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Ruger LC9 First Impressions and Pics....

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by GunNut, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    Just got home from picking up a Ruger LC9 and thought I would share my first impressions and some pics of it and other compact 9mm's. Price was a very fair $359 before taxes(thanks Nick at Brightwater Ventures - Vancouver, WA:D) which makes in just about the same price as the S&W .380 Bodyguard.

    Let's just get the negatives out of the way first. Hate the fact that the gun has a magazine safety, manual safety and an ugly loaded chamber indicator. It also has a keyed lock too, but that will never get used. Unfortunately in todays world these things are necessary in order to sell guns in the largest state in the US, so I can see why Ruger did it. I'm sure someone will figure out ways to remove the safeties soon enough.

    I like how the gun is basically a scaled up LCP, it is much sleeker looking the the Kel-tec PF9. The trigger is basically like a revolver but nowhere near as heavy, actually it kind of feels good although it is a little on the thin side. One big improvement over the PF9 is a more generous trigger guard, should be no problem with gloves, where the PF9 is pretty tight bare handed.

    The sights on the gun are metal, not plastic like the PF9, and have 3-dots. They are dovetailed in, so it looks like night sights will be an option down the road.

    Magazine appears to be made by Mec-Gar and holds 7rds of 9mm, comes with an extended finger rest installed and a flat one in the box.

    Overall the gun appears nicer than both the Kel-tec PF9 and Taurus 709, IMHO. It's small enough to fit in most pockets and would virtually disappear Inside the Waist band.

    Hope to get out and shoot in on Saturday and see how it works.

    Now on to some pics:

    Ruger LC9:

    Ruger LC9 and Ruger LCP:

    Ruger LC9 and Kel-tec PF9:

    PF9 on top of LC9:

    LC9, PF9 and Kahr CW9:

    I'll add some holster pics soon and give a range report by Saturday evening.
  2. CZ57

    CZ57 member

    Nice report! Thanks for the pics and comparisons. This is a pretty interesting pistol coming from Ruger.;)
  3. StrikeFire83

    StrikeFire83 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info and pics! I'll be looking forward to your range report.

    Little worried about that LOoooooooong trigger though.
  4. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    I think for it's intended purpose, and the market that they are selling to it will be fine.
  5. StrikeFire83

    StrikeFire83 Well-Known Member

    ^ Oh, I'm sure.

    When I said "worried" I meant about its prospects for a personal purchase (by me). The long, fairly heavy (I'm assuming) trigger pull seems to negate the need for a safety.

    I love my PM9, but love little 9mms, so I've got my eye on this and the Kimber Solo Carry.
  6. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    Surprisingly the trigger is actually not heavy at all, just long. It's much better than my S&W 340PD.

    The Kimber Solo is supposed to have a great trigger, but also has/needs a safety. Plus the price of it will be nearly twice that of the Ruger LC9.
  7. IdahoLT1

    IdahoLT1 Well-Known Member

    How does the trigger compare to the CW9?
  8. toocool

    toocool Well-Known Member

    I don't think you need any of those things to sell a gun in Alaska...

    (Sorry...something made me do that :evil:)

    Seriously, nice review...I'm still on the fence about getting one of these...
  9. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    Night and day.

    Of course one is striker fired and the other a DAO so it would be expected.
  10. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    Here are some more pics that others wanted to see with a Glock 26, Glock 19 and S&W 340PD.






  11. spiritz

    spiritz Member

    At the gun shop

    I just handled one at my local gun shop in Virginia. Price tag was at $399
    Two items of note that come to mind:
    1) The trigger pull is very light compared to the LCP and this may be because of the addition of the lever safety on the LC9 where there is no lever safety on the LCP.
    2) The safety lever pivots on the forward (muzzle) side instead of the more intuitive rearward (hammer) side. It took a moment for us to realize this.
    (Thought I had weak thumbs before we figured this out).

    Overall a nice package.....
  12. DasFriek

    DasFriek Well-Known Member

    Im not a Ruger fan, But respect their solidly built guns.
    IMO they will really hit KT pretty good in the PF9 sales as the LC9 appears to be a much more refined gun.
    It will have its hands full fighting for sales against the CM9 tho if it turns out like it should.
    A sweet trigger and no crap safeties on a CM9 will make the LC9 look like a button factory.
  13. chicharrones

    chicharrones Well-Known Member

    Here I was thinking, Texas! Alaska's like a whole nother country. :evil:

    Gun Nut, thanks for the photos! That is what makes a new gun purchase thread worth reading (to me). :cool:
  14. cheygriz

    cheygriz Well-Known Member

    If there are any experienced gunsmiths here, how difficult (and expensive) would it be to disable/remove the safety lever and magazine disconnector??

    Removal of these obstructions would sure make me want to buy one. :D:D

    FMJMIKE Well-Known Member

    Excellent report..............Thanks
  16. Papaster

    Papaster Well-Known Member

    Good stuff. Thanks for the picture comparisons.
  17. jim goose

    jim goose Well-Known Member

    looks like a winner.
  18. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    Button factory! :D

    Nice pictures, be sure to let us know how it shoots.
  19. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    Finally got a chance to shoot it this past Sunday.

    Functioned fine, no issues at all. My informal targets, coffee cans, were not match at 10 yards. The trigger was a little long but the break was predictable and provided for good shooting.

    Would have shot it some more, but the snow was coming down and I was freezing.

    Another member has over 500rds through his without any issues.

    If you can live with the safeties, I think that Ruger has put out a great gun for the money.
  20. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    I stopped at the gun store this morning. The second LC9 they got Friday is gone.
    A local LEO was just leaving. The manager told me the fellow was looking for a LC9 to.

    Yesterday I shot about another 130 rounds at 52 yards, 10 and 7 yards.
    I lost count at about 500 rounds.
    This is a fun gun to shoot.

    Even with the less than a great DA trigger the gun is surprisingly easy to keep on target at 52 yards.

    The gun does good but I managed to miss the steel 3-4 shots out of 50.

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