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Ruger vs. S&W

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Fat Boy, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Fat Boy

    Fat Boy Well-Known Member

    I will be buying a .357 mag tomorrow, if all goes according to hoyle...I have narrowed my options to two:

    s&w model 28 and Ruger Security Six, both blue steel with 6" barrels
    I like the Smith because it is heavy, should be accurate, and is a Smith model 28 (read here, coolness factor). I have shot a 28 on prior occasions, and given the weight, recoil is very manageable. I have some concern about the gun loosening up over time, given the inertial wear from the weight of the cylinder as it moves, (heavier cylinder creates some stress on the action as it is cycled) although I am not sure how much this plays into the long term durability of the gun:confused:

    I like the Ruger because it is durable, has a neat trigger group removal system, it is durable, should be accurate (did I mention durability)?:D

    I really don't know what to do- the Ruger is about $70. cheaper.

    Both have a bit of lateral play in the cylinder on lock up. I have read that Smith's may have a bit of lateral play, while the Ruger should be "welded to the frame"....both show blue wear, but I am buying a shooter, and not that concerned about "character"...

    I have tried to analyze this from all angles; I would love to hear from anyone with ideas or thoughts I may not have had...

  2. rdrancher

    rdrancher Well-Known Member

    Just my opinion...I love Smiths...but I love Rugers too. ;)

    I wouldn't be to awful concerned about shooting the Smith loose, but...

    I just think that there's something ultra classy about the Ruger "Six" line in general. It was dropped because it cost too much to manufacture, it's got all the right "lines", and feels oh so sweet in the hand. Stout as rocks too.

    OK, I made my decision. :D

  3. batmann

    batmann Well-Known Member

    In this case I would go with the S&W all things being equal.
    The M28 is an N frame and will hold up for more than you will shoot.
  4. PotatoJudge

    PotatoJudge Well-Known Member

    Both will last forever, so the durability issue is nil. For me, it'd definitely come down to which of the two has a better trigger and which felt better in the hand.
  5. Big Daddy Grim

    Big Daddy Grim Well-Known Member

    I love S&W, but Ruger makes a good revolver still I would go with the Smith.
  6. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Toss up. I'd tend toward the N frame. I had a Security Six and there were things I didn't like about it. Good gun, though, and if you're going to actually CARRY it, I might swing to the Security Six. It's a lighter gun, easier to carry.
  7. FullEffect1911

    FullEffect1911 Well-Known Member

    I'm a huge Ruger fan, and I would have to say that if that model 28 was in very good condition... I would go for that.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2008
  8. 420Stainless

    420Stainless Well-Known Member

    I tend to agree with MCgunner. I have a 6" 28 and a 2-3/4" Security Six. I love them both, but for different reasons. They both shoot well, but the Security Six is more portable. I won't get rid of either, but if forced to make a choice I'd keep the 28.
  9. BigBlock

    BigBlock member

    I would go with the six without even thinking about it. I'm sort of wishing now I would have bought a used six instead of my new GP100.
  10. stormspotter

    stormspotter Well-Known Member

    Here is what I decided to get a while back. I have a Model 19 with 2 1/2" barrel that has a fantastic trigger, so it will never be traded. For me, the Ruger is easier to carry, if I want a "little" more than the Model 19, plus it has been worked over by a Ruger armorer and while not as good as the Model 19, it still has a very nice DA trigger pull.

  11. CowardRubi06

    CowardRubi06 member

    Truth be told for me that would be a tough choice. They are both very well made and solid firearms. For me I would probably go with the Ruger, simply because I already have a smith N frame. Either way you wont be disappointed.
  12. SwampWolf

    SwampWolf Well-Known Member

    Like Potato Judge said, both will last forever. But, at the end of the day, the Smith will be worth more.
  13. machinisttx

    machinisttx Well-Known Member

    No contest, the 28.
  14. greener

    greener Well-Known Member

    Both good. Whichever you like is the right one.
  15. Loomis

    Loomis member

    If the ruger doesn't have adjustable sights, I'd go with the ruger. I hate adjustable sights on a revolver. But that's just me.

    Also...on some rugers, the right side of the frame just behind the cylinder...the part of the frame that extends out to the side to cover the backside of the cartridges...some have that part being essentially a quarter of a sphere. But most rugers have that part milled out so that the right side of the frame basically resembles the left side except without the cylinder release button.

    If the ruger has the "quarter sphere" shape on the right side, I'd go with the ruger. Just because that is a little bit unusual, and kinda cool, imo.
  16. jaholder1971

    jaholder1971 Well-Known Member

    Buy both!
  17. LubeckTech

    LubeckTech Well-Known Member

    I own several S&W k frames 2 N frames and a Security Six all of which are great guns. Deciding between a 6" ruger and model 28 isn't easy. Both are equally durable even with hot mag loads and both guns have factors in their favor. Accuracy should be about the same but with only $70 difference the Smith has a couple things going for it being a much better DA trigger and being heaver less recoil. Thats where it gets very personal. If you won't be doing much DA shooting or shooting mag loads and will be packing it around the lighter less expensive Ruger is the choice . But if weight is not a factor the Smith is the more flexible of the two.
  18. MJRW

    MJRW Well-Known Member

    Get a Glock.

    Someone had to say it.

    But seriously, you can't go wrong. At this point, get the one you'd regret not getting.
  19. Don357

    Don357 Well-Known Member

  20. easyrider6042004@yahoo.ca

    easyrider6042004@yahoo.ca Well-Known Member

    Get the S&W M-28.

    Even if you never bought another gun, you'll be glad to know you already have the best. If it means anything to you, the M-28 will probably go up in value.

    BTW, before you buy any new or used revolver, run the outstanding Jim March Revolver Checkout procedure sticky, it's at the top of the Revolver sub-forum page.

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