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Ruger SR45 trigger

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Racinbob, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Racinbob

    Racinbob Well-Known Member

    I couldn't stop myself from posting this. I feel pretty luck to have found a SR45 for $389.00 after looking for one quite a while but unwilling to pay the inflated prices. I didn't need to check it out at the gun shop because I knew I was going to get it based on my experience with my SR9.

    My Sr9 is an early 330 prefix that was in the recall. The trigger was not bad but not all that good either. After several hundred rounds I installed a Ghost Rocket and removed the mag disconnect. OK folks, this isn't about the mag disconnect. I just didn't want it in there and it's not my primary protection pistol. After doing the work the trigger was much better and the average pull is 5.26#. Not bad at all but it isn't the smoothest. I've now got the parts to take the mods to the Galloway Smooth it Kit #4 but haven't installed them yet.

    Enter the SR45 purchased a week ago. Out of the box the trigger was 5.26# average and every bit as smooth as the SR9. I was pleasently surprised. This morning I stripped it down, removed the mag disconnect and lubed it up. The average pull is now 4.44# and varied by only .3#. It's extremely smooth as well and it will just get better with use. I have never felt a DAO striker fired pistol with as nice of a trigger. I can't wait to get it to the range.
  2. MikePaiN

    MikePaiN Well-Known Member

    I bet my SR9c has a better stock trigger than your SR45 :neener:
  3. Racinbob

    Racinbob Well-Known Member

    I won't take that bet Mike.:rolleyes: I sold firearms and have handled many SR9c's. At one time we had two fullsize SR9's in the used case. One was older with the round mag release, one the newer D mad release. The difference was night and day. I love my older SR9 and sometimes wish it was the new style but I'll just keep chipping away at the trigger on it. That's half the fun. But....it would be interesting for a side by side comparison with your SR9c and my SR45. Either was, what great pistols.
  4. slowr1der

    slowr1der Well-Known Member

    My buddy just got a SR45 and I got to shoot it with him last weekend. I was in love. That thing handled great. To my surprise the trigger was also much better than his early model SR9. I also was extremely surprised by the recoil or lack there of. It wasn't much worse than his SR9. I think this may be a gun that may have to be added to my want list.

    At $389 you also stole it. That's way cheaper than I've ever seen one around here. If I saw one for that, it would be coming home with me.
  5. LockedBreech

    LockedBreech Well-Known Member

    I had never wished I had money to spend more than last week in my gun shop. They had an SR45, M&P45, SR22 w/silver slide, and SR1911, all at fantastic prices.

    Not quite $389 fantastic, though. Well done!

    The SR45 is a handsome .45. Put some pics up for us?
  6. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Get it down to 10 crisp ounces and you have the perfect pocket gun. :rolleyes:

    All this ado about light triggers in self defense handguns is scarey. My Kel Tec is 10 lbs of long DA and I know how to use it. It's safe in my pocket, too.

    I carry an old school (now days) KP90DC. I really love the DA/SA trigger on that thing, awesome transition from DA to SA.

    Now, I'd shoot my SR22 more if I could find ammo. :rolleyes: Love my Rugers, but I have avoided the dohickey trigger models. I don't care for dohickies on my triggers.
  7. breakingcontact

    breakingcontact Well-Known Member

    Debating and adoring polymer striker fired gun triggers.

    Times, they are a changin'!

    It's a good trigger. Glad Ruger is improving as a company. Why the mag disconnect? If they'd have offered one without mag disconnect, I might still be a Ruger fan instead of an S&W fan, even with their mushy triggers.
  8. JTQ

    JTQ Well-Known Member

    It is interesting.

    My S&W 4506 has a mag disconnect. On the other hand, MCgunner's Ruger P90 does not have one.

    Current M&P pistols can be had with or without the mag disconnect, while all the SR Ruger's have the mag disconnect with no option.
  9. MikePaiN

    MikePaiN Well-Known Member

    The newer SR's have the best (stock)triggers of the plastic wonder guns....but for some reason triggers of the c models feel even better too me.
    That said, a friend has an SR45 he's just decided to sell at around the $420 mark. Its very tempting and the more good things I read about the trigger the more tempting it becomes. :cool:
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2013
  10. Fishbed77

    Fishbed77 Well-Known Member

    Walther P99s have had superb triggers for over 15 years now.

    My brother's SR9 has a quite nice trigger, but the comparison to a P99 is night and day.
  11. breakingcontact

    breakingcontact Well-Known Member

    I wish I considered 15 years a long time. Walther has some popular guns and plenty of fans.

    I haven't shot the SR45, just an SR40. Nice gun. SR45 compact on the horizon?

    PWGUNNY Active Member

    Sounds great. An SR45 is on my list.
  13. RUT

    RUT Well-Known Member

    >>All this ado about light triggers in self defense handguns is scarey.<<

    Exactly! These guns aren't designed for "bullseye" shooting, after all.
  14. Racinbob

    Racinbob Well-Known Member

    Yea, I'm trying to get it to 10oz, MCgunner, then I'll get bigger pants so I can pocket carry it. Please read OP. I guess some people just can't appreciate some things. Yes, times are changing with 'plastic' guns seemingly taking over. I fought it for a long time as I cherished my 3rd gen Smiths, Brownings and wheel guns. For over 30 years my EDC was a J frame Smith. The past few months, a 'plastic' Shield. I'm still not warmed up to plastic wheel guns. Maybe someday. I don't advocate modifying a defense piece but to each their own. Would I use one of my modified firearms for defense? Sure, it it was needed.

    As far as the mag disconnect on the SR series. Again, to each their own but it almost seems like Ruger designed it to allow it's removal or replacement is just a couple short minutes. I personally don't care for them but as stated in the OP, this is not my main defense gun.

    It just hit me! I'll get the trigger down to 10oz, then toss the pistol in the washer and use hot water. Just maybe it will become pocket size.

    Come on people. Or at least some of you.
  15. duck911

    duck911 Well-Known Member

    I agree. I have a SR9c and stock out of the box, it is the best trigger of any of my handguns and better than the SR9 and SR45's I have shot.
  16. HOOfan_1

    HOOfan_1 Well-Known Member

    It is so easy to remove, they don't really need to offer the option.
  17. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Well-Known Member

    I have two SR9C and a SR40C. Good guns. I was shooting the 40 this evening (Crimson Trace laser practice).

    Last week I bought a SR45. So far it's right disappointing.
    Hard trigger.
    Functioning problems with a 45ACP reload I've been using for about 30 years.
    Light primer strikes. The round will usually fire on the fourth try.
    Side failed to to go full forward a few times.

    I hate magazine disconnectors, so I removed this one, as I do with most pistols.

    Because of other projects I've put the SR45 up for a while.
    I may call Ruger and see if they have a stronger firing pin spring.
  18. F-111 John

    F-111 John Well-Known Member

    Because some Nanny States in this country demand them of new pistols, and Ruger doesn't like to make one version for one state, and another version for a different state. So all new Rugers (other than the SR1911 series) come with LCIs, Magazine disconnects, and safetys.

    As I recall, on the SR9 and SR9c the mag disconnect wasn't really a disconnect, it was a firing pin block that was pushed out of the way when a magazine was inserted, and Ruger discourages extensive dry firing without a magazine inserted because of eventual striker damage.
  19. railroader

    railroader Well-Known Member

    I just sent my sr45 back for a second time for light primer strikes. I reload and I have a bunch of winchester primers so that is all I shoot. My reloads run fine in my other 45s but I get at least 2 light strikes per 50 with the sr45. The first time I sent it back they replaced the striker. They fired 40 rounds of black hills ammo without issue. I'm thinking black hills uses softer federal primers. I get the gun and the same thing, more light strikes. I then took out the mag safety and the gun ran fine for 150 rounds. I put the mag safety back in and more light strikes. Ruger got the gun last thursday and shipped it out friday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  20. Pat C.

    Pat C. Well-Known Member

    Im not sure if it's me but sence I cleaned my SR45 and relubed it with Froglub The triger has gotten worse. Im thinking of putting the upper in a bowl of hotwater and dawn to get all the crap out of it and lub with sinthetic oil. or can someone tell me a better way? Hard and almost gritty trigger pull.

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