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RRA Elite CAR A4 opinions

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by H1500308, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. H1500308

    H1500308 Well-Known Member

    Thinking of buying a RRA Elite CAR A4 off the shelf from a local shop. Wanted to order from ar15sales.com but they are quoting 20 week wait.

    I've got an Armalite M15 midlength that I really enjoy. How does the RRA Elite CAR A4 compare to the Armalite. BTW, I've already seen "the chart" many times.

    Also the RRA does NOT have the chrome lined barrel, instead chrome-moly. Am I really missing anything by not having a chrome lined barrel. I'll shoot it less than 1000 rds per year.
  2. JonB

    JonB Well-Known Member

    Buy it if it isn't outrageously overpriced. I have the same rifle, shoots great and not a hiccup yet. Not having a chrome lined barrel doesn't mean anything. Some say chrome lined are easier to clean, but I haven't found mine hard to clean at all. Less than 1000 rds per year - should be a great rifle for you.

    Just out of curiosity what's the latest going price for those?
  3. H1500308

    H1500308 Well-Known Member

    JonB - Thanks

    Price is $999 before taxes. Not "a steal" but in my opinion a fair price in this market.
  4. Lucky Strike

    Lucky Strike Well-Known Member

    I've got a midlength CAR4 with lightweight barrel that I got back in October (from ar15sales)....basically the same as the elite except it didn't have the detachable carry handle.

    Worked great so far...it's my first AR and i've probably got about 500 rounds through it so far. I got one with a chrome lined barrel so i can't comment on ease of cleaning.

    I paid $920 back then so $999 definitely seems fair in this current environment.
  5. Kentucky

    Kentucky Well-Known Member

    For me, the reason I strongly prefer a chrome-lined barrel is not so much because it makes it easier to clean, but because it has a reputation of being more reliable.
  6. Lloyd Smale

    Lloyd Smale Well-Known Member

    thats a hell of a price for an elite. Ive seen them go for 1500 plus.
  7. gotime242

    gotime242 Well-Known Member

    Ive got a std Car-a4 and i love everything about it. No complaints. And no, you dont need chrome lined.
  8. benEzra

    benEzra Moderator Emeritus

    Good rifle, EXCELLENT price. I'd jump on it.

    The main difference between the RRA and the Armalite is probably the weight of the barrel. RRA uses a thicker barrel profile, IIRC. Also, the RRA will probably have a nicer trigger pull.
  9. JonB

    JonB Well-Known Member

    $999 isn't a bad price at all. Mine was $889 a couple of years ago at a local Sportsmans Warehouse. I believe it will have the RRA two-stage trigger which is quite nice. The detachable carry handle really isn't a carry handle - it's basically a 'riser' that is the correct height for an Aimpoint and has the built in rear sight.

    All in all they make very nice rifles with nice 'fit and finish.' I was debating between a Bushmaster and the RRA. Decided the RRA was the way to go for me as I really like the midlength AR's.
  10. ohiobowhunter78

    ohiobowhunter78 Active Member


    I bought the RRA AR1255X Entry Tactical / Chrome Lined Barrel / with Tactical Carry Handle Assembly

    yesterday new from my local dealer. Mine has the detachable handle, and a sweet gun. It was a rare shipment that arrived while I was there and got it for $1020 OTD...

    Going to start dressing it up next weekend at the gun show. I was told you can't go wrong with an RRA
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2009
  11. trigga

    trigga Well-Known Member

    man rra never seems to meet the supply and demand. a year or so ago i wanted to buy their new ar10, tried to place an order. they had it in the catalog but said they didn't carry it, yet... what the hell, beside all the guns were on back order and a long waiting line. so i went with bushmaster, most times in stock. i don't know about now with that obama stuff.

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