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Ruger Alaskan now in 44 mag??

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by SAKOHUNTER, Nov 27, 2006.


    SAKOHUNTER Well-Known Member

  2. Ralph Bryant

    Ralph Bryant Active Member

    "NOW" ? These have been on the market for months. For some reason, Ruger has put the .480s and .454s on the back-burner and gone full steam ahead with .44 mag production in the Alaskans. Hasn't been unusual to see several of the .44s for sale at area gun shops and shows, but the other two are pretty sparce.

    Nice guns though. A real handfull of steel, but not quite as bad as the S&W "Bear Specials".......
  3. bigmike45

    bigmike45 Well-Known Member

    That is true. I got my 44mag back in August of this year. I saw it on the shelf since July.

  4. AnthonyRSS

    AnthonyRSS Well-Known Member

    We've got one in and I think it feels great, and recoil probably isn't all that bad, whilst still being big enough to take on the bruins.


    SAKOHUNTER Well-Known Member

    Well I guess it's obvious I don't keep up with Ruger.:eek:

    I just read an article on it in the January '07 issue of Guns magazine and just assumed it was coming out this next year. I also noticed they were not in the 2006 Ruger catalog.

    Still should be fun for a hand loader.
  6. eastwood44mag

    eastwood44mag Well-Known Member

    My SRH is painful to shoot with hot loads. I don't know how you guys can shoot that snubby.
  7. counterman6

    counterman6 Active Member

    I love my Alaskan .44 mag. It's easy to shoot, no, pleasurable to shoot even with the stiffest of magnum loads. Yes, hand-loading for this snubbie is cool, you can toy around with the largest and mildest of both special and magnum loads.
    The other thing about the Alaskan is the range envy one can incite. Everybody popping off nineteen rounds of nine and there you are, a lone man or woman with six big hard-casts and a two and a half inch barrel. The "shock and awe" we all strive for. Do I need one? No. Do I have one? Hell yes.
  8. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    The nice thing about the Ruger Alaskan is the grips they've put on the gun. I believe they are the same Hogue grips that are on the S&W .500 and .460. The backstrap is covered, taking away quite a bit of the sharpness from the gun recoiling.

  9. cslinger

    cslinger Well-Known Member

    I find myself really wanting an Alaskan, for no reason at all. It doesn't fill an empty need, it probably wouldn't get shot all that much but I am drawn to that big honkin piece of steel. The .500 Smith does nothing for me, the Rugers do for some reason.
  10. Ralph Bryant

    Ralph Bryant Active Member

    "The .500 Smith does nothing for me, the Rugers do for some reason."

    Ditto here. There is just something about the more compact size of the Alaskan, and the style of the design that makes the Smith seem a little "blah" for lack of a better word.

    There is really no "backstrap" to speak of on the Alaskan. More of a "stud" type grip-frame like the GPs. Actually, the Alaskan looks much better with a set of GP grips IMO. I wish the .454 was more available because of it's ability to fire .45 colt rounds and still capable of some very hot .454 loads. It doesn't give up much to the .500 mag.
  11. joneb

    joneb Well-Known Member

    Well the AR comes 1st, but already reloading for a S&W 696 ,the 44 Alaskan sounds intrigueing. I think 300 gr HC @ 1,100 fps are doable :) but I would tone it down to 1025 fps
  12. bigmike45

    bigmike45 Well-Known Member


    Try some 44 specials in the Alaskan till you find one that shoots to the same point of impact the 44 mags do and you will have a practice and plinking round that you will enjoy immensely in this gun.

  13. .45&TKD

    .45&TKD Well-Known Member

    Is it me, or does Ruger need to make a 44 mag in a 4 inch?

    Something in between 2.5 and 5.5 inches. I would not care if it was a RH of SRH, as long as it was 4 inches, I'd buy it.
  14. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Well-Known Member

    The .44 mag on that platform is sane and practical.
  15. rtl

    rtl Well-Known Member

    That's next!

    "Is it me, or does Ruger need to make a 44 mag in a 4 inch?

    Something in between 2.5 and 5.5 inches. I would not care if it was a RH of SRH, as long as it was 4 inches, I'd buy it." .45&TKD

    Better start saving for it now. About a month ago Ruger announced they will be coming out with a 4" Redhawk, there's been a few range session write-ups on it already as well. I WILL own one. Now when does that '07 catalog come out...?
  16. .45&TKD

    .45&TKD Well-Known Member

  17. rtl

    rtl Well-Known Member

  18. oscarswanson

    oscarswanson Active Member

    The .454 Casull Ruger Alaskan is my first large bore revolver. I have lot's of .357 Mags. .40 and .45 Cal hand guns.
    The Alskan was sligtly used and came with a box & 1/2 of Hornandy 240 Grain that say on the box I believe close to 2,000 FPS.
    I would not want to go to the range and shoot 50 rounds because of the recoil, but it was not designed for that. I can get through a dozen or so rounds and that's enough practice to let me know if I can hit what I'm aiming at.
    It was designed to shot a large animal at close range. I hope to get a second round off if that ever happens.
    I really only bought it because it is the coolest looking revolver I had ever seen. And it came with bullets and a Holster and was only $500.00/ No tax of transferfees.
    Now how could pass that up?
  19. Sundles

    Sundles Well-Known Member

    The AK is a neat version of the Red Hawk, but after owning several Red Hawks over the years, I would prefer to have the 4 inch Red Hawk myself.

    Now if only Ruger would make the 4 inch Red Hawk in 45 colt/454 and the 480 Ruger. I would buy both.
  20. camacho

    camacho Well-Known Member

    There is write up in the latest issue (June) of Combat Handguns on the new Redhawk .44 Mag in 4 inches.

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