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S&W 22A question...

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by jt1, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. jt1

    jt1 New Member

    My friend just got a new S&W 22A, when the last round is fired, the bolt locks to the rear, a new mag is inserted and the bolt closes loading a new round without the operator releasing the bolt hold open latch...is this correct for this model? Seems like you should have to release the latch before the bolt closes...any info appreciated.
  2. offroaddiver

    offroaddiver New Member

    I don't have this occur with mine or the gf's. Possibly a spring has been reinstalled incorrectly or broken. Possibly where the slide release and slide have worn to a point that the slide is barely held open. If not savvy with guns I would take it to a smith to do a thorough look over.
  3. jt1

    jt1 New Member

    This is a shiny NITB gun...
  4. REJones

    REJones New Member

    I don't have this issue with my 22A, either. Does this happen for different shooters with the same gun or does it happen mainly to your friend?
  5. darksidemxer

    darksidemxer New Member

    call smith, they have had some issues with the newer 22a's when i sent mine in for some custom work they asked the serial number i told them and naturally asked why, she said the newer ones have had slight issues and have been coming back for repairs so they would fix them before doing the custom work. mine isnt 1 of them, BUT it did take almost 4 months to get the gun back cuz i was far down on the list.
  6. RevDerb

    RevDerb New Member

    If I recall correctly, mine also does this. I don't find it to be an undesirable feature.
  7. docsleepy

    docsleepy New Member

    mine does NOT close automatically. Sounds like your slide catch is so touchy that just putting in the new magazine is causing it to let go...
  8. DasFriek

    DasFriek New Member

    Yeh,thats not supposed to happen.
    But on occasion when i insert an empty mag and pull the slide back it wont engage the slide stop effectively.
    A few things can make it better,and im guessing 1 would fix it but could cause feed issues requiring extra work.
    Making it better: Clean and lube the mag and follower.Clean and lube the slide stop mechanism and also hit it internally threw the bottom of the mag well with a long straw or take the slide off and do it from the top.This should make sure the mag follower is reaching its max height which is needed to engage the stop.

    What would fix it,but possibly cause feed issues is to adjust the mags tension on the sides of the follower.This will allow the follower to fully extend a lot easier.But in doing so its also easy to affect other things such as the angle the round is held at and it wont feed correctly without more different adjustment.

    Id just do the first part with cleaning and lubing,and last resort is to send it back to S&W if need be.If thats not possible messing with the mag follower tension may do the job.

    I know you said the issue happens when inserting a new mag,but why its happening is the slide stop is barley engaging and putting a new mag in makes it release.

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