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Ruger Ultra Light

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by JustinNC, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. JustinNC

    JustinNC Well-Known Member

    Anybody know anything about the M77 Ultra Light? It appears Ruger doesnt make this gun anymore, but CDNN has it listed. Sharp looking gun.
  2. Snag

    Snag Well-Known Member

    I have an M77 ultra light in 243. I do believe the weight saving differences are a slender shorter barrel and a shorter forearm.
  3. JustinNC

    JustinNC Well-Known Member

    I love the looks. The forearm cap sets it off for me.
  4. Still Shooting

    Still Shooting Well-Known Member

    My wife has an M77 Ultralight in .243 - she likes it. We have found that it only takes about 3 rounds to heat up the barrel, so rest time is necessary for shooting groups on the range. But we've both carried it hunting, and it is a nice short, light hunting rifle. If cool-down time is allowed for shots 4 and 5, it is an easy 1 MOA shooter (I load it pretty "hot" with Nosler 100gr. Partitions). With lighter loads and less powder, it has less barrel heating, and will shoot longer before it needs to cool.

    I would not recommend the rifle for something like prairie dog shooting, but as a deer rifle it's much appreciated by mid-afternoon walking uphill in thick cover!;)
  5. JustinNC

    JustinNC Well-Known Member

    Deer rifle. Don't shoot a lot except for sighting in. Not deer rifles anyway.

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