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Ruger P89 or P95?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Mikenmag, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Mikenmag

    Mikenmag Member

    Just joined today. Have been thinking about a personal defense weapon since Katrina. I don't want to break the bank and have settled on the Ruger P89 or P95. I have rented the P89 at the range and have fired 300 rounds. They do not have a P95 to rent. If anyone could help me out with the differences, pro's and con's, I would be most appreciative. I did like the feel of the P89 and have read great things on reliability.
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  2. Plink

    Plink Well-Known Member

    The Rugers are all very reliable and rugged. Choose the one that fits you best. If the P-89 fits you well, then go for it. It's basically a renamed P-85 as far as function goes. I have an old P-85 that has over 30,000 rounds through it without a single malfunction of any kind. I own a couple other Ruger P series guns and they look to be just as reliable, though they don't have nearly that many rounds through them yet. I find that the alloy framed Rugers fit me far better than the polymer framed ones and don't feel as top heavy. If you can try both before you choose, I'd do it.

    KINGMAX Well-Known Member


    P345 try it - you will like it
  4. Jkwas

    Jkwas Well-Known Member

    Both are very good weapons. I have the P89 and can speak volumes on how great of a pistol it truly is. The main engineering differences are the lock-up system: Camlock on the P95 and Browning Link style on the P89,
    Polymer frame on the P95 vs Aluminum on the P89.
    The P95 has a smoother appearance and is probably better for CCW.
    The P89 has a 1/2in longer barrel, might be a hair more accurate, and has removeable side panels for better access. I like both myself, and eventually may pick up a P95 as well. One piece of advice: On either model, get the de-cocker version. The DA trigger is heavy enough that the manual safety is really unnecessary. JMO. The rest is all good. :D
  5. tnieto2004

    tnieto2004 Well-Known Member

  6. Mikenmag

    Mikenmag Member

    Thanks to all.....will also try the p345 and report back on the purchase decision.
  7. Whiteymin

    Whiteymin Well-Known Member

    I like them both but think the P95 has a little smaller grip area. Its more narrow than the wider P89. The newest P 345 or something of the sort is even more narrow I think. Maybe a single stack mag variety. Not sure. I would reccommend if your hands are smaller to pick the one with the most narrow grip. It will be more comfortable and feel less like your holding a brick.
  8. Keeterbird

    Keeterbird Well-Known Member

    I have a 95 and I have the decocker model. Love it. It has been very accurate and reliable. I have only had one misfire in about 3K rounds. I have used all sorts of ammo. Some of the low power stuff (British 95 grain) does not keep the slide open on last shot. Mine seemed to like Wolf Russian well- that speaks volumes for reliability

  9. denfoote

    denfoote Well-Known Member

    I have both.
    I prefer the P95. It seems more balanced to me.
    The P89 seems to be more top heavy.
    The P95 is just a tad shorter and has a polymer frame, which makes it lighter. Both use the same magazine and being in the state of Illannoy, you probably will want to know that the 10 round mags made by Ruger work very well!!

    I really can't say anything about the P345 because I have it's predecessor, the P97.
  10. Idano

    Idano Well-Known Member

    I had the P89 for years. It was a good, safe, accurate, dependable gun and well worth the money. I ended up getting rid of it to my brother in-law after I bought my Beretta 92FS a few years ago and wasn't shooting it anymore because I liked the feel of the Beretta better and he needed a gun.
  11. bestseller92

    bestseller92 Well-Known Member

    I can heartily recommend the P95 Ruger. I've had mine since 1998, and it's 100 percent.
  12. Mikenmag

    Mikenmag Member

    Thanks for all the input. I went to the local range that rents pistols and again no P95. So, I rented the XD 9 Tactical just to get the feel of the polymer frame. After shooting it I decided I liked the heft of the P89. So I just purchased it and will be able to pick it up after Wednesday. By the way, while shooting 200 rounds 5 at a time, the XD action did not open on the last shot 5 times.....is that normal? I was shooting Winchester 146 FMJ.
  13. bestseller92

    bestseller92 Well-Known Member

    You mean the slide didn't lock back?
  14. Rex B

    Rex B Well-Known Member


    Congratulations on your new gun

    I have had a P89DC for about 10 years.
    Very solid, reliable gun.

    But I didn't like the way it felt, finally figured out a couple of years ago that the factory grips were too slick for me to get a secure grip. So I bought a set of Hogue finger-groove replacement grips. It transformed the gun for me.

    Anyplace that sells guns will have them for about $17.try it.
  15. rantingredneck

    rantingredneck Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the P89. I've had one for 12-13 years and it's been a tank. Never misfired or jammed in 3-4000 rounds. I just recently aquired a P90 (.45 cal similar to the P89) and it's been the same. Great guns at great prices. I heartily second the suggestion of the Hogue Wraparounds. I've got them on both of mine and they really help with consistent grip and quick followup shooting. Really shrank my groups down when I put them on.
  16. Mikenmag

    Mikenmag Member

    Yes....the slide did not lock back. Is that an indication of an issue with the gun or the magazine?
  17. gandog56

    gandog56 Well-Known Member

    Could be either. The cheapest way to find out is probably try a different magazine.

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