  7. gathert

    gathert Well-Known Member

    Rifling makes things more accurate so... I'm thinking not.
  8. acgill07

    acgill07 Member

    But rifled slugs are meant for smooth bores not rifled barrels. I might be interested in one of these. Wish they had more info on the website. No weight specs etc.
  9. tango2echo

    tango2echo Well-Known Member

    From what I understand (from calling Rossi CS) the .410 barrel is smooth not rifled. It comes with a modified choke and you can purchase a rifled choke tube for about $20 if you wish. It has the same chamber dimensions as a 3" Judge, so shooting just about any .45LC load and any 2 1/2" to 3" .410 load should be no problem. The .22LR barrel is drilled and tapped and uses the same base as the TC Encore, so mounting a red dot sight should be a piece of cake. Recoil will be "heavy" with 3" magnum .410 loads and I imagine quite loud. My recoil calculator shows about the same as a 300gr .454 load when compaired to a 3" 000 buckshot load. Around 39ftlbs. :eek: Weighs less than 30 ounces in .410 configuration. The whole package with both barrels and a case weighs less than 60oz.

    This is a very interesting truck/camping/survival gun. I told my dealer to call when he got one for me. MSRP is $336, out the door less than $250.

  10. gdesloge

    gdesloge Well-Known Member

    "From what I understand (from calling Rossi CS) the .410 barrel is smooth not rifled."

    I believe that this would make the pistol a "short-barreled shotgun", which is covered by the NFA.

    The "Judge" is not included because it has a rifled barrel.

    I would expect that the Matched Pair would be similarly constructed.

  11. tango2echo

    tango2echo Well-Known Member

    Two calls to Rossi CS and they have stated both times that the barrel is smooth with removable choke tubes. It comes with a (smooth) Modified, and (smooth) Cylinder Bore and Cylinder Bore Rifled are available for $26 each.

    The barrel is stamped .410 2 3/4" & 3"/.45LC.

    On the second call they stated the .22lr barrel WAS NOT drilled and tapped for a scope, so iron sights appear to be the only option for now.

    They are saying late July to Mid August before they ship any and the larger dealers should have them available in late July.

    FIREARMS – Whether certain weapons meet the statutory definition of “short-barreled shotgun.”

    If a weapon, as originally manufactured, did not meet the statutory definition of a “shotgun,” then the weapon is not a “short-barreled shotgun” for purposes of the law, either as originally manufactured or as later modified.

    I do not know the law on SBS, and am no expert by any means, but Rossi is selling and marketing this as a PISTOL and it was originally MFG and MARKETED as a PISTOL. From my understanding it cannot be a SBS because it was never MFG as a weapon meeting the definiton of a shotgun. What my dealer is saying is that it falls under AOW laws and only requires a $5 tax stamp and not the $200 stamp. This would make sense with Rossi's marketing stratagy and what their CS is telling people. I have been assured twice now that it is certainly a smooth bore and sold and classified as a pistol.

  12. kozak6

    kozak6 Well-Known Member

    In order for it to be a "short barreled shotgun", it would have required a stock to be installed at some point.

    A smoothbore pistol is clearly an AOW. Out of all their rifled and generally legal .410 pistols, it seems rather unlikely that Taurus would decide to leave one smoothbore and in NFA territory.

    Perhaps Rossi cs thought you meant a Matched Pair longarm set.

    Personally, I am far more excited about the .22 barrel.
  13. tango2echo

    tango2echo Well-Known Member

    No. It was absolutely clear we were talking about the pistol set.
  14. gdesloge

    gdesloge Well-Known Member

  15. bcp280z

    bcp280z Well-Known Member

    It is rifled, the 45 and 410 share barrel, why would it be smooth? 45colt out of smooth bore is far worse imo than rifled shot.

    Rossi and Taurus are associated, it's a cheapo single shot judge

    It would be fun, looks like a better grip than my Super Commanche-another Latin American cheapo Judge. And with it's 10in barrel the shot is decent up to about 10yds, the 45 in mine is a waste, 3-4in groups at 7yds, plus the sights suck, again this is info on another long-barreled single shot pistol.

    I had a matched pair Rossi rifle, 12ga/22wmr, it functioned fine and was fun, good quality materials, not high end finish or so but you get what you pay for.

    They do have a double barrel 45/410 11inch barrel pistol, it's a Leinad, formerly Cobray Arms "Deringer" They also have a 5shot pepperbox which seems pretty cool too.

    Personally I guess you can tell I like these cheap "fun" guns, but that's all they are.

    As for firing/handling characteristics, recoil is fun, not too bad, I like to hold it one handed like a cowboy or two handed like a long gun, my gf tried holding it two handed like a pistol and the recoil left her an interesting scar are her forehead...it was hilarious. just hold it firmly, some of the three inch shells get stuck in mine, keep your leatherman with you

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  16. jon86

    jon86 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever shot one of these? How is the 22lr accuracy? How is the 45 colt accuracy?
  17. tango2echo

    tango2echo Well-Known Member

    Mine has been on order since before this thread was started. I don't think any have shipped.

  18. Apple a Day

    Apple a Day Well-Known Member

    So, does anyone have one of these? Seen one of these yet?
  19. tango2echo

    tango2echo Well-Known Member

    Last I've heard they have run afoul of current ATF restrictions and have not been shipped, but that was months ago.

  20. smokey30725

    smokey30725 Well-Known Member

    There was one for sale on our local outdoor trader forum. The owner said he had two of them nib and wanted to sell one. He was asking $350. If I can find the classified ad again I will post a link to it. Seems like a good bug out bag or camping gun.

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