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Russian scopes - Kalinka Optics ?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by goon, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. goon

    goon Well-Known Member

    Anyone know anything about these Russian scopes?

    I'd want one that is durable enough to use hunting/target shooting/whatever else I need to do with it for about the rest of my
    life. Will they stand up to normal/slightly abusive use?
    How clear are they in comparison to say, a Nikon? A Bushnell?

    Any insight or experience with them would be helpful at this point.
  2. PTK

    PTK Well-Known Member

    I know nothing about the scopes, but I wouldn't buy a brand called Kalinka. Something about having a scope on my gun called "rose" doesn't appeal to me.
  3. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Well-Known Member

    I liked the ones I had. I found them to be very clear and durable. Not the clearest glass I have ever seen but I think they are a good value.

    The people at Kalinka returned my emails if that counts for anything.
  4. TauZero

    TauZero Well-Known Member

    I bought a side rail from them that broke when i used it, but was repairable. When i told them about it, they sent me a brand new one, apologized, and said keep the old one.

    That's about as good as customer service gets!
  5. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    re: Kalinka Optics Warehouse

    I have no idea who makes their scopes - I assume a variety of manufacturers. According to a post made by the company president a few years ago, they are located in D.C. and have a second warehouse in St. Petersburg. Do they still have a 2-week-long send-it-back-if-you-don't-like-it policy?

  6. Ash

    Ash Well-Known Member

    Belomo and NPZ are the two main manufacturers of their PSO and POSP scopes. The former is in Belorus while the latter is in Russia. They are both original military optics manufacturers and these scopes are rugged.

    Other scopes, such as the PILADE are okay, but not great. I owned the PILADE once, and it was a decent enough scope, but the Nikon is better for a cheaper price.

    Kalinka Optics is a decent company to do business with. If you are looking for Russian military optifcs, Tantal is another who is great to work with.


  7. 24kshooter

    24kshooter Well-Known Member

    IMO more of a companion item for your Mosin or other historical rifle. The company has been around for quite some time now and have a good reputation. If you want a solid Russian type scope with outstanding optics and durability buy an IOR from Valdada.
  8. MIL-DOT

    MIL-DOT member

    Kalinka is a reliable,reputable operation. I've had a Belarus-made 4x POSP on a Saiga for a year or so, i think it's a fantastic scope. There's no problem with lens clarity, it's excellent glass. I'd say get the one you want before it's gone. I was considering another of the same scope, then noticed they'd finally sold out of it.:(
  9. GeezerwithGuns

    GeezerwithGuns Well-Known Member

    I purchased a POSP 6 x 42 scope from them a couple of months ago. Expect to do all of your communication through email. They do not have a phone # listed on their website - that concerned me, but the scope arrived 3 days after placing my order and in good shape. Everything was as advertised. I feel that the scope itself is one of the best values available today. For the price, it seems to be excellent quality with a clear and bright lens and built like a tank. They will not win any beauty contests, but I wanted an authentic "industrial" look on my RPK.
  10. mtngunr

    mtngunr Well-Known Member

    ditto Geezer's experience/thoughts....I found the scope optics of comparable quality to an El Paso Weaver K4, which suprised me....
  11. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    Kalinka is a wonderful place to deal with. I've bought a 4x POSP scope from themf or my SAIGA, and then a 2.5-5x25mm POSP weaver mount for my FAL. They work very well and are extremely clear and durable.

    In my opinion, they are one of the best scope values on the market right now.
  12. goon

    goon Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reviews.
    I'm not sure what I want to do yet, but I do like the POSP type reticle. Seems like it would make quick elevation adjustments for walking rounds on to target fairly easy.
  13. Ash

    Ash Well-Known Member

    Are you looking for an AK or SVD style mount?

  14. goon

    goon Well-Known Member

    Neither - I'd need something like Deer Hunter describes so I could mount it on an FAL. I'd probably start with a DSA mount and then go from there to see what I needed to get it mounted on my rifle.
    Right now, this is more of a research type thing but I have been thinking lately that I could really use a scope on at least one of my rifles.
  15. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    Here are some pretty poor pictures of the rifle. I need to get some more.



    The scope works very well. I can't find it on the Kalinka website right now.
  16. King Bear

    King Bear Member

    I've ordered from them before. eMail them before you order to make sure what you want is in stock. If it is not, it may be a long time in getting it. These things take the slow boat from Russia.

    If it's in stock, they've always shipped very quickly to me. The scopes don't have the best glass, but it's better than el cheapo western scopes in the same price range. As for durability, I think you could punt them 80 yards onto concrete and just mar the finish.
  17. Ash

    Ash Well-Known Member

    Of course, el-cheapo western scopes are made in China...

  18. goon

    goon Well-Known Member

    Deer Hunter - I don't think they have one like yours listed but they do have one that is a 2x-6x.
    I would have preferred something at about a fixed 4x just because fewer moving parts is always a good thing IMO.
    But I suppose if they're as durable as King Bear describes, variable power will probably do just fine.
    With all these good reviews, I'm thinking hard about going this route.
  19. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    They are extremely durable, don't let the variable power throw you off.
  20. elmerfudd

    elmerfudd Well-Known Member

    The scopes are built like tanks and the optics are pretty good. The only problem is that the scopes aren't very ergonomic at all. They generally sit higher than I'd like and about 1" off to the left. Adjustments are a PITA. The reticles are different than most of us are used to, but reasonably functional. Take the eyecup off and throw it in a box or something and the scope will be much improved.

    Avoid the 1P21 scopes like the plague. They outsmarted themselves when they designed them and came up with a really simple and clever rangefinding system that in practice is totally impractical and also leaves the scope much less functional.

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