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S&w 952

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by robctwo, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. robctwo

    robctwo Well-Known Member

    I called my local gun dealer Monday afternoon and asked him if he could get a S&W 952, how much it would cost, and how long it would take to get it here. $1,560 out the door at 3:00 today (Wednesday), he called at 11:00 this morning to say it was in. This is my second S&W auto, and my first Performance Center gun. I have the 1911PD Commander.

    I'd been looking at 1911 9mms and realized that I'd wanted this gun for a number of years. I bought a Sig 226 Sport Stock instead of it because I needed the higher capacity to feel safe, or something. Still have the Sig for now, maybe not for long. I have small hands and the single stack fits me better in most cases.

    I broke down the 952 and gave it a good cleaning. It had a bit of powder residue from the factory shoot. Interesting swivel barrel bushing. Gun feels a lot like a 1911 which was expected with 41 oz weight, single stack and 5" barrel. It has a spectacular trigger. I'll post some pictures and a report once I get it out to the range.
  2. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    I never could get all warm and fuzzy towards mine but don't let that unsettle you.
    I was spoiled by two Sig P210 pistols.
  3. robctwo

    robctwo Well-Known Member



    When I broke this gun down to clean and lube, the slide seemed to be almost sticking when it went into battery. I had some of the slurry recommended by 1911 Tuner. Put some on the rails and top of the frame by the disonnector. Ran the slide without the recoil spring a bit and then cleaned it up real good. Much improved operation.

    I got out to the range yesterday for the first time with this gun. I ran a few through it at home to verify it would feed my reloads. I live semi rural, OK to shoot but I do not want to irritate the neighbors.

    I had some reloads, mostly 147 gr Bear Creek lead over 4.5 gr HS6.Nice soft shooting and accurate. Also had some 124 gr Hornady Action Pistol over 5 gr HS6.I ended up running 600 rounds through it. Everything ran great until the end. Had some underpowered 231 loads. They work good on the BHP but not enough energy to run the stainless slide. Especially when filthy.

    Great trigger. Very accurate. Very soft shooting due to the weight. Odd safety. It will take some getting used to for quick work.

    I had my Sig 226 Stainless Sport Stock, and my friend had his X5 along. I got the 952 to have a smaller grip and it is. Single stack vs double stack. Triggers in single action are very close. I may be selling the Sig, not sure yet.
  4. JoeHatley

    JoeHatley Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the new gun!!!

  5. Gixerman1000

    Gixerman1000 Well-Known Member

    Great gun, I love mine

  6. olav_a

    olav_a Well-Known Member

    I really like mine a lot. Very accurate and the trigger is awesome.

    Once you shoot the gun for a while the safety becomes very intuitive.


  7. schmeky

    schmeky Well-Known Member

    I hate people with guns a bunch nicer/better than mine. :cuss:

    That said, I think the 952's are some of the best looking semi-autos around.


    That 945 is awesome.

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