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Ruger SR9. Are they a good choice? Good, Bad, OR Ugly??

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Preacher., Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Preacher.

    Preacher. Active Member

    Ok, I went down to the gun store and bought a Ruger Sr9 today. The gun felt pretty good in my hand and being a lil compulsive, I bought it. What is your opinion of the Sr9? I want the good, bad and the ugly. It's primarily gonna be my travel gun. Gonna carry n my car with me. All input is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. limpingbear

    limpingbear Well-Known Member

    Mine works great. The only malfunction I've had with it was ammo related and not gun related. After the sights got adjusted it works fine.
  3. TarDevil

    TarDevil Well-Known Member

    I have the compact (SR9c), and it has been a fantastic gun. Carry it daily. Accurate. Like limpingbear, the only issues were ammo related (doesn't like hard mil spec primers).

    Ergonomics are incredible (for me, anyway) and has a great trigger. Wouldn't hesitate a moment to buy another.
  4. Preacher.

    Preacher. Active Member

    What ammo would you guys recommend in it? I bought Speer gold dot 124 grain +p. Have you guys shot these particular rounds through the sr9? I wasn't sure which ammo to buy for that particular gun but I was guessing that Speer would be a good choice. The 124 +p seemed like a good load.
  5. kayak-man

    kayak-man Well-Known Member

    The Ugly: If you try to take out the pins to completely disassemble the gun, you'll need to lock-tite them back in to prevent them from walking out. The magazine release pin may also walk out a little bit, but shouldn't be a problem.

    The Bad: I don't like the rear sight for two reasons: I do not like white dots on my rear sight, and the novak style sites make one handed manipulations more difficult.

    The Good: I've put over 5,000 rounds through mine. I've had one malfunction, and that was in the rain and dirt, having last been cleaned about 1000 rounds ago. It runs, it shoots well, I love it. I think it carries easier than a Glock, and has a decent trigger. Just make sure you remove the magazine disconnect safety if your going to dryfire it without the magazine. Failure to do so can damage the firing pin.

    Chris "The Kayak-Man" Johnson
  6. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    While I don't own an SR9 I do have an SR9c and I really like the feel of the gun, both in its design and in the quality of the material used in its manufacture. The ergos are great and the sights are very quick and easy to acquire. I also like the well thought out extras like the frame mounted thumb safety, the high cap mag with spacer, the reversible backstrap insert, and the flat mag floorplate instead of the finger rest style. The trigger is decent enough, accuracy is great, and overall the gun is a natural pointer in my hand. I think you made a great choice with your SR9.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2012
  7. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    Kayak-Man did a good synposis - I would concur on all counts. I've put several SR9 and SR40 pistols through some pretty heavy use and they proved highly satisfying in every regard (excepting that I also like a plain black rear sight instead of the trendy three-dots).
  8. Jaymo

    Jaymo Well-Known Member

    I love mine and am thinking about getting the SR9C to go with it.
  9. dbp

    dbp Well-Known Member

    Carried a SR9C for a year and absolutely had no negative issues. Fired everything I fed it with never a problem. Cash crunch was the reason it was sold.
  10. kokapelli

    kokapelli Well-Known Member

    I have one and it's one of my favorite pistols.
  11. TarDevil

    TarDevil Well-Known Member

    SD ammo: Speer Gold Dots and Winchester PDX1 in 124 gr +P have performed flawlessly. I've since gone exclusively to Gold Dots after some backyard tests.

    I practice mostly with Federal, S&B, and occasionally WWB, (I look first to make sure they're headstamped Win instead of WCC). Just bought a box of UMC to see how that shoots.
  12. snooperman

    snooperman Well-Known Member

    I have the Ruger SR9 and it is one of the best pistols I have. For the money it is a fine gun in every way. Accurate , recoil friendly, very reliable, and reasonably priced. Ruger did it right with this gun.
  13. ku4hx

    ku4hx Well-Known Member

    My wife bought one new about a month ago and she really likes it. So much so she plans to get the compact version in the near future.

    The holidays and such has interrupted shooting to some extent, but it's been flawless through about 500 rounds.

    It's like all other mechanical devices and will never be all things to all people. But it's a good, accurate, reliable gun from a good company and that plus the price she paid makes it very high value.
  14. wbwanzer

    wbwanzer Well-Known Member

    SR9c owner here. No problems, and like it a lot.
  15. carbonyl

    carbonyl Well-Known Member

    I have an SR9c with over 4000 rounds through it and haven't had a single malfunction. I shoot Federal Champion, Winchester White Box, Independence, Tulammo, Federal Hydra shock and Speer Gold Dot. The gun breaks down easily to clean and feels great in my hand. As you've probably guessed, I love mine.:D
  16. armedwalleye

    armedwalleye Well-Known Member


    SR9C owner, shoots nearly anything from cheap stuff to self defense rounds w/o problems, not too heavy to carry, not too big to hide. Trigger is a bit "different". Tried one out at a local gun range. Rangemaster suggested shooting half a box of ammo and focusing on the trigger only, THEN shoot for the sight picture. Now shoots just as good or better for me as anything else in the safe. This is my EDC gun.
  17. Pops 1

    Pops 1 Well-Known Member

    I have the SR9c and use it in my conceal carry classes that I teach and it has been great, no problems at all.
  18. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Well-Known Member

    For once your impulsiveness did you good...:D
  19. breakingcontact

    breakingcontact Well-Known Member

    Good trigger. That's about all I got to say 'bout that.
  20. PaisteMage

    PaisteMage Well-Known Member

    If it is any consolation my friend has an SR9C.

    He bought it last year. He has shot over 7,000 rounds through it.

    He shot factory ammo, and hand loaded ammo as well. With the exception of three or four not so great rounds in the beginning of his time with reloading for the gun, it has performed flawlessly. After some time he figured out the best load for that gun, and him.

    I really like the gun, but prefer my Kahr.

    I would not think twice about getting the non compact model, since I have seen the reliability of the compact version.

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