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Ruger Commander Range Review -- Ransom Rest

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Mr.Revolverguy, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Mr.Revolverguy

    Mr.Revolverguy Well-Known Member

    In 2011 –100 years after the introduction of the 1911, Ruger entered the 1911 market of which many believed already to be saturated. Ruger proved there was still room for another mass produced 1911 on the market with great sales of it’s SR1911 which I previously reviewed http://www.dayattherange.com/?p=1612 and conducted Ransom Rest test http://www.dayattherange.com/?p=1660

    Two years later Ruger again surprised us by entering the 1911 Commander market. This 65 years after the Government conducted testing to issue military officers a lightweight combat pistol. The original offering had the frame made of hardened aluminum of which Colt built in 3 calibers 9mm, 38Super and 45ACP. Ruger in it’s offering remained with the 45ACP cartridge. Call me old fashion but Ruger also stuck with good old American steel for the frame which makes it a bit heavier than the original Colt offering, but there’s magic when holding cold steel in 1911 ergonomics. The frame made of 415 Steel investment casting and the slide from 415 CNC machined bar stock is a perfect match, to form the beautiful Ruger Commander 1911.

    Complete Range Review
  2. Chocolate Bayou

    Chocolate Bayou Well-Known Member

    I like it and it fits the spec for the the next gun i'm looking for. Let us know how she is on the range. That's why I like this forum, you always learn something new!
  3. Mr.Revolverguy

    Mr.Revolverguy Well-Known Member

    It has proven to be great on the range so far. But I have only had the time to put 57 rounds through it so far. You can read the complete review here.
  4. horsemen61

    horsemen61 Well-Known Member

    I love the looks of that commander just wish they would offer it in blue
  5. Mr.Revolverguy

    Mr.Revolverguy Well-Known Member

    Blue is beautiful and durable finish -- but I prefer the satin stainless finish myself for the added durability.
  6. critter

    critter Well-Known Member

    I got one of those a while back. For the money, I think it is a fantastic gun. I've put several hundred rounds through it with nary a bobble of any kind. Very accurate for a production gun. Worst complaint is that the grip screws loosen up after shooting a lot.
  7. horsemen61

    horsemen61 Well-Known Member

    I like the satin stainless but I think I would prefer the blued if offered
  8. Fremmer

    Fremmer Well-Known Member

    So what sized groups are you getting from the ransom rest at 25 yards?
  9. MagnunJoe

    MagnunJoe Well-Known Member

    I have the 5 inch version. Pais $635 OTD 3 years ago. Now u cant get a commander in South Fla for under $735
  10. Mr.Revolverguy

    Mr.Revolverguy Well-Known Member

    Best group .75
  11. moxie

    moxie Well-Known Member

    A "bit heavier" is about a full half pound. Quite a bit, I'd call it.

    Still, a nice gun, but do wish it could be had in aluminum frame. That 8 oz. difference is big, to me, not just on the belt, but in the way it handles.
  12. Mr.Revolverguy

    Mr.Revolverguy Well-Known Member

    I could agree with the comment on heavier but it is my preference and having shot many light weight commanders those 8 ounces make a big difference in time and accuracy of follow up shots. A good belt for the extra weight for me I prefer over the aluminum light weight frame :)

    Could be the shooter though :)

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