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S&W M&P 40 versus M&P 40 Pro series

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by HOOfan_1, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. HOOfan_1

    HOOfan_1 Well-Known Member

    I am in the market for an M&P 40 and I kind of want to go whole hog with the Pro Series, but I am not sure if it is worth the extra $110-$120

    I passed up a normal M&P 40 for $554 and a Pro Series for $669 today...both of those were at 1 gun shop which seemed to have plenty of variety in stock.

    At another gun shop, I have seen the M&P 40 for $510...but today all they had was the range kit at $509, which I am not sure is worth the extra money to me.

    I am trying to decide if I should just pay the $670 (seems like SIG or HK money almost) for the Pro Series, or wait until the other gun shop comes back with the normal 40 for $509

    Does anyone have experience with both? Is the Pro Series truly superior? Is it worth $100+ more?
  2. razorback2003

    razorback2003 Well-Known Member

    I have a pro series 9mm with the 5 inch barrel. It is a good shooter and fits my hand well.

    You need to find what fits your hand.
  3. Fremmer

    Fremmer Well-Known Member

    Yup or buy the standard and the apex kit for it for the same price as the stock pro.

    Iirc from a prior thread, the pro series has the same gritty trigger as the standard model.
  4. HOOfan_1

    HOOfan_1 Well-Known Member

    I am looking at the standard 4.25" barrel...so they will fit my hand the same
  5. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    Yes the only difference, in feel, between the FS and the Pro will be a bit of additional forward weight bias.

    I've shot both and the only difference is a bit cleaner trigger break on the Pro. What the extra money also gets you is the fiber optic front sight. And the trigger isn't anywhere as nice as a M&P equipped with the Apex Tactical action parts

    The Pro series does offer a longer barrel/slide; the question would be if you need/can take advantage of the longer sight radius.

    I think you would have a better value shooter if you went with the FS and added the Apex Tactical parts. You could then add a fiber optic front sight, if you'd like, and still be at about the same price as the Pro
  6. HOOfan_1

    HOOfan_1 Well-Known Member

    The Pro Series I was looking at also had a 4.25" barrel. So it sounds like the trigger and sights are the only difference. I am not keen on the fiber optic sight though. The description on S&W's home page says it has night sights, but I am pretty sure the one I saw in the store had a fiber front sight.


    Sounds like the Pro Series is not really worth the extra cash. I tried the regular gun in the store and I didn't find the trigger objectionable.
  7. breacher

    breacher Well-Known Member

    get the L for the longer barrel and then add the Apex and you'll be much happier than with the pro
  8. razorback2003

    razorback2003 Well-Known Member

    The fiber optic insert for the front sight on the 5 inch Pro is kind of flimsy. I am now about to put in my third insert because they just do not hold up. I will probably in time put a Novak night sight on the front.

    The base 4 and a quarter inch barrel is a good gun in 40 cal and is smooth shooting. The trigger on the regular gun reminds me of a lighter but smooth double action revolver pull. You would have a real sweet gun by putting night sights of your choice on one. I haven't tried an APEX trigger.

    Sig and H&K are great guns. They shoot like lasers and have good triggers. You can pick from Double/Single or the DAK trigger on Sig. H&K gives you three different trigger options.
  9. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    I've shot the "L" model on a M&P9, but I've never seen one offered in .40
  10. osteodoc08

    osteodoc08 Well-Known Member

    At my LGS, the pro was $75 more. To me that was $75 well spent on night sights and a factory improved trigger. I have the 4.25" model. If I didn't like my P226 more, it'd be my HD gun.
  11. mes228

    mes228 Well-Known Member

    M&p pro c.o.r.e.

    If I purchased an M&P PRO, I would only purchase the C.O.R.E. Model. It's little more and has the pre machined slide for Micro Redot's. The pistol also comes with several mounting plates for the top models of red dots. These retail for about $50 each I believe. The pistol also comes with coupons for as much as 50% off on several manufactures red dots. I have the CORE with a J-Point and am quite pleased.

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