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Ruger SR9- fits some XD-9 holsters.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by Commander Crusty, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Commander Crusty

    Commander Crusty Well-Known Member

    Just thought I'd let you know that my Ruger SR-9 fits fine in a Don Hume Double Nine holster designed for the XD-9/XD-40 4". This holster has a snap closure, and I do have to push the gun slightly back, but it is secure. I can snap the gun in place and hang it upside down. Concealment is fine. Comfort is great.

    My Super Ruger 9mm also fits okay in the Don Hume Waistband Clip-On made for the XD. The gun fits loose, but is tight enough for an inside the pants holster. The belt helps keep everything in place. No problems. Very comfortable.

    Oh, but the magazine carriers for the XD do NOT fit the Ruger SR9 mags. They are too tight. I THINK the Glock mag carriers will fit better, and of course, you can get generic magazine carriers from Uncle Mikes.

    I have one other suggestion--haven't tried it yet--but I'm planning to buy a Law Concealment System. That's their fancy name for a generic fits holster with double belt clips. I'm interested in this holster because it LOOKS LIKE it will comfortably carry several different models. With the Law holster, I could also flip the gun around (carefully) and carry with the pistol grip forward on long trips. Much more comfortable. I also want to be able to add a clip-on laser to my thin little Ruger and I'm never going to find an over the counter holster for THAT combination!
  2. JesseL

    JesseL Well-Known Member

    Yep, I just got an El Paso Saddlery 'Crosshair' holster that was made for a 4" XD9/40 to carry my SR9. Fits like a glove and looks great.

    My only complaint is that it took 8 1/2 weeks to get here.
  3. Commander Crusty

    Commander Crusty Well-Known Member

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