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RUGER P95 Problem

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by pyroazm, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. pyroazm

    pyroazm New Member

    hey i recently bought the p95 about 3 weeks ago. i still have yet to fire it. but i do like the feel of the gun. one thing im worried about is: i loaded both mags wit 9mm 115grain ammo and popped one mag into the gun. i pulled the slide back to load the pistol and the slide got locked back? when i hit the bottom of the mag, the slide releases and loads the bullet. i thought i was puttin the mag in wrong but i put it in harder and hit the bottom to make sure it was securely in but it still did the same thing. anyone have this problem or know what it could be?
  2. DougW

    DougW Well-Known Member

    Only thing I can think of is that you are hitting the slide lock with a thumb(?) or there is a burr that is causing the slide lock to activate. You can load the pistol by locking the slide open, inserting the mag and slapping it home, causing the slide to unlock and run the slide forward. My Glock 17's act that way, and it is no problem. Cant figure why your pistol would lock open on a full mag though.

    BTW, chambering the first round from a mag over and over can cause bullet set back in the case. Keep an eye on that, because with the bullet crammed down in the case, a dangerous over pressure could occure when firing the round.

    Be sure not to ride the slide forward when loading. Sling shot the slide to load. Good luck!
  3. kragluver

    kragluver Well-Known Member

    Call Ruger. My one experience with their customer service department was excellent. They stand behind their product and then some - at least that was my experience.
  4. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Well-Known Member

    When you smack the bottom of the gun or load a mag very aggressive its normal for the slide lock to release and allow the gun to go into battery.

    My p95 and my glocks do it.

    But the slide should not lock back on its own with a loaded mag. Deos it do it alot or just this once?
  5. pyroazm

    pyroazm New Member

    it does it alot. sometimes it will act normal but most of the time it gets locked back

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