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S&W Sigma: 9mm or .40?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by jpruitt, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. jpruitt

    jpruitt Well-Known Member

    Now that Smith and Wesson is having another promotion/rebate AND they're on sale at my local gun store, I've decided I'm going to purchase one of their Sigmas. $325 + 2 free extra mags is hard to beat.

    I can't decide if I want the 9mm or .40. I already have a Glock 19. Should I get another 9mm so I only have to buy one kind of ammo (that's less expensive than .40), or get the .40 to "diversify".

    So fellow THRers, convince me one way or the other.
  2. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama Well-Known Member

    GET THE .40.

    Shoot the 9mm when money is tight, shoot the .40 to really have some fun.

    Also, the .40 hands down is a better defensive round. Yes, yes, yes, I'm sure the next post will discuss how the 9mm is just fine, and will do the job. I agree, but would much rather a bigger bullet any day.

    SHOOT1SAM Well-Known Member

    I can only tell you that I have the .40 & could not like it any more than I do. It is utterly reliablewith the 15 round magazines; not so much with the AB 10 rounders.

  4. flyby

    flyby Well-Known Member

    I've already thought about this for myself also..and Since you (and I) already have the G19 ..Get The .40! ..also I've heard it has better chamber support than a Glock
    ..something to think about in .40 :)
  5. knicks118

    knicks118 Well-Known Member

    Ammo prices aren't going to get any cheaper.
  6. NavajoNPaleFace

    NavajoNPaleFace Well-Known Member

    I don't own the Sigma i 9mm but I do the .40 and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
  7. bja5006

    bja5006 Well-Known Member

    i was gonna say 10mm instead of either, but then i realized i'm an idiot.

    get the .40
  8. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    i say you get the 9mm, cheaper to shoot, and it keeps things simple with one caliber.
  9. donato

    donato Well-Known Member

    If you can't shoot well enough to stop something with a 9mm, why do you want to waste all that extra money using a .40.

  10. krs

    krs Well-Known Member

    .40 is better in the rain. Does it rain much at your house?
  11. jpruitt

    jpruitt Well-Known Member

    Actually yes, during our six months of summer it rains just about every day.

    What makes the .40 better in the rain?
  12. savage116

    savage116 Well-Known Member

    If it is just for target shooting go ahead and get the 9mm because ammo is cheaper but if you want it for defense get the 40S&W. Then shoot winchester white box through it and if it is for defense get some doubletap ammo because out of a 40 you can get ballistics closer to a 45acp. I have shot an M&P with the doubletap and it has a lot more power than any federal defense loads. That is just my $.02
  13. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    I say get the caliber you like the best.

    I haven't heard much difference in real world performance between the .40 and 9mm. Also I shoot the 9mm much more accurately. I also shoot the .45 more accurrately than the .40 but that is a different story. So I stick with the 9mm across the board, until I either get a 1911 or Glock 21SF! :)

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