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SAFR -PAC endorses Dick DeVos for Michigan's Governor.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Barbara, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Barbara

    Barbara New Member

    Contact: Shooters' Alliance for Firearm Rights
    Contact Person: Brad Benzing
    Committee Name: SAFR -PAC
    Phone number: 517-437-1273
    Email Address: info@safrpac.org
    Web site address: www.safrpac.org


    SAFR -PAC endorses Dick DeVos for Michigan's Governor. DeVos is best for Second Amendment Rights.

    Hillsdale, Michigan 06/12/05 – SAFR-PAC is proud to announce their 2006 endorsement for Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos. Dick is a firm supporter of our Second Amendment and Article One Section Six right to keep and bear arms and to defend ourselves and our families.

    SAFR-PAC makes every effort to determine a candidate's stance through surveys, research, and/or personal interviews and without consideration of party affiliation. Our ratings are arguably the most thorough and researched in the nation, and after this rigorous process, Dick has met our requirements and deserves the support of Michigan's gun owners on November 2.

    Dick comes from a family of sportsmen and shooters, and has publicly supported the new "Castle Doctrine" and other improvements to current laws regarding self-defense and legal ownership of firearms. He believes that hunting is an important part of Michigan's heritage and economy and will look at ways of strengthening opportunities for new and experienced hunters. He also opposes additional restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.

    We encourage all firearms owners and hunters to support Dick DeVos in his campaign for Governor.
  2. creitzel

    creitzel New Member

    Just one of the reasons I'll be voting for him come November. :)
  3. Dan from MI

    Dan from MI New Member

    Thanks for posting this Barb. You beat me to it.
  4. Barbara

    Barbara New Member

    Got this in my morning mail.

  5. Barbara

    Barbara New Member

    I gotta say, Dan knows more about politics and political records than anyone I have ever met.

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