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Saiga or Romanian AK

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Miss Debbie, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Miss Debbie

    Miss Debbie Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone I am thinking of getting a AK style of rifle, I bought two AR's and now need advice/guidance for AK's. OK first things first I have been reading about the Saiga but you need to do alot of things to take hi-cap mags correct? A friend from work said he bought a Romanian "G" model, can anyone tell me what the "G" stands for?
  2. LeibstandarteAdH

    LeibstandarteAdH Well-Known Member

    Check out Classcarms.us, they have most entry level and/or 'value' AK clones in stock now.

    The G is just an indicator of the rifle/parts kit having been used by/issued to the romanian Patriot Guard kind of like our national guard.

    The WASR's are made for export and with a 10 round capacity and are then modified by century into a more military style AK, where as the G rifles are built on american recievors from a parts kit. a "G" kit built gun on an NDS-3 like classic sells for $349 is what i would take over a WASR, but thats just my opinion.

    You'd be better off with a Yugoslavian M70 series rifle, they are 419-429 depending on underfolder or not. they are made on RPK receivors and are much beefier of a gun, more accurate in all my cases too. But its also a matter of personal prefrence.

    The only way i would buy and convert a saiga is if i was going for an AK-100 series clone. To convert a saiga to AK style you have to remove and replace stuff like the gas block, front sight, add a handguard retainer and furnature, in addition to installing a bullet guide and dremeling it to get it to accept regular AK magazines, after you have moved the trigger and reinstall the magazine catch and all.

    Youll need a new trigger group too, and also need the barrel threaded. But depending on how AK-ish you want it to be you can skip some of those steps in the Saiga conversion process.
  3. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    They make 30rd mags that work in the Saiga just fine without a bullet guide.
  4. SATX man

    SATX man Well-Known Member

    The mags for Siaga are expensive don't they run from 37.00 to 40.00 dollars?
  5. Miss Debbie

    Miss Debbie Well-Known Member

    Thanks for replys I quess the question should have been should I purchase a Saiga or an AK.
  6. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    If your state limits you to magazine capacity in a rifle then buy the Saiga over the Romanian single stack magazine version.

    If your state allows you to own larger magazine capacity firearms I personally would choose the Saiga over the 30 shot capacity Romanian AKM sporter rifle.
    As a matter of fact I did just that, buying a Saiga 7.62X39 Sporter over a Romanian AKM.

    I admit I already owned an Egyptian Maadi Sporter AKM and didn't really need another bullet hose.

    The Saiga is a much better shooting rifle than any of the Romanian or Egyptian rifles.
  7. Miss Debbie

    Miss Debbie Well-Known Member

    I live in TX I don't think capacity is a problem someone at range has a Saiga and overherd him say it has to be ATF compliant to take hi-cap mags.
  8. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    no you do not have to do a lot for saigas to take hi caps. either you can take a dremel to the ak mags, and put in a bullet guide, and then get some extra parts for the saiga , so it will be 922 compliant.
  9. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    Any military aspect AK you buy (with a few commercial exceptions) will have quality issues ranging from 'none' to 'holy cow, what sunken ship and drunk monkey got together to build this travesty?!?" With the exception of the WASRs and Arsenal and IO incs STGwasrthings, all of the AKs you see are built from parts kits. If the kit quality is bad or you get a builder on minimum wage having a bad day, you'll get a lemon.

    Saigas are excellent rifles right out of the box (no need to convert unless you want to).
    Saigas are cheaper/equal in price to the WASR if you convert them yourself.
    Saigas are made in the Ihzmash factory right next to the AK-101/AK-103 Kalashnikovs. They are made of all new parts. You don't have to worry about substandard installation of parts. You don't have to worry about barrel quality.

    When you do decide to convert, you can do it in less than an afternoon with common hand tools.
  10. Schofield3

    Schofield3 Well-Known Member

    "Saigas are excellent rifles right out of the box"
    I feel the same way I own a Saiga 308 and it shoots great and the magazines are becoming more and more available, I would go with the Saiga there are a lot of options for stocks/grips as well-
  11. DaveInFloweryBranchGA

    DaveInFloweryBranchGA Well-Known Member

    This is a no brainer. The Saiga is significantly higher quality than the Romanians. Get the Saiga.
  12. Starship1st

    Starship1st Well-Known Member

    I ordered a Saiga after a lot of thought and research. I believe they are great and I can not wait to try it out and to work on the conversion.:cool:
  13. Superhawk138

    Superhawk138 New Member


    I believe you made a good decision with getting the saiga over the wasr. True Russian receiver as well as new chrome lined bores. I have a Saiga .410 I converted to a bullpup, and a 7.62x39 and a 12 gauge

  14. MiddleAgedKen

    MiddleAgedKen Well-Known Member

    Having used my Saiga .308 for the first time today, I would say get the Saiga.
  15. Miss Debbie

    Miss Debbie Well-Known Member

  16. MD_Willington

    MD_Willington Well-Known Member

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