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RWVA Shoot - Mingus, TEXAS!

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by RWVA Shooter, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. RWVA Shooter

    RWVA Shooter New Member

    Nation of Riflemen/RWVA Texas Riflemen's Weekend -- October 29-30

    Save the date, folks -- we've got something big in the works!

    On Saturday, October 29, 2005, the RWVA will hold the next in its "Nation of Riflemen" series of clinics and shoots in the backyard (so to speak) of NoR jefe Kim du Toit.

    It's a chance for all of us to meet, shoot, learn, and bond on one of the finest ranges in the country -- the Tac Pro Shooting Center in Mingus, TX. Kim has also been gracious enough to agree to conduct a book signing for his first published novel, Vienna Days, so bring some extra cash!

    You'll be near enough to Dallas-Fort Worth for non-Texans like me to find it, but far enough out in the lush beauty of central Texas to be able to practice your riflery and test yourself on Fred's Army Qualification Test (AQT). We'll also have a bunch of practical and fun shooting games that will test your ability to shoot, move, and even communicate as a team.

    Course of fire is TBD, but here's a preliminary schedule (shooters will get a copy of the course of fire as they sign in):

    0800-0900: Registration/Sign-In/Safety Instruction/Range & Firing Line Protocols

    0900-1400: 25M AQT Instruction
    - Sling/Position Instruction
    - Obtain 25M Zeroes for all Students
    - Fire 1 qualifying stage (20 rounds) as baseline; 2 rounds standing in 20 secs; 4 rounds seated from standing in 30 seconds; 6 rounds prone from standing in 60 seconds; 8 rounds prone in 3 minutes
    - Instruction on "six steps of firing the shot" and "natural point of aim"
    - Fire another 25M AQT stage
    - Ball and dummy drill
    - Multiple "round" drills -- see drill of the day from blog
    - Fire final 25M AQT stage

    1400-Dark: Practical Riflery at Actual Distance

    - Explanation of "battlesight zero" concept
    - Confirm 200 and 300 yard zeroes for all student at 250M/275 yards
    - Reactive targets at known distances (300-500 yards) against time/ammo limitations
    - “Shoot and Scoot”

    O-dark-hundred to whenever: Group Meal/Cocktails at Local Beanery-- NB: local recon reports VERY welcome!
    Second day looks like this:

    0800-0830: Coffee/Instruction in NRA Highpower Course of Fire

    0830-1200: Blue group (people choose at sign-up): NRA Highpower Match

    0830-1200: Red group (people choose at sign-up): Training the Trainers -- How to Make More Riflemen Where You Live

    1200-1600: Rifleman Competitive Events -- TBD

    1600: Awards/Bon Voyage


    1) Folks interested in camping should go here for possible accommodations, as we cannot stay overnight on the range (I asked!). Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn? Then go here.

    2) I've gotten a few notes from people who are concerned about how tough the course of fire will be.

    Let's be clear -- our goal is to get together and learn from each other, not to have some stupid-arsed anatomy-swinging contest. Everybody can and should shoot the Saturday AQT clinic at 25 meters, as well as all of the other events -- you'll get good zeroes on your rifles, learn/refresh yourselves on the fundamentals of firing a good shot, and give yourself a baseline for more range improvement once you get back home.

    We'll be there to help you learn, and help you become a Rifle Instructor back home.

    So come on out and have a GREAT time!

    3) Given that our objective is to familiarize everyone with traditional riflery techniques, you should dress and equip yourself to shoot from standing, sitting, kneeling, "rice paddy squat", and prone positions. If you're anything like me, preparation will include getting mentally used to being on the ground (shooting mats/groundcloths are permitted), as well as stretching all of the lovely body parts that don't get stretched while flying a desk or driving a mouse.Elbow and/or knee pads might be a good idea, as well, and we'll have a few shooting jackets available.

    For this shoot, barring some physical handicap that prevents you from assuming one or more of the traditional positions, "benches are only for eating!"

    All of our events will be designed to be fun and educational -- in that order. Yeah, there will be some long-distance work, but it will be designed to familiarize you with shooting at those distances. Quality riflery is ALWAYS the product of relentless and ongoing application of the basics -- practice, practice, and more practice. Our goal is to expand your horizons of what constitutes "practice". And did I mention that it will be fun?

    In short, grab your guns (plural), ammo, and gear, and c'mon down - you WON'T regret it.

    But remember -- bring water, hats, rain/sun gear (including sunscreen and possibly bug juice), food, and whatever else you'll need to be comfortable in the "lush" Texas environment. Lunch will be on the fly, as we will likely not have time for a full break -- so make plans accordingly.

    In addition, you should have cleaning gear with you to get any dirt/dust/sand/crud out of your rifle if it malfs. For that matter, it's probably best to come with your rifle as close to bone dry/grease-free as you can get it.

    See you in Texas!

    Send any questions to bloviate@hotmail.com
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2005
  2. hobbeeman

    hobbeeman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the information, it looks like alot of fun! Is there an age limit on this workshop? My son (12) and I are always looking for fun/training. He is an exceptional kid (no bias)
  3. cabinboy

    cabinboy Well-Known Member

    No age limit. Parents/guardians will be responsible for the safety and safe gun handling of their children (of course), and you will have to execute liability waivers for yourself and your son.

    All that mumbo-jumbo being said, folks under 20 get in for free!
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2005
  4. RWVA Shooter

    RWVA Shooter New Member

    RWVA Shoot

    Cabinboy is right there is no age limit!

    Check out the "Young Rifleman in Training" at the RWVA site! He is 10 and did a good job at the July 4th shoot!

    The Young Rifleman in Training had a great time and I know your son will have a great time too!

    Hope to see you there!
  5. hobbeeman

    hobbeeman Well-Known Member

    I missed the cost of this event. I saw that you said under 20 is no charge, how about those over 20?
  6. RWVA Shooter

    RWVA Shooter New Member

    Cost of the Event

    The cost is only $25.00 per day! It is a great value when you consider the training you will receive!
  7. cabinboy

    cabinboy Well-Known Member

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