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S&W Model 13: Perfect Defense Gun?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Confederate, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Confederate

    Confederate Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen many of these lately. I had a brand new one years ago in Utah and foolishly sold it. I can still see it in my mind's eye lying in its box with the brown anti-moisture wrapping. Damn nice gun. What was I thinking?

    In my opinion it's the ideal home defense gun in all of Smith's line-up. It was the one gun I could always recommend to people wanting a good...did I say "good"? I meant "perfect" gun for a dresser drawer.

    If anyone has any photos of one, I'd like to them. As much as I like my Security-Six Rugers, I miss the 13 I let get away. It's why I tell people today not to sell or trade their handguns -- that they'll regret it. It had a perfect balance. The only thing bad about it were the grips, but for .38 ammo they were okay.

  2. Rorke's Drift

    Rorke's Drift Member

    One of my favorites. Like you mentioned, I don't see these much anymore. The grips work well with a T-Grip adapter, though I sometimes put Spegel boot grips on mine. I shoot .38s more than .357, and enjoy it more!
  3. sidheshooter

    sidheshooter Well-Known Member

    Perfect defense gun? Maybe so!

    I'd love to have a clean, 3" round butt 13. Until one crops up, I'll have to scrape by with my 3" round butt 65...

  4. roaddog28

    roaddog28 Well-Known Member

    Confederate here is my 13-2 4 inch barrel. Along with my Police Service Six 4 inch, these two are my home defense revolvers.
    model 13
    Ruger Service Six
  5. Certaindeaf

    Certaindeaf member

    Loved my brand new model 13 3" even though the barrel came unscrewed.. no pin.
    Armorer fixed that, bobbed the hammer, removed single action capacity, slicked it up. Had small Pachmayr's on it.. loved that gun.
  6. pendennis

    pendennis Well-Known Member

    I own its next generation cousin, the model 65. It's my everyday carry gun. I keep it loaded with Remingtion 158gr LSWCHP +P. Not the lightest of combinations, but it is comforting. It now wears Ahrends Retro Combat stocks.
  7. Owen Sparks

    Owen Sparks member

    Isn't this the same as the model 19 only without adjustable sights?
  8. Certaindeaf

    Certaindeaf member

    Pretty much save no ejector rod housing.
  9. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

    I've said what others already have - a 3" k-frame .357 is just about the perfect all-arounder. The only thing better than a 13/65 might be the Lady Smith, with the shrouded ejector.

    I love my 65. If I were limited to one gun, it'd get the nod. And it's smooooooth. :D

  10. easyrider6042004@yahoo.ca

    easyrider6042004@yahoo.ca Well-Known Member

    Yup, a 13 is one of the best but I went for a pair of of its stainless sisters, 65s instead, for my daughter and her husband.
  11. sixgunner455

    sixgunner455 Well-Known Member

    Purrfect. :D

    Just makes me happy holding it. Lurv mine. The issue grips are pretty, but the Hogue Bantams work better for me. Smooth, narrow, not grooved trigger, great balance, lurvley bluing.

  12. CajunBass

    CajunBass Well-Known Member

    I bought a 13-2 with a 4" barrel a few weeks ago. Althought I haven't shot it, I can't say I care much for it, after handling it at home. The 4" heavy barrel makes it too muzzle heavy to suit me. With a 3" barrel, or if the barrel was more tapered like the barrel on a Model 19, or 15, it would be better. Nice looking gun though.



    I do like the 65-5 Ladysmith though. A Model 13 in this configuration, I'm sure I'd like better.

  13. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams Moderator Emeritus

    My S&W 13-4 3" barrel with my S&W 65 round butt with a 4" model 64 pencil barrel.
  14. bigtubby

    bigtubby Well-Known Member

    Here is my 13 It now wear's a set of Bianchi lightning grips that shroud the hammer. The 13 and 65 LS are two that will never be sold.


  15. Unistat

    Unistat Well-Known Member

    I have a Model 13-3 square butt that is my nightstand gun. I love that hunk of iron. It had Hogue grips when I bought it and I have been scouring gun shows ever since looking for some factory walnut grips.

    I've named her Black Betty. I'll try to post some pics when I get home.
  16. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    I would love to have another Model 13; though I would prefer the 3" round butt this time around versus the 4" square butt model I had years ago.
  17. BlackSky

    BlackSky Well-Known Member

    13's and 65's are awesome guns. This 65 is my truck gun.

  18. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    I agree that a K-frame Smith & Wesson with a 3 to 4 inch barrel is an excellent choice for a home defensive weapon, but we part company when it comes to using .357 Magnum ammunition because of over-penetration and recoil issues. Therefore I prefer the matching model 10 in .38 Special, and would also recommend that the hammer be bobbed and changed to double-action-only because thumb-cocking might be counter productive in a high stress situation.
  19. StrawHat

    StrawHat Well-Known Member

    When I carried a 357, I had a M13. Liked it a bit but someone else wanted it more than I did. Eventually decided that if I was carrying a 38 caliber, the Special was all I needed.
  20. Elm Creek Smith

    Elm Creek Smith Well-Known Member

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