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S&W M&P Pre-Model 10 Price Check

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by rainbowbob, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. rainbowbob

    rainbowbob Well-Known Member

    I found a S&W M&P Pre-Model 10 (5 screw) at my local shop. It is on consignment with a $360 price tag. It appears to be in very good shape - solid blue, normal turn line, original checkered stocks, locks tight.

    Is this a decent deal?
  2. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams Moderator Emeritus

    Not bad, should be 60 to 100 cheaper.
  3. rainbowbob

    rainbowbob Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Brian. It's been there a while - maybe they are open to negotiation.
  4. Oro

    Oro Well-Known Member

    I agree. $275 to $300 OTD would be a good deal unless it is in near-new condition.
  5. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    Around these parts, $275 to $300 OTD is what Model of 1905 4th Changes seem to be selling for. If this revolver has a factory two inch barrel it may go for $360 though. The same probably goes for a five inch barrel.

    Keep in mind that only two or three years ago saw M&Ps commonly selling for under $200. We can expect the prices to continue to rise. I have not seen one on sale at retail for at least two years now. All things to think about.

    It's not about getting the price you want, it's about getting the gun you want.
  6. wnycollector

    wnycollector Well-Known Member

    I paid $195 OTD 2 months ago for a very good condition 5" M&P 4th change (circa 1924). Its a great shooter...gotta love those long actions!
  7. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    The Model of 1905 4th Change can bring more than you think. I was just out bid on Gunbroker for one. My bid was $777.77, and I got sniped. Granted it was a rare model.
  8. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    At $360 a like new, or close to it, pre-war or early post-war long-action revolver would not be out of line at an auction. In many local shops it would be on the high side. But condition is everything because once you go very far below "like new" the prices drop. If this dealer has had it for awhile and it's collecting dust I'd go in with cash money and talk an out-the-door deal.
  9. rainbowbob

    rainbowbob Well-Known Member

    Great points...thanks!

    Does my description lead you to believe that this is a 1905 4th change? can you tell me the serial number range for that? I will call the shop and try to obtain their numbers (should have wrote them down on the spot).
  10. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    A "Pre-Model 10" is a Model of 1905 4th Change, also known as a Military & Police revolver. The serial numbers cover 52 years.
  11. rainbowbob

    rainbowbob Well-Known Member

    Thanks Xavier.

    I just called the shop and they told me the serial number is C231765.

    I was also told that they are open to negotiation - particularly on a consignment sale.

    I'm thinking $275 as suggested.
  12. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    The pre-model 10's were made from 1946 when commercial production resumed after World War Two, until 1957 when model numbers replaced names.

    Within this era you find serial numbers running from S 811,120 to S 999,999, and then C 1 to around C 400,000 in 1957 Your number C 231,765 was probably made around 1953 - 1954, but only a factrory letter would confirm a date. It will have the later "short action" rather then the "long action" used on .38 1905 Hand Ehectors. It is a relatively common revolver which at this time attracts little collector interest unless it is LNIB. On the other hand it is very popular with some shooters. $275.00 would be a good deal. 2" snubbies command a bit more, and the long 6" length is less popular (but they make tack-driver shooters). The 5" length is favored by some, and the 4" is the most common.
  13. rainbowbob

    rainbowbob Well-Known Member

    Thanks Fuff for the great info. I'm interested in this one primarily as a fun shooter if I can get it for the right price.
  14. Oro

    Oro Well-Known Member


    We are local. I have a few of these and am pretty familiar with them. Let's look at it together and I can give you some (talented amateur? Semi-knowledgeable?) advice. Also, if you'd like to shoot one ahorehand, you can try one of mine (except my Navy). Currently my post-war S model is dirty; my girl took it to the range last weekend and has not cleaned it yet! Lets get it dirtier.

    A "C" model reduces my interest in paying a lot. Pre-War or "S" models are what you want. Several very desirable features were deleted by then - the long action, and the 1/2 moon front sight, namely. This gun falls more into the "pedestrian post-war" category and unless it's virtually new shouldn't command a big premium, and unless it has original grips, not worth pursing unless it comes very cheaply. K frame magnas from that period in excellent or better condition can fetch $75 to 100 alone, and should be deducted from the gun price unless the gun has the original grips.

    pm me if you'd like to talk about it or have someone look at it. OTOH, if you are just looking for a "shooter", and it has the barrel length you want, (4" is the limit of a "fun field gun" to me in a k frame) and it's clean and sober, a sub-$300 price is not too much to pay. Realize, though, if it's a 5" gun that holsters are hard to come by unless custom nowadays. 5" was the most common length then, but not since the early/mid 60s. Here's a 5" M&P, '47 vintage with the long action, I bought fall of 2007, and it came with a custom TX hand-made holster all for $300 and with virtually no use, 99% or better condition. From the classifieds here. Unless you are getting just the gun you want, don't pay $300 for an M&P unless you've done a lot of shopping. With over four million of these made, there are lots out there to choose from, and they come up for sale with stunning regularity.

    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
  15. rainbowbob

    rainbowbob Well-Known Member


    The gun and holster pictured sounds like one heck of a deal.

    I believe the one I saw is a 4". Your point is well-taken that this is in no way rare or collectible - and that there are plenty of these post-war models out there to be had for under $300.

    Thanks for the offer. I would love to shoot one of yours and pick your brain a little before deciding on a purchase.

    I will PM and see if we can get together.
  16. Thor Bloodax

    Thor Bloodax Well-Known Member

    I picked up a five screw 6" bbl, pre-model 10 (M&P) which had been carried by an Eastman, Georgia policeman from Crazy Tim's Pawn shop for $150. Hardly any bluing but it had almost never been shot. All matching serial numbers including the stocks. It is a carry gun for me, smooth as silk, well balanced, accurate and just feels right in my hand.

    Bought a 10-5 which had been bought new, loaded, placed in a holster in a desk drawer and forgotten for about 45 years for $150. Like new, test fired only. The holster acid had removed a small spot of bluing on each side of the barrel and the gun was completely dry wilth a small spot of rust here nd there. Easily restored with some 0000 steel wool and some cold blue. Works great. The bluing is still on the sear.
  17. S&W-Keeper

    S&W-Keeper Well-Known Member

    If it checks our good, and has a great finish, I would pay that for a pre-10, especially if it is a snubbie.
  18. Gatorbait

    Gatorbait member

    I have pre-war (probably pre-WW1) M&P change 4. I've never fired it and only today I decided to snap it. I'm an 81-year old weakling and I found I need 2 fingers to fire it double action. Single action it's smooth as silk and very light pull. I just this minite found I can pull it double action with my forefinger if my aarm is bent, but extended--no way. It's 5 screw, nickel plated. Has some rust above the cyliner in the sighting groove.Date of manufacture estimated as very close to 1915. 4 inch barrel. Checked out by good gunsmith after I received it (a gift, as was a serial #71xx M1911 about a year ago!) any sale value in the S&W? I have too many handguns. I need to get somethiing long to take to the civil war if one should happen.

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