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Ruger P95 on LAY-A-WAY!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by possum, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    WOOO-HOOOO! i am quite excited I went to the local gun shop and my eye was sucked to the new Ruger p95 that i have been thinking so hard about for a while now! I hadn't seen one in person but after i did and i felt it in my hand I knew i had to have it. It is brand new and comes with 2 15rd mags with a ss slide, with decoker only! It's total came to $379 out the door, that might not be the best deal in the world but i am happy with it, and their is diddly squat around here in the way of gun shops. To get a great deal you have to drive 50 to 75 miles, so i think I did pretty good! I wanted the 9mm because i don't have a pistol in that caliber and also for the ability to shoot for much less, and the extra mags are supper inexpensive, so I think it would make a good shtf type side arm! I will have a few extra mags and stock pile of golden sabers!
  2. joe4702

    joe4702 Well-Known Member

    Congrats and enjoy your new Ruger. Good gun. I need to get mine out and shoot it. It's been a while.
  3. Skipper

    Skipper Well-Known Member

    I just traded off a P95 that I'd had for years and had never had a malfunction of any kind. I really like the new model and may get one as a house gun as I still have quite a few new mags for it. That pistol really gives me the impression that you would NEVER wear it out.
  4. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    That is what I like to hear! I have an average allowance of 3 to 5 thousand rds per handgun per year, so i want something that is gonna keep on keping on for a long time!
  5. JohnKSa

    JohnKSa Well-Known Member

    WARNING! BEFORE reading farther, please read the disclaimer at the end of the post.

    They're pretty sturdy. A local indoor range uses them as range/class guns. They work well, and after thousands of rounds (mostly Wolf ammo) downrange, they are still in amazing condition.
  6. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    Not the best deal as mentioned, but with deals being 75 miles away with gas and all it was fine. The P95 is underated and is a quite good firearm. Should last a very long time with regular care and not feeding it huge amounts of +p+ ammo.
  7. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    +P+ won't put a dent in that thing. I had one, was easy on the hip for a big gun. I got it for IDPA. Then I found a P85 very little used, a little more accurate, and slightly easier to shoot fast. I sold the P95. Sorta wish I had it back, but don't it always happen that way. I didn't carry it, though, too much bulk for all day and too much bulge for Texas summers.

    Now, if I got another P series Ruger, I think I'd go for a P345. I have a P85 and a P90. The 345 looks a little thinner and might conceal better than the P90. Then again, I'd probably have to get new leather for it. My Sparks summer special fits the two other Ps.

    You can't hardly go wrong with a Ruger, unless you're a gun snob. But, the worst thing even the gun snobs can say about 'em is "they're ugly" or "they don't fit my hand" or some other such something lame.:rolleyes: The only good point they have is "it's bulky", which it is, but it's also STRONG. You sure the heck can't say they don't work!

    I like the polymer the P95 was made of. It feels like you could smash it with a 10 lbs sledge and not make a dent! Super stuff. The rails of the slide ride directly on the polymer and it works great! Requires less lubrication, too.
  8. blacksuit

    blacksuit Well-Known Member


    I have had one for about 2years now and I love the thing. Goes bang every time and feels pretty good in your hand
  9. Dollar An Hour

    Dollar An Hour Well-Known Member

    Congrats, I'm eyeballing a P345 myself. Love 'em! :)
  10. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    You're probably right but I once had a dealer tell me he wouldn't sell me that hot Hirtenberger SMG ammo for even a Ruger, had to be for a 9x19 long gun or actual SMG type gun!

    I have heard crazy stories of how Ruger torture tested the P series 9mms in the book Ruger and His Guns. I once fired the hot black tip 9mm IMI ammo out of a Sigma though and not a Ruger. Gun didn't "blow up" but it jammed once or twice(ex range rental gun to be fair and older Sigma) and my friend reported the cases came out of the gun almost glowing red they were so hot!

    I once fired some very hot British Radway Green 9mm out of a P89 and I could feel the slide bottoming out it was slamming so hard back when the slide cycled back and forth. A Star 30M fills my hot 9mm testbed nowadays.

    As for the sledge hammer it will actually break a polymer Ruger, at least the P97. I once smashed the frame of a range rental P97 45acp that had a huge round count and developed a crack in the polymer frame. As the gun was fired with reloads and quite abused I gave away all the parts that were not the frame and smashed the frame with a sledge quite easily.

    I felt it was not fair for me to ask Ruger to repair it and it is the only time I have ever experienced a cracked Ruger frame or any type.
  11. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Jeez, how hot do they load that stuff, anyway? I was thinking of one of my pet +P+ handloads that I fired through the P95 and P85 as well as a few out of my Kel Tec, though I keep 'em to a minimum on that one. I'll not give the recipe, but it's in the Speer #11 manual as a max load. This stuff puts up 1260 fps out of my Kel Tec and 1330 or something out of my P85, for a 115 grain bullet, pretty friggin' hot. It's up over 400 ft lbs. Too, if you're going to fire a bunch of this stuff, you really should put in a stiffer recoil spring. I don't shoot a lot of this stuff, just have a box loaded. I've carried it, functions fine in my guns. But, it's not easy on things mechanical so I don't shoot it much even in the Ruger. Anyway, that Winchester USA is just too cheap at Walmart. I can't load 'em much cheaper. That's what I'm usually burning at the range. My 9mm IDPA reloads just do make IDPA minimum power factor. They're kinda mild even compared to the Winchester USA stuff.
  12. dookiesbud

    dookiesbud Active Member

    I love my older P95, it shoots everything I put in. The P345 is nice too but I didnt like the 8 round mag till I got a 10 rounder.
  13. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    The P95 is a good rugged (if 'fugly') good value semi.!

    Mine gets way too little use now - carry of that was a long time ago - I should now be ''SigCarry'' ;)

    I have no wish tho to dispose of mine, or the P97 - darned tough guns and well worth the money, tho I think your deal was a shade on high side. That aside I think you will enjoy the gun - once you get used to the super long DA pull, and the super short SA pull!:)

    Spend a few bucks and add Hogue Handalls - it makes gun feel 100% better.

  14. BevrFevr

    BevrFevr Well-Known Member

    could they put that bore axis a little higher?

    had to get in a jab.

    I have some rugers (rimfires) and am not afraid to admit it in public. When they get a design right they really get it right. One thing is for sure it is built like a tank.

    hope you enjoy the new piece.
  15. bakert

    bakert Well-Known Member

    P95Carry, I was looking for a P95 like my friend's when I changed my mind and bought a P97 but the P 95 is still on my have to have list. UGLY?? Have you looked closely at most of the other polymer pistols out there??:eek:
  16. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    Haha - well I have other polymers but - maybe we should just say the P series 95 and 97 are ''substantially chunky''!:p
  17. Trip20

    Trip20 Well-Known Member

    I have the P95's bigger brother (KP97DC). I intend to get a P95 as well. I shoot my P97 every weekend and shake my head when I consider how well priced these pistols are for their durability, reliability, and accuracy.

    Gander Mountain had the KP97DC on sale for $299, I bought it, and I even had a receipt in my hand on the way out the door... but I felt like I was stealing!

    I'm so happy with the 97 that the 95 is a mandatory future purchase.
  18. Murphster

    Murphster Well-Known Member

    I have very little experience with Ruger pistols, but coincidentally, I got to shoot my son's P95 yesterday for the first time. He's had it for several years and bought it used. It has a "blue" slide (actually looks almost purple) and he had a Hogue slip on grip thingee on it like in P95Carry's picture above. For some reason I didn't expect to be impressed but I quickly changed my mind. The gun was accurate, 100% reliable, had a very nice trigger pull on it, and appeared to be built like a tank. I disassembled and cleaned it after our trip to the range and my impression was that it was a solid piece of workmanship that was built to last and last. I think you made a good choice and will enjoy your gun.
  19. JohnKSa

    JohnKSa Well-Known Member

    WARNING! BEFORE reading farther, please read the disclaimer at the end of the post.

    Very similar to my impressions upon shooting one. I figured it would be functional, but it exceeded my expectations. For some reason, the P95 is one of the best kept secrets in the world of autopistols.
  20. poppy

    poppy Well-Known Member

    I think you did OK on that Ruger. I paid $300 cash for my P95DC several years ago and that was with 2 10 rd mags. It was not the first centerfire pistol I ever bought, but it is the one that I have had the longest and still have. poppy

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