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Ruger Scout vs M10B1

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by YE.TI., Nov 27, 2011.

  1. YE.TI.

    YE.TI. New Member

    Hi fellow gun enthusiasts!
    Right now I'm in a state of moving to great country of Canada from not so firearm tolerating country of Poland. Horay! With it a question of SHTF/TEOTWAWKI as well as a hunting rifle have arised. So far i narrowed my choise down to 2 rifles

    Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle http://www.ruger.com/products/gunsiteScoutRifle/models.html
    AIA M10B1 http://world.guns.ru/civil/austr/aia-m10-e.html

    Both of them fall into scout rifle concept (M10 laking the front mounted scope wich I dislike anyway).
    Both have detachable magazines in .308Win (as i heard M10 can take slightly modiffide M14 mags wich is a substantial plus).
    As far as I understand Ruger uses battle proven Mouser style bolt and M10 is basically a Lee Enfield, so I'm not sure wich one gets a point here.
    Another great point goes to M10 for it's price (seeing how I'm a student and all).
    Ruger is lighter, especially with new polymer mags, but so far it's the only advantage that I can see.
    And that is basicaly it. What are Your thoughts? Which one YOU would choose? Why?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for any grammar mistakes that I've made along the way.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2011
  2. SG1

    SG1 Well-Known Member

    Hello! For starters, welcome to The High Road! Sadly, I do not have an answer to your question but I'm very interested in responses because I'm seriously considering the Ruger Gunsite Scout as my next rifle. I'd never heard of the other manufacturer.

    Good luck, and welcome to THR.
  3. MikePaiN

    MikePaiN Well-Known Member

    With the limited experience I have with my new Ruger Gunsite Scout, I can say so far its a very impressive rifle. The polymer mags out shine the stock metal by a long shot and address the only weak spot of the GSR. Well balanced with a fantastic trigger make it accurate and easy to shoot well. Adjustable LOP, forward or receiver scope mounting options, adjustable iron peep sights, 3, 5 & 10 rounds mags available and a threaded barrel make the GSR extremely versatile. All this, and imo, one of the best looking rifles available, with a unique profile like no other rifle...... :cool:

    Last edited: Nov 27, 2011
  4. ECVMatt

    ECVMatt Well-Known Member

    If you search my name, I have written a couple of reviews of the Ruger GSR. I am liking this rifle very much. It shoots great, handles well, and is a very fun rifle to use. I really like those AIA's as well, but they are very hard to get here in the US.

    Either way you choose, you should be getting a great rifle. Welcome to North America and I hope you enjoy your new found freedoms.

  5. dprice3844444

    dprice3844444 member

    take the aia rifle.no imports,it's already there,mag is same capacity,but smaller,and you can load from stripper clips.the enfield is a way faster action than the ruger.get the bottom 2 rifles in 308.they are basically match grade chrome lined barrels.top 2 are ak47 rounds.why carry the extra weight,for such a puny cartridge
  6. 35 Whelen

    35 Whelen Well-Known Member

    I'm a Ruger owner and a big fan of their rifles, but that M10B1 is an impressive rifle I must say! From what I can see, there's not a pennies worth of difference in the Ruger and the M10B1 EXCEPT the fact that the Aussie rifle would have that super-fast bolt throw that the Lee Enfields for which the Lee Enfields are so famous. That alone would sell me.
    Good luck with your decision.

  7. YE.TI.

    YE.TI. New Member

    MikePaiN and ECVMatt:
    Indeed, as far as I know, Ruger came up with a truly fasinating product! They are sure to make a fortune out of these rifles!
    Should I pay 200$ more for a slower shooting, lower capacity Ruger in exchange for 2 pounds of weight? Is it realy that hard to carry a rifle while hunting? (yes, I never hunted before).
    M10 is winning so far.
  8. Badlander

    Badlander Well-Known Member

    2lbs don't make much diference on the way out. Big diference on the way back.
    2lb is A lot.
  9. langloisandy

    langloisandy Well-Known Member


    ++1 on the Ruger Scout... great rifles.

    Stop on in to the Scout Forum, www.scoutrifle.org , a number of folks are discussing it.

  10. Lateck

    Lateck Well-Known Member

    I'm a Ruger fan also, So, I'm biased :neener:
    Go the American made Ruger.
    I have one and it is a fun rifle to shoot for all of the reasons listed so far... :D

    Good Luck with what ever you get.

  11. YE.TI.

    YE.TI. New Member

    You really made Me wonder - how much weight I can hope to cut down by using a polymer stock on M10?
    And yes yes, I get it - ruger is an excellent rifle! I just don't see a good enough reason to pay extra 200$ for it AND get less features. Am I wrong here?
  12. pikid89

    pikid89 Well-Known Member

    less features?

    The ruger has
    more scope mounting options
    threaded barrel
    heaviest duty claw extractor of nearly any normal hunting rifle
    bombproof ruger construction
    american made!

    can't ask for much more than that
  13. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    Probably the better part of that 2 lbs.

    And yes, it does make a difference in the field.
  14. Andrew Wyatt

    Andrew Wyatt Well-Known Member

    Good Luck finding parts for the M10.
  15. Mr.Blue

    Mr.Blue Well-Known Member

    Ruger is known for making extremely durable designs. They also have great customer service. For those that don't know, the Ruger GSR comes with mounts and rings for mounting a standard scope. You do not have to forward mount the scope if you don't want to. The GSR also comes with spacers that allow you to customize the length of pull on the rifle. I love my GSR.

    Your grammar is excellent. It's better than many native North Americans. Welcome.
  16. YE.TI.

    YE.TI. New Member

    1. I believe it will be pretty easy to mount a scout scope on M10 (but I doubt that I will ever WANT one)
    2. Why would I need a threded barrel again? To shoot someone in the dark and pose with My badass flash hider?
    3. Aint got much to say bout that one.
    4. Actualy I think M10 is a lot more "bombproof". Those receivers aren't that heavy for nothing.
    5. I don't give a slightest damn on where it was made!
    on the other hand
    1. Faster Lee Enfield action
    2. Heavier, match grade barrel
    3. 200$!:)
    4. 20 round M14 mags
    Andrew Wyatt:
    It may be hard to find parts in the US, but in Canada they are rather plentiful, or so i heard
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2011
  17. ECVMatt

    ECVMatt Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you have already made up your mind, so why ask us all these questions?

    Since you mentioned Canada:

    It also appears that the Canadians have ruled out the Aussie guns with a possible nod towards the Ruger.


    The specifically state that the Aussie guns have some QC problems.

    Sometimes cheaper isn't better.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2011
  18. TexAg

    TexAg Well-Known Member

    You're probably not going to get a very fair comparison on The Highroad, since most users are from the US and we have not gotten to handle the .308 version of the AIA. Though many of us sure would like to!
  19. pikid89

    pikid89 Well-Known Member

    unless you are planning on doing a mad minute competitively or something , I'm sure the speed difference between a mauser action and the lee action will not make much of a difference

    threads are for more than flash hiders, one can get things like muzzle breaks or even a suppressor as an 18" 308 would get pretty loud pretty quickly...(don't know bout canadian suppressor laws)

    if your really planning on toting this thing real far on a regular basis, heavier is never a good thing...
  20. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Well-Known Member


    Sorry to hijack the thread but I couldn't he;p but to notice the aftermarket magazine you displayed. Would you mind sharing us the make of it and where you purchased it. Thanks.


    Good luck in your choice!

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