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S&W Model 5904

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Patriot2112, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Patriot2112

    Patriot2112 Member

    I have more weapons in my gun safe than I can count so it's always a challenge to figure out which ones to take when I go to the range. But the one that always goes in the case is my S&W 5904 9mm. I purchased it in 1989 when I was just beginning my Army career and it was my first handgun other than a little .22 I shot with my dad as a kid. It was state of the art when I first picked it up as it was part of the "Third Generation" S&W pistols with the wrap around grips, high capacity mags, ambidextrous thumb safety etc. Anyway, are there any other third generation S&W pistol shooters who would like to talk about their weapons? I also want some advice. My model has the fixed combat sights. It has ALWAYS shot about a 1/2" high and to the right. I am so used to compensating for the sights after all these years I can rapid fire 14 rounds through the head of a man sized target at 25 yards so I wonder if I should bother taking it to the gun smith and have him adjust the sights???
  2. isp2605

    isp2605 Well-Known Member

    My issued duty gun for several years was a 5904. Also carried a 6904 and a few other 3rd gen S&Ws. Still carry the 6904 today since I've retired. Don't carry the 5904 much anymore altho it's actually a better shooter than the 6904.
    Sights are easily adjustable for windage, something you could do yourself with a drift and small hammer. For elevation if you want something better than 1/2" high then try different types of ammo. Different weights and different makes will alter POI.
  3. Patriot2112

    Patriot2112 Member

    Thanks for the advice

    Thanks for the advice. I usually shoot decent FMJ practice ammo but I do notice a little better accuracy when I occasionally practice with my Federal Hydra Shock loads that I keep it loaded with when it's in my night stand or on my hip.
  4. Dot_mdb

    Dot_mdb Well-Known Member

    I have a very nice condition 4046 that I bought a number of months ago. These third generation Smiths are very fine weapons. Mine has been 100% reliable and I hear the same from many people who own them. Mine is a DAO and although the trigger is not light it is so smooth with such a relatively short stroke that it is capable of good work out to 25 yards. The all steel guns are a little heavy for civilian concealed carry but I am still considering purchasing a holster for it in case I decide to carry it.

  5. FM12

    FM12 Well-Known Member

    Patriot: I shot mine just today!! Shot about 100 rounds of cast reloads, ran just like a sewing machine...it has NEVER jammed on me. I bought it used, with 1-10 round, 1-15 round magazines at a police gunshop, it was a trade in...I gave $199. plus tax!! I love it, now that my department has changed it's "carry" weapons policy, my issued Sig 226/40 S&W is going in the drawer, and its back to the 5904!! I loves me some Smith & Wesson guns!!

    Happy thanksgiving, FM12
  6. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    My first semi-auto pistol, c. 1991, was a 5904. It was 100% reliable, never even a hint of a malfunction. Its accuracy was just fair, what gun rags like to call "accurate enough for close range defense." Unfortunately it was stolen. :fire: I did get it back almost two years later, but traded it in on a SIG P228. It seemed like a good idea at the time. ;)

    After a long absence, I rediscovered S&W "Third Generation" pistols, in the form of a 3913 LadySmith. (No, I don't care that it says "LadySmith" on it. :neener:) This little gun is a delight - it fits my hand perfectly, has actual one-hole accuracy, is very slender and flat (making it very comfortable to carry IWB) and also functions 100%. :cool: I hope to add some more Smith "third-gens" to my accumulation in the future. I would like to find a 3953 in particular.
  7. Patriot2112

    Patriot2112 Member

    I spent yesterday at the range with my 5904. Good times! I don't mind the sights being a little off after a few magazines I knew just the sight picture to use to be very accurate.
  8. byf43

    byf43 Well-Known Member

    I HAD a 5906.
    Bought it new in 1989. I also got 'bit' by the third generation 'bug'.

    I had owned a mdl 39-2, many years ago, and sold it shortly after buying it. "Dung" is an appropriate description of that pistol.

    My then new 5906 would shoot very well. Accurate as (ahem) heck.
    But, no matter what lube or grease I put between the slide and receiver, I was getting metal filings out of it.

    It was galling itself to death. The slide/frame fit was getting sloppier and sloppier. (Is sloppier a word???)

    So, that 5906 went for a ride to the gunshop and didn't come back home with me.

    I then found a 6906 that would have loved to have, but, my shooting buddy pulled out cash and bought it and took it home. (Maryland allowed FTF transactions, then.)

    Alas, no more 3rd generation S&W autos in my stable.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2007

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