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Ruger 22/45 w Ultradot carry?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by klover, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. klover

    klover Well-Known Member

    I bought this for around $350 total. If the loudest bang does not win the battle, then the most accurate and fastest must prevail.

    Lately, I have been packing nothing weaker than .44, .45 or .357 Sig.
    After today, I have to think about the results of a cheap target pistol.

    Targets are 25 feet and 75 feet bench rest. Weaver stance resulted in a bit larger group.

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  2. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    You have the shot placement angle covered :), but there is still only so much those little bullets - even a lot of them delivered fast - can do.
  3. Floppy_D

    Floppy_D Member In Memoriam

    Inexpensive is a better phrase... I wouldn't call a gun that shoots like that "cheap". Is that an aftermarket barrel, or are they available that short? Mine's closer to 6".
  4. klover

    klover Well-Known Member

    4 inch, out of the box

    The Ultradot was about $100 on the net, and $239 plus tax on the pistol.
    Total thru the barrel at this point is around 250 rounds.

    Perhaps it would make a nice mouse backup if I hide it in my garters?
  5. JDGray

    JDGray Well-Known Member

    I've got a set-up like that myself:D Great shooters, and the dot sight is awesome. Certainly wouldn't pack it on my side, this thing weighs a ton:)

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