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Safety notch problem on my remington 1858

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by klalewicz, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. klalewicz

    klalewicz Member

    Hello,I recently purchase a used Pietta Remington 1858 and am very pleased with it, however, the bottom of the hammer catches on the cylinder not allowing it to seat properly in the safety notch. Because of this, the cylinder can be rotated, and the hammer can fall onto the nipple. I was wondering if it has the wrong hammer, or possibly the wrong cylinder. Aside from that problem, everything functions great. I'm thinking the problem is the hammer, and I could file down the bottom of it to fix this problem. If any one has one, could you post a picture of the hammer so I could compare the two. Thanks.
  2. sundance44s

    sundance44s Well-Known Member

    I`ve owned many Remingtons and never had one that came with a propper hammer to safty notch fit .
    The best fix ...is to load 5 and keep the hammer down on an empty chamber .
    If you want the hammer to fit the safty notches ...get out a file and stone and have at it .
  3. klalewicz

    klalewicz Member

    thanks for the advise
  4. oldpuppymax

    oldpuppymax Well-Known Member

    I have a '58 Pietta Police and it works fine into the notch. (As does my Pietta Colt)
  5. Fingers McGee

    Fingers McGee Well-Known Member

    I've had a couple Pietta Remmies that needed a little judicious file and stone work for the hammer to fit the safety slots.

  6. NCWanderer

    NCWanderer Well-Known Member

    The notches on my '58 Remmie (Pietta) engage just fine, but with these old eyes I have trouble lining them up. So I do like Sundance and just load 5. That is unless I'm heading for a gun fight.:D
  7. SixShootinSam

    SixShootinSam member

    I just took a pic of my hammer in the safety notch for you, it barely seats in there, but it does stay. Slightly filing it would probably do the trick for ya.

  8. Hellgate

    Hellgate Well-Known Member

    I've had Piettas that needed either the hammer filed where it contacted the cylinder below the safety notch (the top of the protruding part where the cylinder rubs against the frame) AND the tip of the hammer being too wide to fit into the safety notch. Filing one area let the hammer seat deeper and filing to thin the tip of the hammer to actually allow it to rest in the safety notch. I have not had the above problems with either Ubertis or Euroarms Remingtons.
  9. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    They don't spend much time fitting these during manufacturing. Depending on how hard the case hardening on your hammer is you may need to stone it vs a file. A small flat stone in a Dremel well make short work of it.
  10. klalewicz

    klalewicz Member

    Thanks for all the info
  11. I'vd never had a problem with the safety notches on my Pietta's or my Uberti Carbines. I know they work alright but why don't you do like I do on my guns including my Walkers and my Colt .31? Just load all six (five in the .31) and go. Get the notches (or the hammer) on the firearm repaired of course and then don't worry about it. I'vd carried mine in all sorts of situations over the years and have never had one fire unless I cocked it and pulled the trigger. Can't you carry a revolver in a holster without dropping it? That gun ain't gonna go off unless you mis-use it or abuse it in some kind of way....PS..Don't mean to sound dis-respectful or like a smartass here. Wasn't meant that way at all. Hell, I slip my revolver (whichever one) into the holster, (except for the .31. Lot's of times I will just drop it in one of my pockets) slip the rawhide safety thong over the hammer and I'm good to go, loaded all the way around and ready to kiss ass....
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2010
  12. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    GOTC - We're all human. We make mistakes. To answer your question:
    the answer is almost yes. Almost all the time. And then there's the one time we get distracted and the barrel catches on the edge and the hammer catches on your belt and oops! a mistake is made. If nobody ever made mistakes then nobody would have ever gotten accidentally shot, but somehow it happens, and it's not always due to carelessness.

    Have you ever been in a car accident? Do you know anyone who has? Have you ever spilled a cup of coffee? Ever cut yourself with a knife?

    The last guy who was perfect and never made mistakes died over 2000 years ago. I haven't seen the next one yet.
  13. Mike OTDP

    Mike OTDP Well-Known Member

    My Hege (and, of course, my originals) work perfectly. I load six rounds for team events...but the gun is in my hand, not in a holster.
  14. Mr. MyKeak, that MAY be true for some people but it dosen't apply to me. No Sir, I am far from being a perfect human being but I can assure you that I know what a firearm is capable of doing and I am very careful with my guns. Anyone who has a loaded firearm belted on or in his (her) pocket or in their hands or at sling arms and allows themselves to become distracted by anything for any reason dosen't belong within 40 feet of any loaded firearm. I wear a gun most all the time. I have one on right now. Went outside awhile ago and buckled it on before I went outside. Fully loaded Walker hanging on my right hip and a CaseXX Bowie on my left hip. They are there. I'll get around to taking the rig off in a little while here, but I can assure you that while I have it on it never leaves my mind that I have it on and I can also assure you that I will make NO mistakes with it, either wearing it, removing it, shooting it, cleaning it, reloading it, or laying it on the foot of the bed where it usually stay's when I'm not wearing it. I will agree that accidents happen in this world but I'll tell you right now that accidents do NOT happen with loaded firearms and explosives but is instead the result of plain STUPIDITY, nothing more nothing less. There is no excuse that will serve to excuse such behavior....
  15. SixShootinSam

    SixShootinSam member

    Gonna have to agree with mykeal on this, it's not always the fact that YOU are well aware of your surroundings. Accidents also often happen when your surroundings influence YOU instead. Something falls on you, something makes you trip, you slip etc etc, and there you have it. May not be a big chance that your firearm will discharge from it, but the chance is definitely there, and it won't matter how careful you were with your gun. I'm a pretty careful guy, and I can say honestly that most accidents that happened to me were not because of being distracted or stupidity.

    Anyway, getting a little off topic here.
  16. sundance44s

    sundance44s Well-Known Member

    Murphys law has been hard on me all my life ..and I have the scars to remind me .
    Not a good idea to challenge ol Murphy ..he`s a sly one .
  17. I wasn't trying to say everyone should do like me but was just explaining how it is with me. I can't help how I am or how I feel. If I was afraid to belt on a loaded gun because I was afraid there would be an accident and I'd get hurt or hurt somebody else then I wouldn't fool with a damn gun period. Wouldn't even own one if I worried about stuff like that all the time. All you have to do is be careful and use a little common sense. I don't keep my guns locked up and maybe once a week carry them to some range in my pickup truck and stand at a table and load them and shoot them. I'vd got loaded guns and razor sharp knives laying all over this 5th wheel. On the bed, on the table, on the couch, just all over. If one of them get's in my way I just slide it over a little or whatever. I ain't never had one of them go off unless I meant for it to. Can't help how I am and didn't mean any harm but I'd rather be like me than to be like ya'll....
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2010
  18. SixShootinSam

    SixShootinSam member

    GOTC I don't really understand why you are getting worked up about this.
    Nobody here said they were afraid of having an accident with a gun. Good for you that you have an arsenal in your trailer and never had any accidents. The original poster just asked about a possible defect on his hammer/safety notch. You're taking this completely out of context. I'd rather be like 'us' than 'yous' I guess, no offense meant.
  19. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    There's different ways of doing things and not everyone has to agree.
    If there's any one thing that we should all do it is to agree to disagree. :)

    I think that if folks want to be prepared then they should be prepared.
    An armed person shouldn't always expect that there's going to be less than 6 bad guys or a need for less than 6 shots.
    Would've, should've, could've loaded 6! :rolleyes:
  20. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    Why not carry six revolvers? How about three? An armed man shouldn't always expect that there's going to be less than, say eight bad guys, or a need for less than fifteen shots.

    There's no logic there, only speculation.

    I agree that if folks want to be prepared then they should be prepared. And our experience as humans has taught us to be prepared for the mistakes that we make, because we are going to make them.

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