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S&W M&P vs Sig PRO 2022 vs. Springfield XD-9

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by knicks118, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. knicks118

    knicks118 Well-Known Member

    which one would you pick and why?

    i know all the specs but I'm asking the opinion of the experience THR members :)
  2. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    M&P. I like its trigger action better than the XD's. I have not shot a SigPro but have owned and shot the similar-sized P228. This gun was always a little large for my hands and had a long DA pull and I never shot particularly well with it.
  3. Dorkfish

    Dorkfish Active Member

    Three different fits in the hand. Heard the same on the M&P regarding the trigger comp to the XD. Springfield does offer custom trigger work from the factory (costs extra). The Sig is supposed to be quite nice if it fits in your particular hand.

    Just get all 3 and be done with it! Carry the one that fits your mood for the day.
  4. skwab

    skwab Well-Known Member

    All are nice guns. I'd say the M&P. I have a full size in .40 and a 9mm compact. I just like the balance compared to the XD. I've wanted to like the XD - I know so many people love it but every time I've gone to get an XD, I've walked away with the M&P. In my hands it just feels very natural. Like the trigger too compared to the XD - haven't tried the Sig. But I agree with Dorkfish - all 3!
  5. LoneStarWings

    LoneStarWings Well-Known Member

    M&P, because I enjoy shooting mine.
  6. gglass

    gglass Well-Known Member



    More LE contract wins than any other brand since it was introduced in 2006
    Made in America
  7. Pimpstar00

    Pimpstar00 Well-Known Member

    Recently shot the M&P 9mm, and I was very impressed. It was a range gun, so the trigger was very smooth and the grip ergonomics are excellent. Felt like a lighter pull than a glock.
  8. XDM1390

    XDM1390 Member

    Thats tough. Those are all really great weapons... but if it were me it would be the XD, i own a XDM9 and i couldnt be happier. Accurate, reliable, comes with all the accesories you will need.
    Really comes down to preference, hold them, shoot them if possible, then decide.
  9. I picked the M&P because I can rack the slide, see if there is a round in the chamber, gun locks open when empty and has a good behavior in recoil and finally... fits my hand where everything is where it should be.
  10. HippieMagic

    HippieMagic Well-Known Member

    I'm buying an M&P with my income tax when my check gets here... I am just not a fan of the XD line... I just wasn't happy with the way it felt in my hand. I can't really explain why it just didn't feel natural to me.
  11. Jed Carter

    Jed Carter Well-Known Member

    Only SIG I never cared for, I personally would not overlook the Walther P99 or the H&K P30 or P30L. I would suggest trying out both / all of your choices at a range that rents or loans demos. Buy what shoots best, feels best in your hand.
  12. knicks118

    knicks118 Well-Known Member

    I've shot the XD and M&P but not the Sig.

    I'm going with the Sig.

    BTW, I'm using my tax return to fund this purchase :) .
  13. outdoorman63

    outdoorman63 Well-Known Member

    i have owned all of them and have gotten rid of all of them except the xd..we only own xd's..they function flawlessly,they handle great and we can shoot them well..just my 2 cents thou...
  14. Defense Minister

    Defense Minister Well-Known Member

    I love my M&Ps. Haven't shot the others.
  15. chupacabrah

    chupacabrah Well-Known Member

    "different fits for different hands" sums it up pretty nice.

    however, I like the way M&Ps, XDs, AND glocks feel. THey're all quality.

    My m&P had a nice trigger. my glock trigger isn't bad. haven't shot an xd yet
  16. Guillermo

    Guillermo member


    As to your question, I am a huge fan of the XD line. My XD45 is flawless and delightfully accurate. Ergonomics are outstanding.

    Nothing against either of the other choices. Sig makes nice stuff and I am sure that the M&P is also good. (I just don't do business with Smith & Wesson.)

    BTW, I would not put too much stock into the
    Smith has been entrenching themselves as suppliers to law enforcement for many years. While I am sure that the M&P is a fine weapon, in sales it is "who you know."
  17. TBT

    TBT Well-Known Member

    That's some of it, the who you know thing, but not all of it. Still, I don't believe that should be a factor in ones choice either way.

    For my money, the M&P. I'm picking up an M&P9 myself. Maybe today if I can find one in stock local.
  18. M&PVolk

    M&PVolk Well-Known Member

    I carry an M&P compact model. I held (but did not shoot) a Sig, CZ, XP, and Glock. I really wanted to like the Sig, their reputation is amazing and they are clearly a quality gun, but it was just too big for my hands. The CZ was OK, but wasn't quite what I wanted. The Glock just didn't feel right in my hands. I wrestled a bit between the XD and M&P. I liked the options that were available on the XD, but the the M&P fit perfect in my hands. In retrospect, I am glad I selected the M&P and I love carrying and shooting it...especially with the CTC laser on it.
  19. Ghost Tracker

    Ghost Tracker Well-Known Member

    I've owned & shot all your choices (plus several more of the same ilk) and my choice is the S&W M&P. In fact, I'm in line to also get one of their new M&P .45 Compacts as soon as my dealer's shipment arrives.
  20. Runningman

    Runningman Well-Known Member

    Of the three, the S&W M&P would get my vote.

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