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Ruger 10/22 10 rd rotary magazine

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by nathan, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    I was lucky to find a Ruger 10/22 LVT model . It stand s for Light Varmint target.
    But these only come with one ten rd mag. I wanted an extra one so I was looking at internet dealers but all are out. Are these , too, being hit by high demand ? AT gunbroker almost all are selling the Bx 25 high cap for a premium. I m not crazy for those as i dont need a bananatype magazine. Anyone knows who has the 10 rd rotary mags ?
  2. gazpacho

    gazpacho Well-Known Member

    Your best bet right now would probably be your local gun stores. Call around, or just drop right in.
  3. rhinoh

    rhinoh Well-Known Member

    Even WalMart carries them...;)
  4. Lloyd Smale

    Lloyd Smale Well-Known Member

    guys in NY are snactching them up as there the only mags they can use in a 1022.
  5. WoodchuckAssassin

    WoodchuckAssassin Well-Known Member

    I tried to buy an extra 10/22 last week, and all the local shops were out of them. They're not as scarse as the ammo they hold, but I can't find any in my area (Central Virginia).
  6. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    I thought the new NY limit was 7 rounds, making a 10 rd mag illegal.
  7. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    Thanks folks. I have to check Walmart and Basspro.
  8. TurtlePhish

    TurtlePhish Well-Known Member

    They can have 10rd mags if they get them before April, but they're only allowed to load 7 rounds in them. Yes, it's idiotic, but that's what the law says.
  9. cat_IT_guy

    cat_IT_guy Well-Known Member

    I bought one off Midway, USAs website about a month ago. They only had the clear ones in stock at the time, but that is ok with me.
  10. David E

    David E Well-Known Member

    I prefer the clear ones, myself. In fact, I dimpled mine at the 5 and 10 rd mark then dabbed a bit of nail polish in the dimple.

    Easy to tell at a glance how many rds I loaded. I suppose it'd be even more important in NY, but I'd put the dimple at 7 rds.........until I moved.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  11. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Got some from midwayusa, but it was years ago, well before the current .22LR craziness that I, for the life of me, cannot figure out. :rolleyes:
  12. goon

    goon Well-Known Member

    If you just bought a new Ruger rifle, you can register it with Ruger and get a 20% discount on accessories. I'd consider that option, or watch Midway and other suppliers to see when they come back in stock. But I've ordered some stuff from Ruger, as have some friends. A lot of stuff is backordered, but those orders are getting filled in a month to six weeks.
    FWIW, 10/22 magazines have been hard for me to come by too lately. I'm in a pretty remote area, so I was lucky to find a couple still on the shelves at the LGC. I left one hanging for the next guy.
  13. ExAgoradzo

    ExAgoradzo Well-Known Member

    Yes, get one on line. Then get another one so you can get one of the 'triple' mag holders. It lets you have 3 x 10 round mags that you can change as fast as you can flip it. I have two and it works great. And, it is legal in CA!!! That's amazing in itself.
  14. greyling22

    greyling22 Well-Known Member

  15. 788Ham

    788Ham Well-Known Member


    Think that sounds goofy? In today's Denver Post, the scenario of gun laws being debated, they are now allowing , and I quote, " For shotguns, no more than 28 INCHES worth of shells." End quote. DUH, guess the feds and PD's will be carrying steel tapes to measure the amount of ammo being carried in you scatter gun ! One good line I saw the other day, " If the mentally deficient are not allowed to own guns, then why should they be allowed to make gun laws." I'm through.
  16. stubbicatt

    stubbicatt Well-Known Member

    Yep. Sadly this is the state of affairs.

    Vote the bastards out.
  17. mdauben

    mdauben Well-Known Member

    Not any more. For some reason Ruger 10 round mags for the 10/22 seem to be just as hard to find as high cap Glock mags these days. :(
  18. David E

    David E Well-Known Member

    Having moved out of CO as the Kaliformia invasion was in the early stages, I've not read the Denver Post for some time. Does the measurement include the chambered round? What about one "ghost loaded" on the shell carrier? 28"/2.75=10 point something. Change the shells to 2.25", gain two shots. Shorten to 2" shells, you could have 14 in there. If this becomes the law of the land, then maybe it'll be time for 2" shells.

    That's a sig line right there.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2013

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