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S&w 460

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by luckysedem, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. luckysedem

    luckysedem Member

    need some input for the S&W 460

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  2. Pate

    Pate Well-Known Member

    I own two of the "X" frames in S&W 500. I've also shot the 460 quite a bit. They are great guns and well worth the money.

  3. jibbs

    jibbs Well-Known Member

    I own that very gun in that pick. Great shooter, versatile, and not too bad of an animal to tame. You'll go broke shooting the 460 though unless you reload, as it is more expensive than the 500. Probably because of the popularity of the 500. On the bright side you can shoot all the 45LC and 454 Casull rounds you like at an affordable rate.

    That gun in that picture is no longer manufactured by S&W unfortunately. That was their 5" model. If you are looking for that particular gun you will have to find one nib or used in a store shelf or online somewhere.

    They only are currently making the 460XVR model which has barrel lengths of 8 3/8's to 14 inches with a couple of variants in between.

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