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Ruger Gunsite Scout first impressions.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by mikeone, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. mikeone

    mikeone Well-Known Member

    To start this off I modded a Ruger Frontier in 7mm-08 to work with m14 mags a few years ago and I posted it here. I never got it 100% and ended in :banghead:

    Now magically Ruger makes the rifle I wanted the first time and with iron sights :evil: Well $720 later Im a real happy customer!!!

    Out of the box the length of pull was perfect for me (1 spacer). Even with my eberlestock minime rifle pack on. The ease of use and quick handling of this rifle make me really confident in shooting a moving target. The barrel profile is very interesting with two steps reducing from the shank, reminds me of an AR barrel.

    The mini 14 sight are fantastic on this rifle super fast. I put my old Nikon Monarc eer 2x20 on and really like this set up. heres an old vid of the 7-08 at Whittington Center in NM yes you can hit stuff far away with a low power scope http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWqIkjqXeFk

    Now for mags. These are AI spec mags the one that came with the rifle was made by Accurate http://www.accurate-mag.com/. I have run my AI factory and some JP 10 rounders and the coolest mag is the Alpha 10 round mag http://www.alphaindmfg.com/products.html it is almost half the size of the AI and JP 10 rounders and makes for a much more compact package:)

    The bottom metal is actually plastic or nylon but the LEVER that locks the mag in place is metal. Thats good, im really hard on my guns and if it's gonna break I can definitely accomplish it with ease. Time will tell lol.

    The trigger is about 4.5lbs on mine at least thats what 10 pulls on the Lyman averaged to . For a rifle like this I like it, it feels lighter I have no reason to mess with it.

    I put about 300 rnds through the gun in 2 days all handloads 147gr mil projectile. Im running a 50yd zero for flat trajectory to 300+ yds (-12in@300) I did shoot on a bench at 100 for about 20 rnds and 1.25in is very easy with this setup. If you can shoot, this rifle will be right there with you. My loads chronoed at about 2690avg from this little barrel with rl-15.



    I like this rifle Im glad I bought it and it seems like a really good buy for what you get.

  2. ECVMatt

    ECVMatt Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the post. How did the Alpha mags work?? Any problems?? I too never got the M1A mags to be 100% in my Frontier, so I gave up that project. I hope to be able to shoot my GSR soon. Glad to see you added some info about velocity, I know folks seem to be worried about the short tube.
  3. mikeone

    mikeone Well-Known Member

    The Alphas were tight at first. But after slamming em home a few times with the bolt closed. They were good to go. As for the velocity thing goes, I have 5 308s all with 18in or shorter tubes. Everything I have ever killed with those rifles has never known it was going 100-200 fps slower than in a 24in tube. I know my dope on each load I shoot and amazingly things drop when hit by rifle rounds in vital areas. Reloading your own can negate almost all of the velocity loss by lack of barrel length. SHORT 308s rock its really just as simple as that.
  4. JustsayMo

    JustsayMo Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the range report.

    That alpha 10 magazine is of great interest to me. Would you say it is as reliable as the AI?

    Have you cycled anything but spire points through? I'm have some cast loads I'm wanting to try in mine.

    I would not have guessed RE15 would produce that velocity. I went with quicker powders IMR 3031 and the slowest I used was Varget. I'll see what they do over the chronograph but your results are very encouraging.

    Any pics with Alpha 10 mag in?

    Thanks again! Sure makes it hard to be patient waiting for mine to arrive.
  5. redactor

    redactor Well-Known Member

    Love that Eberlestock Mini-Me!
  6. mikeone

    mikeone Well-Known Member

    @ Justsaymo the Alphas are a very well built mag with a HDPE follower. Last night I ran some 110vmax as well as some 180rn subsonics. The 110s occasionally hung up on a flat vertical portion of the feed ramp next to the mag face. Im gonna polish the feed ramp as its gritty.

    With zee Alpha

    My next set of loads are gonna be HEAVY. 190gr to 210gr These puppys will produce big energy numbers down range and stay super sonic to 1200+ yds simply because of a BC over .5.

    @ redactor, MIME MEE ROCKS!!! It took forever to get this one, but its the best small go to pack I've ever owned. Plus it has hydration
  7. redactor

    redactor Well-Known Member

    I hunted with one all over Mt. St. Helens last November. I have an Eberlestock J107, which would have come out had I actually found a shootable elk. The Mini-Me held up well, and was just about the perfect size.

    Sorry for the thread hijack. The Ruger looks great too, and I am surprised by the velocities you are seeing, which I consider great news.
  8. shane justice

    shane justice Well-Known Member

    Sadly I am a left handed shooter.

    Letters to RUGER always say. TOO BAD...maybe someday...on a cold day in Hell.

    Both my kids are right handed. This would be a great rifle to set aside for them when they are ready.

  9. ECVMatt

    ECVMatt Well-Known Member


    I heard they will release this one in a Lefty version. Hopefully it will be soon for you.
  10. BikerRN

    BikerRN member

  11. Andrew Wyatt

    Andrew Wyatt Well-Known Member

  12. BikerRN

    BikerRN member

    LOL, OK suit yourself.

    I too shoot left handed, but don't consider the bolt to be on the wrong side. It's a matter of technique. Also, you must've missed the part where I said they are planning to come out with a left handed version. That means that for you it would be on the proper side.

  13. jem375

    jem375 Well-Known Member

    The only thing I don't like about it, is the scout type scope system, would rather put a regular type scope system on it and according to some you can do..... I realize that it is a scout type rifle, but the regular system would be a nice rifle also...
  14. JustsayMo

    JustsayMo Well-Known Member

    Ruger supplies the traditional rings with the rifle.
  15. LemmyCaution

    LemmyCaution Well-Known Member

    I handled one at the Barre gun show today. I liked everything about it save for one thing:

    I hate the way Ruger bolts flop around in the receiver. The fit is way too loose and feels like the wrong bolt is in there and the bolt doesn't operate smoothly as a result. This is something I've hated about every Ruger bolt action I've ever handled, however.

    Asking price from the dealer at the gun show was $789. Much as I like the design of this rifle, I wouldn't pay more than $400 for a rifle with such a sloppy, cheap feeling action. And doubtful even that.
  16. LemmyCaution

    LemmyCaution Well-Known Member

    Whoops. DT.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2011
  17. dshortone

    dshortone New Member

    I've been looking at getting one since they came out, and finally ordered mine from Bud's today. Hopefully I'll have it by Thursday or Friday, lest the wife finds out about it!

    This is the thread that caused me to join THR. :) Can't wait to hear more about the chrono results!
  18. Dobe

    Dobe member

    I sure do like mine.
  19. Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson Well-Known Member

    It's basically a Mauser. If you don't like Mausers, it's not too much of a stretch to say that you don't like rifles.
  20. FoMoGo

    FoMoGo Well-Known Member

    No, you can like rifles with non floppy bolts.
    I will put one back on the shelf before shouldering it if I work the action and it feels like a spoon flopping around in a bowl of oatmeal.
    All of my Savages have been wonderfully slick and precise... and shot better than 99.9% of the people who will ever shoot a rifle.
    Also, the not costing an arm and a leg... and the fact that they are the tinker toy of bolt actions is a great bonus.


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