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Ruger 1022 Questions

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by fbernar, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. fbernar

    fbernar Well-Known Member

    Greetings everyone! I am very new to rifles and I have gone to the range before to shoot my 10/22 and noticed that the stock barrel gets VERY hot when I shoot quickly and in volume.

    1. I am thinking about getting the Tapco Intrafuse stock and was wondering if the stock barrel gets too hot to allow for the Tapco stock to be used if shooting in volume? Will it burn the plastic used to make the Tapco stock?

    2. Also, is the Tapco stock good for target shooting (non-competitive) of about 35 to 100 yards or should I go a different route? Is it good for using scopes (I have a Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40) or is it more built towards using tactical optics such as a redot or something along those lines?

    3. I see a lot of people recommending the VQ trigger mods as one of the first things to do to increase accuracy on a 1022. Not specific to a Ruger, but is a trigger pull under 3 or 4 pounds safe for a rifle that one would possibly allow children to plink with or would it increase the accidental discharge risk?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Davek1977

    Davek1977 Well-Known Member

    I don't think you have ANYTHING to worry about. I run Tapco furniture on my AK, and while the barrel will actually be smoking and way too hot to touch after a few mag dumps, the Galil hand-guard has never shown any indication of warping or melting, and these temps would be much higher than those you'd generate with a .22LR
  3. Breakmyfootoff

    Breakmyfootoff Well-Known Member

    1: I've had a 10/22 in a synthetic stock before and rapidly shot several magazines (including 50 rounders) through it with no problems. I wouldnt think you'd have any problems from heat.

    2:The original stock is probably going to be more accurate however, as the Tapco collapsible stocks tend to have some wobble to them. I painted the original stock on my current 10/22 flat olive drab green, which gives it a distinctly military look and keeps the functionality of the wood stock. That might be something you want to try first since it only costs about 5.00 compared to the 100.00 for the Tapco, and I think most would agree that the original stock is far better than the Tapco. Either stock will work fine with both types of optics you mentioned.

    3: Accidental discharge can occur with any trigger, teaching proper safety habits and close supervision is the key to shooting safely with your children. My 9 year old has a Savage bolt action 22 with the accutrigger set at the lightest setting (2.5 lbs) and he shoots my Glocks, AR, and AK, but I'm on him like a hawk, and proper gun safety is just normal for him since it's been the way I've made him shoot from day one.
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  4. fbernar

    fbernar Well-Known Member

    Ok good to hear! I don't want to dump out 100 rounds just to smell plastic melting! haha :)
  5. fbernar

    fbernar Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the feedback! My issue is that I don't want to have to drill into the synthetic stock to install a swivel stud so I can use a bipod. The RFP stock (synthetic) also has a barrel band and I am not sure how it would look together. I have another thread on a swivel stud that you can view here:
  6. Breakmyfootoff

    Breakmyfootoff Well-Known Member

    If it were me, I'd just go ahead and try drilling the stock for the swivel stud. I think that would be a more solid mount as opposed to the stud clamped in the barrel band anyway. It's only my opinion, but I think it'd look fine. Worst case scenario is it doesnt work out and you end up having to buy an aftermarket stock anyway, in which case you havent really lost anything.
  7. fbernar

    fbernar Well-Known Member

    I'm not a tool person. :(
  8. Average Joe

    Average Joe Well-Known Member

    Yes they get hot. Its normal.
  9. Onward Allusion

    Onward Allusion Well-Known Member

    First hand experience... I have the ATI stock and no it will not melt or warp, but it is not as accurate as the OEM wood stock.
  10. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    1. No worries here.
    2. Wouldn't be my choice for the stated purpose, but that depends upon what you consider an acceptable group to be. As mentioned in the other thread, I own and like both the Fajen Legacy adjustable variant as well as the Boyd's "Tacticool". There are plenty of other options, but of the ones I tried the aforementioned worked best for me. You may find a different one that works better for you, but I would recommend one that is well bedded, free-floating, and tight (typically precludes collapsible/folding stocks).
    3. 3lbs is generally considered to be the limit of safe trigger pressure for sporting use. For target use most anything is acceptable. Children need only be taught safe handling (no matter the trigger pull, safety engagement, loaded condition, or anything else), the rules needn't be modified.

  11. fbernar

    fbernar Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. Would you say the Fajen or Boyd stocks are less or more accurate than stock?
  12. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    The Fajen definitely promotes accuracy when compared to the factory stock. As are many aftermarket options (though, as noted earlier, some are worse...just depends upon workmanship and feature-set).

  13. Onward Allusion

    Onward Allusion Well-Known Member

    IMO, Fajen stocks are both good-looking and functional (i.e. accurate).
  14. Red Cent

    Red Cent Well-Known Member

    Semantics. No stock is accurate but lends to the intrinsic accuracy. A wooden stock, lamianted or not, lends to accuracy. Proper bedding of the barreled action in a wood stock, laminated or not, lends to accuracy. In a 10-22, a good barrel lends to accuracy. The factory 10-22 usually has an atrocious trigger pull because of weight and rough surfaces.

    The PC hammer and adjustable sear is the best way to go. Drop in.

    The bedding of the barreled action is another book.

    No need to reinvent the wheel. Everything you wanted to know.........

  15. Jon_Snow

    Jon_Snow Well-Known Member

    Are you saying that wood stocks are inherently more accurate than synthetic ones? If so, why? My understanding is that synthetic is often preferred since it won't warp nearly as much with changes in humidity/temperature. I'll also observe that most of the benchrest shooters I know prefer McMillan and similar fiberglass stocks due to their stiffness.

    To the OP, I love the Fajen. Regardless of any inherent accuracy difference between wood vs. synthetic, the ability to adjust it just right for you will make a world of difference.
  16. fbernar

    fbernar Well-Known Member

    What stocks are these?



    I see that the barrel is floating and I [somewhat] understand how it works with point of impact changing in humidity and heat. Since I live in central Florida where humidity is very high and where the heat is intense, I think that this may help me - correct? Well the stocks above seem to have short barrels or maybe that is me just being a rifle noob. Is that the case? Or are they long and normal sized barrels and I am just stupid?! :)

    Also, where can I buy the stock posted above? Is it made for a .920 barrel or stock? I prefer to shop on sites that have different methods of shipping (offering over night or 2 day) as I am impatient. :)
  17. fbernar

    fbernar Well-Known Member

    Also, is the above stock okay/good for shooting outdoors and hunting squirrel sometimes? I am 25 and in good shape so I don't THINK the weight would matter. I would not be hiking for miles or anything like that. I would also attach a stud for a bipod in the immediate future upon deciding on a stock.
  18. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    All three of the above appear to be Boyd's Evolution stocks (with the one in the top link having a something like the "Tacticool" finish, the one shown top of bottom link finished in "Black Widow" and the bottom "Sky"). IMO they are a very good stock for the money.

  19. fbernar

    fbernar Well-Known Member

    Good for hunting as well? .920 barrel good for hunting?
  20. fbernar

    fbernar Well-Known Member

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