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S&W Model 642 grip question

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by mfisher1967, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. mfisher1967

    mfisher1967 New Member

    Jun 3, 2006

    I am new to this forum and purchased a S&W Model 642 last night. This is the first handgun that I have owned since I purchased a Colt .380 Government Model back in 1990. Before that I carried an M16 for Uncle Sam, but that is another story. To make a long story short, I took my new S&W to the firing range last night and found that the factory installed grip did not fit my hand well and I actually ended up with a blister on the inside of my thumb after firing 100 rounds. I do not want to buy the laser style grip that I saw at the gun store, as it is fairly expensive, but am seeking advice from members of this forum on what grip seems to work well with this model of S&W? One other thing, I know that this is a new gun, and that I need to dry fire it a few hundred times, but the trigger seems to require an incredible amount of force to operate. How much will this improve over time? Do those of you that own the Model 642 notice the same thing? I am wondering if I will also have to invest in a trigger job. Thanks for your help. Mark in Houston, TX.
  2. magsnubby

    magsnubby Active Member

    Apr 20, 2004
    The 642 is a great little snubby. Yeah, the trigger was a little heavy but after dry firing it 1,000 (yeah...1,000) times and running 500 rounds through it, it smoothed up a whole bunch. It's still a little heavy but nothing that would cause blisters. An action job usually includes lighter trigger and hammer springs. Some J frames don't like the lighter hammer springs so that would be something to discuss with the 'smith.

    I've had action jobs done on several of my snubbies, and to me, it was money well spent. I bought a never fired no dash S&W model 60 (.38 spcl) that had a trigger that would make a grown man cry. After about 40 rounds i had a nasty blister on my trigger finger. It was that rough and heavy. After the action job it was a joy to shoot.

    I'm not sure what grips yours came with but mine had the Uncle Mike's boot grips. Not much there to hold on to. If you want something a little more hand filling than the boot grips check out Pachmayr Compacts or Hogue's.There's lots of choices for grips.

    Check out:
    www.getgrip.com (Hogue grips)
  3. mfisher1967

    mfisher1967 New Member

    Jun 3, 2006

    Yes, my Model 642 came with the Uncle Mike's Boot grips and I did get a blister on both my thumb and trigger finger. I was beginning to wonder if I had become a wimp! I plan to shop for some new grips this week and will post what I bought. I then need to dry fire this handgun a lot more than I expected. Oh well, part of the break-in process. Thanks for the links and your help.

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