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Sako 85 Smooth Bolt? Redux

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by carnaby, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. carnaby

    carnaby Well-Known Member

    Ok, the first time around was strange. Here's my post a second time:

    After reading so much good news about Sako rifles I found an unbeatable deal on a NIB Sako 85 Hunter. Beautiful rifle. Everything about it is top notch, the workmanship, the stock, the magazine system, the trigger, the rifling (the bore of this rifle is amazing). The only thing that doesn't line up with expectations is the bolt travel. This is a .300 WSM and the bolt travel is not the butter/silk smooth action I've read about. It's a little grabby and draggy feeling. Not even as smooth as my Savage 110.

    I took the bolt out and cleaned and oiled the receiver and the bolt and still it does not feel so smooth like it seems it should. What gives?

    For what it's worth, I just picked up both rifles, the Sako and the Savage. The Savage bolt feels more slippery, the Sako feels like it moves with less wobble, and when I actually load cartridges it feels "straight," but not "smooth." I guess I was expecting it to feel like it was on bearings. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful rifle and I'm looking forward to the sight-in later this week, but I figured the bolt motion would feel like butter and it definitely does not.
  2. Coal Dragger

    Coal Dragger Well-Known Member

    The model 75 I used to own was the same way as the bolt doesn't really have any guide in it's race way. With use it will smooth up some though.
  3. KI.W.

    KI.W. Well-Known Member

    Maybe the screws are to tight. The screw nearest to your fase must to be not so tight screwed. ;)
  4. Will Fennell

    Will Fennell Well-Known Member

    SAko 85

    Mine is very smooth, but the best part is the groups.....the rifle is chambered in .260 rem, and so far I've broken the .5 mark with my reloads ...and that is with hunting bullets. Nosler Accubonds.
  5. carnaby

    carnaby Well-Known Member

    Will, how far off the lands are you seating your bullets?
  6. Horsemany

    Horsemany Well-Known Member

    Sako's marketing dept. claims they cut in extra flutes on the bolt lugs to guide the bolt better. It is suppose to make it smoother than the 75 action. It could need some use to smooth out. That is common on precisely fitted gun parts.
  7. Will Fennell

    Will Fennell Well-Known Member

    have to check notes

    I don't remember.......I'll have to check notes, but they are seated Loooong.The mag is long enough to seat them way out...but it was still a few thousandths short of the lands. I check with a stoney point gauge.
  8. carnaby

    carnaby Well-Known Member

    Actually, the more I cycle it, the smoother it seems to be. Cycling slowly shows less smoothness, while if I just slide it home, it's quite smooth. That's better :)
  9. carnaby

    carnaby Well-Known Member

    Here's some pics. Just added the new Nikon Monarch 3-12x42.


    Now if only I hadn't had to sell my AR to buy it. I'll be hooking up with a new AR soon though, especially if you-know-who gets elected POTUS :)

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