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Ruger SR22 Problems

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by rugmar, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. rugmar

    rugmar Well-Known Member

    I have a fairly new Ruger SR22 and have only put a few hundred rounds through it. Maybe 6 or 7 hundred. The other day I shot it and it would shoot one round then click on the next pull of the trigger. Pulled back the slide and chamber was empty. Let the slide go, pull trigger, bang. Pull trigger again, click. Repeat.

    Both mags I have do the same. All ammo I have does the same but with the higher velocity stuff it is not as frequent. If you load the mags with only five rounds of high velocity it may only fail to load one of the five.

    It seems as though the slide is just not coming back far enough to pick up the next round. The next round is always in place (untouched) as though the bolt never touched it or moved it forward at all. It will always chamber the round with no problem when you let the slide go.

    Any ideas how I can resolve this problem? The first time or two I shot this pistol it did not do this.
  2. Steve H

    Steve H Well-Known Member

    Needs a good cleaning and lube job??????
  3. ku4hx

    ku4hx Well-Known Member

    Magazine fully inserted?
  4. rugmar

    rugmar Well-Known Member

    Yes mags are fully inserted. As for cleaning, it had been cleaned really good before this started. Is there something I could have done at reassembly to cause this?

    I'm not new to pistols and used the same cleaning methods I've always used on everything else. A few wet patches, in the barrel then a dry one. Nylon brush to scrub up the bolt face and internals. A drop or two of lube on the slide contacts, reassemble and wipe it down.

    Any other ideas? This is driving me crazy. :banghead:
  5. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    What ammo?
  6. ku4hx

    ku4hx Well-Known Member

    Before I tweaked our Standard, Mark II and Mark III model's magazines, they all failed to feed hollow points. Actually any round that had a flat nose. Now they feed everything.

    No idea if this applies to the SR22, but it may be worth a try.
  7. rugmar

    rugmar Well-Known Member

    Several types of ammo. Federal American Eagle, Federal Champion and CCI Mini-mags. I seems to be less frequent with the mini-mags.
  8. dullone

    dullone Well-Known Member

    Check to make sure the recoil spring is firmly attached to the guide rod (last coil of the spring clips into groove on the guide rod)
  9. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    Sounds like magazine.
  10. RTR_RTR

    RTR_RTR Well-Known Member

    While I hate you for posting this a day after I buy one, I too would suggest swapping the mag and seeing if it resolves the issue
  11. F-111 John

    F-111 John Well-Known Member

    The OP said: "Both mags I have do the same."

    Field strip the gun and make sure you put the recoil spring on the guide rod in the correct orientation. The recoil spring has one end that is slightly larger in diameter than the other. The small end goes on the guide rod first, with the larger end at the muzzle.

    If you put the spring on the guide rod backwards, the larger end will not go into the hole in the frame, and you will have a stiffer than normal spring pressure for the slide to overcome to cycle fully.
  12. rugmar

    rugmar Well-Known Member

    Ok, thanks for the replies so far. I will check the guide rod spring and see if I can find a new magazine to try. Anyone else have any suggestions?

    I'll keep you posted on what happens.
  13. RTR_RTR

    RTR_RTR Well-Known Member

    Missed that, apologies
  14. PhotoBiker

    PhotoBiker Well-Known Member

    How clean is your feed ramp?

    The pattern you describe, however, is consistent with the Aguilia 1450fps ammo. I bought 500 rounds in the fall when they were on sale, thought it would be worth a try. The only gun that can feed and fire them semi-consistently is my son't Savage Mk2.
  15. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    I suggest you call Ruger. They're surprisingly helpful.
  16. rugmar

    rugmar Well-Known Member

    Ok, an update here. The recoil spring was installed in the correct orientation but was not "attached", meaning if you inverted the guide rod, it would fall off. I pushed it and twisted as the manual suggested and finally managed to get the small end to grab on the slightly enlarged step at the end of the guide rod. This is what Dullone suggested in post 8. Thanks BTW!!

    I fully anticipated this would fix the problem because without having the spring fully seated it would effectively lengthen the guide rod and therefore be prone to short stroking which is how it has been acting.

    Alas, the problem is still there. It does seem to happen less frequently now however as It only happened once in each mag. I ran 8 mags through it, (4 x with each mag I have and each time was the same. first trigger pull, bang. Second trigger pull, click. Rack slide, pull trigger, bang x 9 trigger pulls. Don't know why that second round won't load. I guess I'll clean it up again and try once more. If that doesn't do it, Maybe then I should call Ruger? Should I try to buy another mag or two first?:confused:
  17. dullone

    dullone Well-Known Member

    Did you ever change the base plates on the mags to the ones with pinky extenstion?
  18. rugmar

    rugmar Well-Known Member

    Yes, I did change both mags to the extended base plate. Do you think I should change back and try again? Actually, I don't think I ever even fired it before I made the changes to the mags.
  19. WYO

    WYO Well-Known Member

    In my experience they don't seem to like low powered bulk pack ammo, and the problem gets worse as the gun gets dirtier. The higher velocity stuff works every time.
  20. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    I know they're costly, but Stingers rule in the SR22.

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