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ruger lc9 vs taurus 709

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by johnnylaw53, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. johnnylaw53

    johnnylaw53 Well-Known Member

    Been thinking of going to a slim small 9mm to replace my S&W 642 as my off duty weapon. Was thinking of the mod 709 until the Ruger lc9 came out. I have read some good and some bad reviews about the 709 of course it's been out a lot longer then the ruger has. Is there anyone here that have used both? and if so what are your impression on which is better. They both seem to be close in size and price except the 709 come with two magazines and the ruger come with only one. thank you.

    be safe
  2. bayhawk2

    bayhawk2 Well-Known Member

    I have Taurus weapons and I have Ruger weapons.
    I really like both.I've ordered the Ruger LC9
    strickly on the basis of it's size and weight.
    I am going to replace my Millinium Pro PT-111
    carry gun with the LC 9.The manufacturers out there
    are meeting the needs of CCW's.Sorry-I can't give a review
    on either of the weapons you have mentioned. I can only
    say I've heard great things on the LC9.B/H
  3. Petros

    Petros Member

    I don't have a Taurus, but have the Lc9. Have 140 or so rounds of mixed 9mm through it. No problems so far. Biggest bummer is trigger is very long, but smooth enough. The way it carries makes up for that a bit. It's kinda like shooting my J frame. Fill out the registration online and they give you a code for 20% off. I ordered 2 more mags with pinky extender. Cost $68.70 shipped. Ouch, but on the way. Yes I do prefer the pinky extenders. Made the diff for me shooting and added little to the carry footprint. Petros
  4. rich642z

    rich642z Well-Known Member

    I have a Ruger LC9 since last Wedensday and took to the shop to test fire different rounds and ordered 5 extra mags with it and Ruger sent it to me and after test firing different fmj and hp rounds,we ordered 30 of them and will test fire 200 rounds thru them before we shipp to dealers. I only work parttime for a relative that has owned my shop since I feel ill back in 97. So,the LC9 is way better and the reasons why are,trigger guard opening between the PF9 and LC9 is that the LC9 is big enough trigger guard to get trigger finger in to work trig all the way back and to the front with room to spare. PF9 does not.
  5. KAS1981

    KAS1981 Well-Known Member

    I bought my LC9 last weekend. I've put 150 rounds through it so far without fail. I'm struggling with the trigger a little, but my practical accuracy with it as been acceptable. All in all, I like the little gun.

    A couple days ago I happen to come across a Taurus 709 at a local gun shop. I had not seen a 709, or never really gave it much though while I was searching for a sub-compact, single-stack 9mm.

    Turns out I actually liked the feel of the 709 in my hand much better than my LC9. It just fit better. The trigger also felt 10x better for my tastes. Kudos to Taurus for including two magazines with their pistol!

    I'm almost tempted to trade the LC9, but I'm leery of the 709's reliability & durability. I'm also not entirely sold on a striker-fired pistol over hammer-fired. I suppose either system is equally prone to failure.

    If both pistols were of equal reliability, I'd take the 709 over the LC9.
  6. JustinJ

    JustinJ Well-Known Member

    The LC9 has a couple of features i dont care for but I like mine and it has been nothing but reliable. Before the LC9 came out i considered the Taurus slime 9. Everyone i've talked to with a taurus of any kind tells me how great their customer service is which is why i didn't buy one.
  7. harmon rabb

    harmon rabb Well-Known Member

    I've never handled a LC9, but I own a Taurus 709. Good little gun. Very nice trigger for a striker pistol, once you get used to it, and soaks up recoil very very well. Mine has had zero issues.
  8. KAS1981

    KAS1981 Well-Known Member

    LOL that's a good way of looking at it. I'd rather not have to deal with any customer service.

    I've read about a lot of problems with the 709, but then again if you go looking you can dig up lots of issues with the LC9 as well, none of which I've experienced.

    I suppose I could go buy the 709, and shoot the crap out of both pistols, then keep the one I end up liking better.
  9. Giterboosted

    Giterboosted Well-Known Member

    Haven't had the opportunity to mess w the ruger but purchased the pt709 slim recently and am absolutely in love, I've gotten to where I arry it more than my glock or 1911, or even my sig, it feels amazing, decently accurate, a GREAT trigger for what it is, and I barely even know it's there all day, they Also have a pt740 slim if you're lookin for more punch, but the nine has almost zero recoil for me and I'm an avg sized guy
  10. J_McLeod

    J_McLeod Well-Known Member

    Same thing with me. Have a 709, but not the LC9. 709 is a great pistol. I like my PF9 better, but only for the size. The 709 is a better pistol in every other aspect.
  11. surewould

    surewould New Member

    I own both pistols. I am more acurate and comfortable shooting the 709, especially because of the trigger, a treat to double T. BUT, this is only when the pistol actually functions correctly. I have a FTE on just about every mag, usually 5th or 6th shot. It is on its 3rd visit to Cust Service.

    Results of 1st visit - firearm returned with doc that says some part was replaced. Went to range tried 5 magazines, each had FTE.
    Returned again.

    Results of 2nd visit - Got "snotty" attitude from "cust serv" rep when I insisted on getting prepaid shipping from them.
    It is now in for 3rd visit because upon return from 2nd visit, I could not test fire because now the magazine will not come out of the pistol.

    I am now asking for a complete replacement of the firearm, no more free repairs. I can no longer depend on this pistol as a carry weapon.

    This is my Real Life experience with both guns. Although I would rather have the 709 as my carry, I can't do that as this current offering is NOT reliable. The LC9 has been flawless with over 500 Rnds thru her already. I'm not as accurate as with the 709 but I'm a damn sight more confident in it.

    BTW - the same exact ammo was used at the same time in both the 709, LC9 and my M&P9c so its not an ammo issue. WWB

    I did originally qualify with a Taurus Milenium Pro and it seemed to be a perfect performing pistol. I sold it because M&P series was more "Lefty" friendly and it's American made.

    So, IF they send me a new firearm and IF it performs PERFECTLY for at least 500 Rnds at the range, then I would probably say that I carry the 709 as my carry.

    Thats My Experience so far

  12. surewould

    surewould New Member


    UPDATE - Today is July 6th. Still no update from CS except to say it is in line for "The Review Board". It has been in Miami over 4 weeks, they received it on June 3rd, and remember, this was its 3rd visit to CS so I've been without my carry weapon for several months. I've left a voicemail for "Robert" the supervisor of CS. CS first received this pistol on 4/22/2011, then again on 5/4/2011 and again on 6/3/2011. You do the math, this is Customer DIS-service at its best.
  13. RightCoastBiased

    RightCoastBiased Well-Known Member

    I've got 600+ rounds through my LC9 and have had not one issue. I removed the thumb safety and mag safety recently and like it even more. I carry it daily in a desantis pro stealth and I barley even remember its there. Great gun, looks great and it will soon be my M&P45's backup gun for duty. I'll most likely carry it in a pocket holster, as IWB would be inaccessible and not to mention uncomfortable behind a duty belt/tucked in shirt.

    I've never shot the Taurus, much less owned it. So I can not speak to its quality. However, the LC9 is american made and I've heard great things on line about their CS being quick and responsive to issues. Though everyone I know personally with a Ruger product has never had to send one back.

    Also, the LC9 just looks better.
  14. Ed4032

    Ed4032 Well-Known Member

    I have the Taurus 709 and I love it. However the Taurus customer service is absolutely horrible. I had to use them for a different gun and because of that I've determined to never buy another. My 709 is a great gun and I carry it regularly. But you NEVER want to use Taurus customer service. That means the nod goes to Ruger.
  15. TXSurf

    TXSurf Active Member

    From all my experience with Taurus CS (I work for Academy) if its taken you this long from when they received it, with that many trips in a short time period, I would bet you have a new 709 headed your way
  16. gofastman

    gofastman Well-Known Member

    I really, really, really like my 709.
    I would rather not have a DAO pistol if I can avoid it, hence why I traded my PF-9 for the 709 (never looked back BTW)

    I cant say Taurus has the best, or even good, customer service, but I definitely wouldn't classify it as "horrible".
  17. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    I have a 709 and have only handled an LC9. I really like the trigger on the 709, it has some really light take up and then a crisp, clean/moderately weighted break. Recoil isn't bad at all and they are accurate/reliable.

    I don't use it now that I have my pm9 though, I should probably sell it. The pm9 just fits my hand better, it's my go to "slim" gun. If I could do it over I'd get the CM9 and save about $200 though.

    The only thing I can say about the ruger is that it has a heavier trigger pull and a copious amount of safeties (the least I like is the red flag LCI) on the gun. A good gun none the less I'm sure.

    Will this be a pocket or IWB gun?
  18. surewould

    surewould New Member

    I hope you're right, I'm still waiting to hear . . .
  19. MikePaiN

    MikePaiN Well-Known Member

    I had a PT709 for a while, thought it was going to be my EDC for a long time to come. Until around the 600 or 700 round mark where it went to crap, twice....After the second breakage, that was it for Taurus. I just bought a Ruger LC9 last night and it seems like a keeper, of course I haven't shot it yet I have dry fired the hell out of it, the trigger seems easy enough to deal with......time will tell but so far so good for the LC9.
  20. harmon rabb

    harmon rabb Well-Known Member

    what did it do wrong?

    the 709 is a great design, i think better than the LC9 and PF-9 because it actually has a trigger that doesn't suck. too bad that Taurus's quality control isn't up to that of Ruger's :(

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