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S/A carry gun?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by kbbailey, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. kbbailey

    kbbailey Well-Known Member

    I admit I'm not a dbl action guy. I just like a good single action. Does anyone have one of the 3.5" SAA that I have been drooling over?? Montado, USFA Storekeeper, Cimmaron Thunderer or Lightning, EMF Pony Express, Taylor&Co Runnin' Iron, etc???
    I'm thinkin' about one for carry.

    Does any have the transfer bar safety to carry all chambers loaded??
  2. My friend has a Ruger Bird's Head .45 Colt that he carries CCW in a "Doc Holiday" type shoulder holster on occasion, and I have been eyeing a Ruger Montado type offering (stainless) that just came out in .44 Special. Almost all of my guns have been used for CCW, as I try to get compatible holsters that can serve for field or CCW use for all of them, but using a single action revolver for defense requires a very high level of practice, competence, and confidence with same. I have been shooting handguns for over 40 years, and feel I am experience and competent enought to make a single action work. I know my limits, and the limits of the gun, and can also be cool headed enough to limit myself to five shots with a slow reload (some guys are carrying J-frames with no reload out there, I just know they are!), so a .44 or .45 is better than that, and if using a Ruger, you can load six, too. There are more appropriate defensive guns that will give you better tactical odds, but who's to say a SA revolver won't get the job done?
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2011
  3. markallen

    markallen Well-Known Member

    When I owned this Vaquero, I occasionally carried it concealed. I sold the Taurus, and it was all I had at the time.

    It concealed ok, and I never felt under gunned. This was a .45 by the way.

  4. kbbailey

    kbbailey Well-Known Member

    Don't be too concerned about my ccw being a S/A. While I do have a Utah ccp, it is useless here in IL. The only time I might actually carry would be out of state, and probably only have it in the truck.
    Been shooting S/A for 35 yrs myself!
  5. average_shooter

    average_shooter Well-Known Member

    The Berretta SAA offerings utilize a transfer bar, as does Ruger of course. Ubertis and the like do not.

    I know I don't really feel "under gunned" with my SAA on me when I'm on the farm.
  6. BCCL

    BCCL Well-Known Member

    Uberti is getting into the shorter barreled models, with their El Patron Cowboy mounted shooting versions in 4 and 3.5 inch barrels.
  7. kbbailey

    kbbailey Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna spend some time on the AT in Georgia next summer. If I'm gonna tote it around...I want to have all six chambers stoked. I don't think Uberti uses the transfer bar.
  8. BlindJustice

    BlindJustice Well-Known Member

    Colt is in niche market with

    Cheriffs MOdel Colt SAA 3" Bbl.

    "Storekeeper: Colt SAA 4" Bbl.

    both have no ejector/shroud and have whitish grips.

    the SHeriffs model was also put out by COlt or a
    Texas distribuor in the '60s - sort of a 2nd hideway
    for a New York Reload - Storekeeper, I could see a
    shopkeeper keeping one under the counter.

  9. batmann

    batmann Well-Known Member

    I carry my Ruger Flattop .44 Spl in a Simply Rugged holster. If you are planning on a SA for CC, you will want the transfer bar like Ruger has, you can carry 6 safely with it. IF you can find one, the new Sheriffs model in .44 Spl is very good as is the Montado in either .357M or .45 Colt.
  10. BCCL

    BCCL Well-Known Member

    Sorry kkbailey, missed the transfer bar part!

    That for sure cuts out the Uberti's.

    Ruger of course has them, as well as Heritage Arms Big Bore series made by Pietta, but I'm not sure they do any barrels shorter that 4 5/8ths.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2011
  11. PRM

    PRM Well-Known Member

    Cimarron Lightning

    One of my favorites.

    Cimarron Lightning in 38 SPL

    Upgraded with elephant ivory grips by Jerry Meacham

    Attached Files:

  12. kbbailey

    kbbailey Well-Known Member

    I already reload both .357 and .45colt. I'd like to stick with one or the other...don't really care which. Probably lean towards .45colt since son #1 has a .45colt Blackhawk, and I hunt deer with a 7.5" .45c BH.

    I assume that the .357 and the .45c are the same size except for chambers/bore....like the Blackhawks??
  13. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig Well-Known Member

    SAA as a viable SD gun.

    30. Regardless of how much you love your SAA (or Ruger Blackhawk) the SA revolver is not a good choice for concealed carry. It is slower for follow up shots and agonizingly slow to reload. Carry one if it makes you happy, or if you have no other option, but don’t try to argue that it’s a good choice. It is not.
  14. aryfrosty

    aryfrosty Well-Known Member

    S/A Carry

    I posted a question about finding a good holster for CCW on a Cowboy forum and you should have seen some of the rants about an single-action being a bad choice because of this and that and the other reason...I carry a Ruger Birdshead in .45 and in my proffesional opinion it is a good choice. At times I also carry an HK P-7 PSP. Many thoughts apply. Practice with it. A LOT. Carry it in good leather. It will certainly take away any "spray and pray" mentalities a person who would carry might have.
    The bottom line is that if you are comfortable with it and practice enough to handle it well, then carry it and don't worry one minute about what other folks think of you. "Experts" are thick upon the ground on forums, but few of them are open-minded about differing opinions/ideas.
  15. dogngun

    dogngun Well-Known Member

    Uberti quality is fine, and they can be loaded safely

    with 6...I have been shooting SAA's for over 25 years, and I would have no problem carrying one-I have in the past. I'd prefer a flat nosed bullet in .45 Colt or a heavy JHP in .357 magnum.

    I have had and carried both.

  16. thunder173

    thunder173 Well-Known Member

    Sorry SaxonPig,..but I have to stand with aryfrosty on this one.

    In my sixty years, I have on many occasions carried a SA concealed, ...and wouldn't hesitate to do so again if the need,...or desire to do so presented,.....and I've never felt undergunned with an SA revolver any more than I do when I am carrying a 5 shot J frame.

    If a person is comfortable with the SA, practices with it, and knows it's limitations,..AND theirs,...who's to say it's not right for THEM. It may not be what YOU would choose,...or me either for that matter,..and there may well be better choices out there for sure,..... But at the end of the day,.... it's an individuals choice. It's neither right,...nor wrong.

    If I decided that I was going to carry an admittedly slow to reload,...and "slow to get a second and subsequent shot on target SA",,...that'd be my choice. And if I ever have to use it in a gunfight,....well,...I don't figure on reloading anyways. If it ain't done in six,.. slow and for sure,..I may have to use it as a club,.....but they'll danged sure know I was there.

    As I close here,...my old Pop never owned any other kind of handgun,...but he was pretty fast,... AND pretty good,... with his old Colt SAA in 45LC,...good enough that I've seen him stand his ground with it,... when others turned tail and scooted,....and I sure wouldn't want to be one to be standing in front of any man, ...or any woman,... that is that good with one.

    as always,...that's MY 2 cents worth,....ymmv
  17. CraigC

    CraigC Well-Known Member

    I would have to strongly disagree with that. If what you are most familiar and proficient with is the single action, it is by far a better choice than a more "politically correct" firearm that you may be vaguely familiar with. It's up to the individual to decide. I don't care at all for polymer automatics. I own only one, am not intimately familiar with it and don't feel the need to be. I spend hours and hours and thousands of rounds shooting single actions. They are what I am most familiar, comfortable and proficient with. I imagine lots of single action shooters feel the same way.

    If you don't agree, don't carry one.
  18. thunder173

    thunder173 Well-Known Member

    Well said CraigC...........
  19. NMGonzo

    NMGonzo Well-Known Member

    Betcha there are some fast single action shooters out there.
  20. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    I believe that the only "quality" big-bore Single Action that's currently being made with a transfer bar safety is the Ruger, although models with this feature were previously made by Beretta/Uberti and Taurus. However both weren't cataloged with a barrel length under 4 3/4".

    While any handgun that is reliable and chambered to use a "meaningful" cartridge can be carried and/or used for self-defense, a Single Action is not the one I'd put at the top of my list, and my association with the old thumb-buster goes back to the early 1950's. While saying that, I have to admit that I've known men that were both fast and accurate - at least for the first five shots. But if you are using heavy loads the plow handle grip will roll the muzzle upward after each shot, and you have to reposition the gun in your hand. Colt tried to address this issue in they're models 1877 and 1878 Double Actions, as well as later hand ejectors, such as the New Service.

    Ed McGivern did some fantastic speed shooting that was unquestionably accurate, using a Colt SAA / 5 1/2" chambered in .38 Special - but he did even better with Smith & Wesson Military & Police revolvers with 2 to 6 inch barrels chambered to use the same ammunition.

    But anyway, a choice is ultimately made by each individual, and I leave it to others to do exactly that. ;)

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