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S&W Customer Service

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by dmftoy1, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. dmftoy1

    dmftoy1 Well-Known Member

    IS GREAT!!

    About a week ago I posted about the trigger return spring breaking on my Model 500. I shipped the gun back to S&W last wednesday (they paid freight) and this morning it arrived back. Not only did they fix the problem but it appears that gave it an action job. (at least that's what the paperwork indicates, and it does feel smoother).

    Count me as a happy camper!!

    Have a good one,
  2. mattz357

    mattz357 Well-Known Member

    I have had very good experiences as well. I have told the people that I have spoken to that I appreciate what they do, and I wrote a letter to make sure their boss knows as well. Make sure they know that their efforts are appreciated.
  3. dmftoy1

    dmftoy1 Well-Known Member

    That's a good point. I'll try to write them a letter/email.

  4. mattz357

    mattz357 Well-Known Member

    I sent the following letter to S&W via email and snail mail. The email got a quick reply but the letter got a reply letter and a free keychain. I have never dealt with the customer service organization of any company and received better service than at S&W.

    Dear Smith & Wesson

    As you well know, the firearms industry is a very competitive one. Price, features and design are very similar among many firearms, leaving little to differentiate one from another. When conditions such as this exist, it is often the service offered by a company that sets them apart from their competitors, and in this regard, Smith & Wesson excels.

    Regardless of my question or concern, I have been presented with prompt, polite and informed responses with each inquiry to Smith & Wesson. How refreshing it has been to call a company’s toll free customer service number and not have to wait endlessly to get through, not to mention the fact that I actually get to speak with a human being who is eager and willing to help. These are the often forgotten details of customer service that are always appreciated, but rarely offered.

    It is the dedication to each customer, and to the small but important details, which has turned me into a lifelong Smith & Wesson admirer. It is the Smith & Wesson revolvers that I own that have turned me into a lifelong Smith & Wesson enthusiast. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and for the quality products you continue to provide the shooting community.
  5. Bullet

    Bullet Well-Known Member

    Fixed plus an action job. Glad to hear this worked out so good for you. My experience with Smith & Wesson's service was good too.
  6. Rockrivr1

    Rockrivr1 Well-Known Member

    The one time I had a problem with a S&W of mine, they provided top notch service. Compared to some companies, firearms or not, they are definitely at the top.

    I live less then an hour away from the factory in Sprinfield MA, so I drove the gun there and they shipped it back to me free of charge. It was definitely worth it as they have a top notch public range there where you can bring your own firearms or rent one of thiers. The only bad thing, they can't rent you a S&W 500. Seems that the backstop is rated to stop the round, but the ceiling to the range cannot. Seeing they are in a very populated area, guess it just makes sense. :uhoh: Wish they could rent it though. I'd love to shoot that bad boy!!!
  7. Bill B.

    Bill B. Well-Known Member

    :) It's good to see posts such as yours! Seems most posts like to vent but all gun makers turn out both good and bad products. S&W has been very good in the customer service area with me also.
  8. J Miller

    J Miller Well-Known Member

    Man, I must be cursed or something. I can't even get the person I've been told to speek to on the phone. :confused:

    J :( e
  9. dmftoy1

    dmftoy1 Well-Known Member

    I don't know what type of issue you're having but I contacted them via email and via telephone. The email (surprisingly) took 2-3 days to get back to me. The guy on the phone pretty much gave me everything I needed.

    Good luck!!

  10. riverdog

    riverdog Well-Known Member

    I don't know what the layout is like at S&W but when I called CS regarding my 686-0 I got the impression that not everyone back there has a computer/email available and may not be able to drop everything to take a phone call or answer an email -- and why would they, it's a manufacturing plant, they make firearms.

    Anyway, the plan was that I'd call CS today and get an update on the status of my revolver. Before I called, FEDEX showed up with the 686 finished and ready for the range -- really excellent service. :)

    I'd much rather they spend their time actually putting product and service out the door than wasting time talking to me (or you) about it.
  11. bpisler

    bpisler Well-Known Member

    Not to long ago i sent back a 38-2 that developed a crack in the frame under the forcing cone.In a week they sent a new 638 to my house.
  12. OH25shooter

    OH25shooter Well-Known Member

    As of this writing I'm waiting for a shipping label to send my NIB 908 back to the factory. I've purchased two NIB S&W firearms and even the other (629) was returned for a timing problem. From the time I shipped it to Smith and the time it was returned was FOUR days. No complaints! I hope this time will be short as well. So, as stated I have no complaints with customer service. But, I have some concerns regarding the products being built today. I'm sure this new automatic will be repaired. But, I still will have quality built issues with S&W. I wish I never traded away my older models (80's and 90's).
  13. ruger357

    ruger357 Well-Known Member

    Have always had the best of luck with thier customer service.
  14. MAUSER88

    MAUSER88 Well-Known Member

    Some people trash them but I have only had one experience with them and it was GREAT. I had a slide lock open after every two shots fired with a full magazine on my model 645. I bought the pistol second hand and it was obviously a "carried" piece as the finish was worn. I sent the pistol back for repair on their dime and asked, mind you I only asked, how much to have the pistol refinished. It was back in 7 days REFINISHED and fixed all for FREE! Can't get much better service than that IMHO. :)
  15. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    It has been a while ago, but FWIW, here is my experience. I sent a K-22 back to the factory because it misfired, apparently due to a problem in the frame mounted firing pin. The dealer I shipped it through got a letter asking if I wanted it reblued ($17(!) at the time). Of course I said yes.

    When the gun came back it not only had been reblued but every part except the frame and the stocks was brand new. They had even put in a new cylinder with the left hand thread extractor rod, plus a new barrel. All the internal parts were new. I thought that was pretty good customer service.

    The $17 was the only charge.

  16. jdkelly

    jdkelly Well-Known Member

    The range at S&W....allows people to shoot the 500

    The range at S&W, on a certain day of the week, was allowing people to shoot the 500 at something like $2.00 a round.


  17. scottauld

    scottauld Member

    I called S&W yesterday and "Joe" answered the phone. I told him that the screw for my cylinder release was cracked. He asked me for my address and dropped one in the mail for me.

    Earlier this year when I first bought the 629, I called and asked if I could buy replacement sideplate screws (someone had apparently used pliers to remove the screws). Larry there said no charge, and sent me a full set. You understand, this was not their fault... someone else had buggered the screws and yet they sent me a free replacement set?

    How can you not like those folks? Happy Thanksgiving to the folks in Springfield.

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