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Rossi ??????

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by chasgrips45, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. chasgrips45

    chasgrips45 New Member

    So ii take my brand new Rossi to the range today. Less than 50 rounds. I notice that the screw below & to the right of the loading gate is ready to fall out. No problem ,I`ll just ,very carefully screw it back in. So there I go ,as I`M tightening the screw I get that sickening feeling that this screw aint bottoming out . I feel some resistance then none . Stripped!!!!! Send it back to Rossi? It just so happens that the stripped hole is in the receiver of the gun ! I wish I could remember the name of the type of screw ,but its one that has the threads short of the bottom of the screw, the screw has a flat bottom. Am i screwed? I truly have no faith in Rossi replacing a gun. I also truly believe that they do not have the expertise ,or desire to fix the gun. I can see trouble ahead with them. I mean this is the receiver of the gun . Oh wow am i in trouble!
  2. JERRY

    JERRY New Member

    If you bought it new take it back to the dealer and have them send it back for warranty repair.
  3. shinyroks

    shinyroks New Member

    That screw doesn't thread into the reciever, if I remember correctly, so it should be fairly straightforward for them to replace the elevator(?) to fix the problem. Make sure it makes it back to Rossi for the warranty work, however you want to manage that.
  4. chasgrips45

    chasgrips45 New Member

    hi Jerry, I live in North Carolina arms & ammo is in Fremont Nebraska. Rossi is in Miami. Here`s what concerns me, Aint no way Rossi ,as I said, is going to replace a whole receiver with the serial # When i called Arms & Ammo they really weren`t that crazy to handle it . I can see a long time without that gun. It is a tough one. There`s a guy in Texas that specializes in Rossis. Basically what I`m saying that Rossi, is no Ruger , or Smith as far as customer service goes. It`s simple I need it fixed ,& it will cost a few bucks. I will surely give Rossi a call Monday & we`ll see.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  5. Grmlin

    Grmlin New Member

    Don't they have a lifetime warranty?
  6. chasgrips45

    chasgrips45 New Member

    Shniyroks, It sure looks like it screws through the main casting. BTW I really ,really hope I am wrong!
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  7. 303 hunter

    303 hunter New Member

    Sounds like like you have a Taurus made Rossi. They'll fix it,but they won't pay for shipping to them. You have to pay. The last one one I shipped back to them cost me $45. It also took 3 months to get it back. They also won't honor the warranty of an Interarms made Rossi-They told me it's not "their"gun. Their customer service leaves alot to be desired.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  8. joecil

    joecil New Member

    Actually Hunter they will if the gun was bought within a year. The only other one that does regardless is now Armscor as all the others don't at least that I've found.

    Oh and the guy some one mentioned in Texas would be Steve Gunz and he will take a lot longer than sending it back. All Rossi/Taurus guns are life time on the gun not the owner and they will repair it or replace it. Tell them the date you bought the gun and they will have FedEx pick it up the same day if possible. As for length of time it will depend on the repair required to fix it.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  9. bigheaddaddy

    bigheaddaddy New Member

    A couple years ago I bought a Rossi 462. On the first trip to the range, the cylinder locked up tight and wouldn't turn. I called Rossi on Monday, and 20 minutes later I had a FedEx label with shipping on their dime. I sent it out on Tuesday, and it was back at my house on the following Wednesday. The revolver has functioned perfectly ever since.

    This is my only experience with Rossi customer service, but I have no complaints.
  10. BBBBill

    BBBBill Active Member

    I can't speak to their current warranty service, but I've never been impressed with it in the past. Maybe they've improved, maybe not. As for the Interarms era guns, Rossi was a totally separate company then. I would not expect Taurus to honor those. They bought the manufacturing rights and equipment, not the liabilities.
  11. Jim K

    Jim K Active Member

    I might help if I knew what Rossi you are talking about or which screw. Some pictures would sure help.

  12. chasgrips45

    chasgrips45 New Member

    it`s a Rossi made by Braztech. A brand new gun,less than 100 rounds. Model M92 38/357, stainless. The screw is just below the & to the left of the loading gate. I believe the screw is one that adjusts the position of the loading gate "door".
    I hope i get a good reaction from Rossi when i call them . We`ll see tomorrow. It`s a temptation not to take it apart & see what`s wrong. I just can`t imagine that one would have to replace the numbered receiver because a thread is stripped . I think one of assemblers in Brazil got a little hinky with his screw gun. Overall the fit & finish of the gun is not like my other Rossi . The stock looks like it was sanded by a 6yr old ,the front sight doesn`t have the brass pip that`s handy for aiming, The gun won`t take any more than 6 rounds before the loading gate becomes jammed closed. That`s enough ,I`m hey getting pissed just going over the defects! BTW, can I ship the gun back in it`s original box?
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2013
  13. joecil

    joecil New Member

    That sounds like the screw that holds the loading gate and should be put in using lock tight at the factory but guess they missed it. At any rate it actually screws in to the rear of the loading gate door an not so much in the side of the rifle. It would be screw #55.

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  14. chasgrips45

    chasgrips45 New Member

    joecil, Believe it or not ,see that "hole" below & to the right of the loading gate? well on both my braztech m92s there is a screw in there ! It could be that they have moved the screw forward . I will take a photo. BTW Joecil ,thanks for your efforts.Just as an aside, you know I`ve been looking some forums,I read where posters have been looking for parts for these guns M&M gunsmithing,& steves guns,that`s it ,if one of these guys is too busy you`re screwed. Of course I have a warranty at Rossi . When someone buys a Winchester ,or Marlin you spend a little more, but if one of them breaks, after warranty, there `s plenty of parts & services. The 2 Rossis I own are just for making holes in paper. OK when they run, but if one breaks ,(& I think it`s more often than not )your essentially on your own. After looking inside the screw hole ,I think that the threads in the receiver are ok ,it`s what`s below that`s stripped. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-...ccc/w449-h337-o-k/cimg7436.jpg_thumbnail1.jpg there is another of these screws on the other side,in the same relative position.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2013
  15. Old Shooter

    Old Shooter Active Member

    Don't know if this will help or not...but here goes.

    Years ago I had a gun with a stripped screw hole (don't remember the type of gun, that's how long ago it was).

    I wound a few strands of fine copper wire around the screw and put it back in, stopping just before I thought the screw would strip (tight, but not too tight if you know what I mean).

    That baby held tight for several years before I sold the gun, still going fine as far as I know.

    If Rossi doesn't come thru for you that might be something to try.

    Good luck
  16. wriggly

    wriggly Member

    The screw you are asking about is the right side carrier screw. There is another on the other side. They have a shoulder on the end of them and are not threaded the entire length of the screw. These two screws actually screw into the receiver, and allow the carrier or elevator as some folks call it, to pivot and raise up and down on the unthreaded end of the screws. If it is stripped, it is the threads on the screw or the receiver that are bad. You could remove the screw from the other side with the lever up, and the action closed and take that screw from the left side and see if it threads into the right side hole. If it does, then you just need a new screw. If it doesnt, it is the hole in the receiver that is stripped, and you will need to send it back.

    Keep us posted.
  17. wriggly

    wriggly Member

    By the way, the parts diagram that was posted up a few posts, has a few errors. The carrier screws are part #43 in the diagram, and the carrier is #39, but the diagram indicates that the right side carrier screw goes in the hole above the loading gate, which is incorrect, that hole is for the screw that holds the right side cartridge guide. The carrier screws thread into the receiver below and to the left slightly of the loading gate door.
  18. wriggly

    wriggly Member

    You might want to shine a flashlight into the hole, and make sure the hole in the carrier is lined up with the hole in the receiver. If it is not, the carrier will hold the screw proud of the threads in the receiver and not screw in. If thats the case, you can center up the carrier hole with the receiver hole with a thin punch, and then screw in the screw. The unthreaded portion of that screw has to go into the hole in the carrier for the screw to go in deep enough to engage the threads in the receiver. Hope you follow me.
  19. chasgrips45

    chasgrips45 New Member

    looks like its got to go back. The screw on the other side of the receiver is fine . If I swap screws, the screw on the defective side works fine on the good side. The swap determines thhat the receiver is stripped . Can you imagine the peeing contest I`m going to go through ,telling these guys that I didn`t strip the threads in the numbered receiver?~~~~~.
    I`m originally from Miami,& I`m experienced with the rather casual way they treat problems.
  20. myg30

    myg30 Member

    They might go one size larger screw if it will fit, they can put in a keen-sert[spell], they can also send you a new one and when it returns to your ffl you will pay another $10 fer the backround check on the "New" gun.
    Tauras did this for me years ago on a 605 that was returned twice for the same cyl. lock up problem. The new replacement had the key lock. I was not happy with having a key lok on any pistol but the gun works with out the cyl jamming after a few rounds of .357 mag sent down range. I sent to tauras in Oct. and got the new one just after the new year, 3 months !!
    Good luck with your repair and please keep us posted on the Warranty repair of your new Rossi. Future purchases may depend on it !


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