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Ruger Security Six for $185...good deal?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Bill_G, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Bill_G

    Bill_G Well-Known Member

    i bought a security six tonight in blue w/ 2.5" barrel. i would say its about 90-94% condition. nice clean bore and chambers. Got it at bass pro. they gave me a 90 day warranty. no box or papers, but a HUGE pachmyer grip. $185 plus tax.

    did i do OK on the price?

    does anyone have links to good smaller grips for it??

    i'm thinking of buying Gold Dot small barrel 357 magnum ammo for it.

  2. Confederate

    Confederate Well-Known Member

    Sounds great. If you want to make it even better, go to eBay or somewhere and get a set of compact Pachmayr grips for the Ruger Speed-Six, then round the corners off the Security-Six (takes only minutes with an electric grinder) and put the new Pacymayrs on.

    A truly great setup.

  3. PotatoJudge

    PotatoJudge Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a great price. There should be something out there for you grip-wise, just a matter of looking.
    Gold dots are always a good choice.
  4. GRIZ22

    GRIZ22 Well-Known Member

    Great gun, fantastic price! If you are going to turn it into a round butt take care not to screw up the serial number. Making it a round butt seems like a lot of work for not that much return. Before you do that go to a well equipped gun shop and try some of the other rubber grips which can be much more compact.
  5. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    Great Deal

    but I would spend a few $$$, and put a nice set of custom wood grips on
    the Ruger Security-Six~!:cool: Enjoy~!:D
  6. MatthewVanitas

    MatthewVanitas Well-Known Member

    Check on eBay, TONS of Security Six grips there. Wood, rubber, pearl, they've got loads of 'em. They have tons for under $10, and one as low as 99c w/ 22 hours left on bidding.

    If you have small hands, like me, here's a suggestion: get the type of grips that don't extend beyond the frame in any direction (what they call "magna" grips on the S&W) and add a Tyler T-grip adaptor to ease your reach.

    You can also buy the Tyler on eBay, and the Ruger -six series ones often go real cheap.

    I really, really would not grind down the frame. Too much extra effort, and will give it a real Bubba vibe if you ever go to sell it.

    FWIW, I like the Six series far more than the GP100 or SP101 series; they're sized just right.


    EDIT AGAIN: they have holsters for 'em cheap on eBay too. Just type in Ruger and security. The holsters should be the same as for the Police/Speed Six series as well. Just depends on your barrel length.
  7. Dienekes

    Dienekes Well-Known Member

    Good gun; sort of the Toyota Land Cruiser (from the 1970s) of handguns. Everything you need and nothing you don't.

    I would leave the butt alone and go grip hunting. Find something you like and just rounding off the corners of a wood square butt grip. That will reduce the size noticeably and get the job done.
  8. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    At $185...

    Excellent buy.
  9. Adam5

    Adam5 Well-Known Member

    I paid $249

    I recently bought a 6" Security Six that's about 95% except for a slightly gouged out rear sight. It looks like someone tried to adjust it with a screwdriver that was too big. I paid $249 for it at a local dealer, and an additional $20 (including freight) for a new rear sight assy from Ruger.
  10. ronto

    ronto Well-Known Member

    VERY good price. I put Hogue Monogrips on mine. If you want "small" grips try a set of factory issue wood grips ( more like skimpy than small).
  11. Just_a_dude_with_a_gun

    Just_a_dude_with_a_gun Well-Known Member

    $185 is a fair price. I've got a Blued Sec6 with a 4" bbl.

    The problem with grips, is that if it's pre 151,xxx serial, you may have trouble finding grips that fit, as the grip frame is a different shape between model years.

    LOST SOUL Well-Known Member

    Hell, $185.00 where is it? I'll buy it. lol great price:D
  13. BoneDigger

    BoneDigger Well-Known Member

    Good price

    I would say it's a good price. I recently bought a 4" model stainless, for $200 at a pawn shop.

  14. mtnbkr

    mtnbkr Well-Known Member

    I would've bought it at $185 without pause, especially given the warranty.

    Around here, you can hardly find a Taurus 38special in good condition for that price, much less something tank-strong like that Ruger (and with a warranty!!).

  15. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member


    I bought this early series Security-Six in Miami back in the early 1970's.. Lots of pistols/revolvers have come and gone, or come and stayed, in our household, but this Security-Six still resides in the nightstand on my wifes side of the bed..

    It's our "she'll keep the bg's occupied by the flame coming from the end of the barrel of the Security-Six while I crawl into the closet to get the High Standard 12ga. pump riot-gun"..

    I did have a trigger job done on it early in it's life, but that was just for fun.. The Security-Six IMO is an excellent home defense type firearm..

    Best Wishes, and IMO you got a GREAT deal.

    J. Pomeroy
  16. Starter52

    Starter52 Well-Known Member

    That's a really good deal for a fine American-made revolver. Congrats.
  17. Confederate

    Confederate Well-Known Member

    I frankly don't see why these are going so cheap, but I recommend them while the gettin' is good. Bill Ruger said he never made a dime off the Security-Six and I wouldn't doubt it. Looking at it today, I don't see how he even broke even! His .22LR autos and single action .22s are also fabulous guns and very well designed. At a time when other .22 pistols were being made with forged steel and tiny parts, Bill Ruger was punching out his .22 Standard Auto for almost nothing. Not only didn't they jam, they weren't fussy, neither were they subject to breakage.

    He made things to last.
  18. PX15

    PX15 Well-Known Member


    Sorry, I have to call you on the "Ruger 22 Standard pistol never jamming"..

    I bought my first in 1969, and while it was pretty reliable invariabily it would start to hang up after 1000, 1500rds or so.

    Over the years I think I've had 5 or 6 of the same model and each and every one of those suckers would eventually start hanging up.. Some would run a few more rounds or so, but generally in the 1500-2000 range you could count on having to clean the little bugger.

    My problem was not the eventually jams, it was that I never had to clean it often enough to remember how to do get that safety do-dad to go back into the little hole after I did clean it.

    I'm an old fart now, with declining vision. A few years ago I cleaned my last Ruger Standard up real nice, had my step-Son's name engraved on it and gave it to him.. Let HIM clean the little sucker when it starts jamming! :D

    In truth, I think the Ruger Standard 22 indeed set the "standard" in that type firearm. Inexpensive to buy, built like a tank, accurate and over the decades I had mine I never had one have a problem...

    Now that Crimson Trace has released a set of Lasergrips for the Ruger Standard and similiar models I've getting antsy to buy me a new one and start plinking all over again.;)

    Best Wishes,

    J. Pomeroy

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