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ruger mags

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by rogdigity, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. rogdigity

    rogdigity Well-Known Member

    i just got a ruger kp85 and have a question about mags for them. when i try to find mags ruger doesnt make them for that model anymore. when i look up after market 'p85 mags' i get a very limited bunc, but when i look up 'ruger p mags' i get a bunch for the general 'p' series pistols. when it names the models for these it says, p-89, 90, 94, 95.... but not 85.

    do these higher models all take a different magazine or are these all 'universal' fit and everyone just leaves out the p85??
  2. rogdigity

    rogdigity Well-Known Member

    also, i once heard of someone taking 1911 mags and pinching the end of them to feed 9mm through a 9mm barrel they put in. could the same be done with ruger p series? i just so happen to have 2 40cal mags for a p94.
  3. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    I believe the P85 uses the same magazines as the P89 and P95.

    Call Ruger and ask, is my advice.
  4. gggman

    gggman Well-Known Member

  5. rogdigity

    rogdigity Well-Known Member

    nice! thanks
  6. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    Yes, the P-85, 89, and 95 mags will all fit and function interchangebly. The base plates will be different as Ruger has changed them over the years, but I have never had any problems with function.
  7. TimboKhan

    TimboKhan Moderator

    Where did you even find a P85? I have never actually seen one, although I am aware that they exist, obviously. Just to back up the other guys that have already said it, the P89 mags will work just fine.
  8. rogdigity

    rogdigity Well-Known Member

    i usually go to a guy down here in san diego. i think ive gotten 8 or so of my guns from him now. he had one for sale. are they really that hard to find?

    what can you tell me about the background of it?
  9. TimboKhan

    TimboKhan Moderator

    Well, it's not so much that they are rare as it is that you just don't see them that often because they weren't made that long. the P85 wasn't actually introduced to the market until 1987, and was only on the market until 1989. I don't know how many of these guns Ruger pumped out in two years, but I would assume that it wasn't a whole lot. I guess it's also possible that I actually have seen them and just assumed that I was looking at a P89, haha.

    If memory serves the only real difference between the 85 and the 89 is the decocking mechanism, a modification necessary because under certain conditions, one could have an accidental discharge while decocking, which is obviously not what one wants at all! Matter of fact, they were actually recalled in order to fix the problem. The P85 MkII (and all subsequent P models) were free of that defect. I don't know if MkII's are literally stamped that way or not, but if your has a stainless slide, it is likely a MkII version.
  10. gggman

    gggman Well-Known Member

    I have a P85 MKII, and it is stamped MKII on the safety lever, not on the slide. My gun was mfg in 1988.
  11. rogdigity

    rogdigity Well-Known Member

    ya know, im still waiting the waiting period for mine so i dont know if it has any other stamps on it anywhere. ill have to look for that though.

    i did hear that they had a major issue with the hammer or the decocker or something at one point and had recalled a ton of them. i think im gonna send a letter to ruger after i get it and ask them about the serial number for the gun and see what they say.

    even if there was a problem id just as soon keep it original though. my dad has a ruger revolver that ive been trying to get from him. it was recalled for not having a transfer bar i think, but i dont want them to fix it. i just like the idea of it being original
  12. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    I have a stainless P85, these were made in 1990 only. There was a safety mod these had to be sent in for, if done, it's stamped R on the safety. The P85 was a big deal when it came out, early ones were suppose to have accuracy issues.

    IIRC mine won't take my more modern factory 10 shot P95,P89 mags but work fine with my 15rd mecgars. Early mags are different for some reason I can't remember. I always found it odd the Israeli Air Force bought some P85's. I got mine last year in the Ruger case for $200 with no mags.
  13. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    I know that this is not the place to post this, but factory Ruger magazines
    for the Mini-14 are expensive; at $37.95 per throw~! :uhoh: :eek: :(
  14. rogdigity

    rogdigity Well-Known Member

    **** i paid 285 for mine with one mag

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